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"Young master, I still don't see the problem in that, it's not bad for you to be very talented," said Audrey with eyes full of admiration.

"Audrey, the problem is not the talent itself, but everything else" Alexander said in a serious tone, Audrey wanted to ask something but Alexander interrupted her: "You do not really understand, I'll give you an example, suppose that an apparently weak old man finds a chest full of gold coins, what do you think will happen to him? "

"Well, he lived the rest of his life as a rich man," Audrey said carelessly.

"Idiot, do you not understand that people are greedy, it's true there are good people in the world but there will also be people who take advantage of the weak" (Alexander)

"So, what is the correct answer?" (Audrey)

"The answer is it depends "(Alexander)

" Depends? "(Audrey)

"yes it depends, if the old man is a poor fisherman who luckily found the chest, it is more likely that when he begins to spend the money, someone with bad intentions will notice and When he discovers that he has lot's of money, then he will surely kill him for that money. but everything changes if that old man is an old n.o.bleman or a powerful cultivator, n.o.body would dare to kill him even if he killed an emperor; less for gold. "After saying that he looked into Audrey's eyes and said:" Now I ask you, if my talent was the chest full of gold coins, what future awaits me the fisherman or the old n.o.ble? "

When she heard that question her face turned pale then she replied in a trembling voice:" The fisherman "

"Exactly , finally you understand, I have a talent that even the children of the saints envy, but my background is s.h.i.+t, nothing would happen to me if my parents were invincible celestial beings, but I have my "garbage father" who a king in this desolate continent and my mother is also a common person, but her son has such a high talent?, and even more so one day his appearance changes from a normal baby to a divine baby overnight, what stops a powerful cultivator to come kidnap me and use some dark arts to possesses my body! When that moment arrives we will all die." While Alexander was speaking, Audrey had an ugly look on her beautiful face, she had never thought about that, but she still asked: "Young master, but they should also be people who want to take you as their disciple, right? "

Alexander replied almost immediately "Take me as their disciple?, That's a hilarious idea, you think a decent expert would come to this desolate continent for disciples, those who will come will be the most ruthless ones, who will do anything to increase their longevity, usually good teachers do not go looking for disciples, it's the other way around, the disciples look for a good teacher after all, there are few good teachers but there are many good disciples, now do you understand?" Alexander said, Audrey finally understood that the talent of the young master was something that could either lead to glory or could lead to his downfall. she looked at the young master and said: "So what do we do?"

Seeing how Audrey accepted the situation and did not even regret the contract, Alexander was happy and said: "First get me a blank book, two wooden masks one for my size and another the size of an adult, and finally a bit of demonic beast blood, the soonest the better."

Audrey nodded her head although she did not know what her young master wanted to do, that night she left the castle and hurried to collect all the things she was asked for. she did not have the time to spare as the life of the young master and Miss Anna depended on her, an hour and a half later she returned with what Alexander asked for. She said "Young master, here is what you asked for, I also procured the blood from a demonic beast in the sixth martial step" Truthfully she went to steal, but since it was urgent she did not care.

"That should be enough," Alexander said as he grabbed a mask, took a pen and dipped it in the blood of the demonic beast then started to draw a combination of strange letters and symbols which were too complex to understand inside the mask, as the pen began to move it emitted a strange sheen as he continued to draw the array, it took him half an hour to complete the whole array then he sighed thinking "This is the best I can do with what I have in my hands, but it should be enough for now."

Seeing that her young master has finished with his work Audrey asked: "Young master, what did you do?"

Alexander replied: "This is an array of illusion, I put it behind the mask, with this I should be able to change my appearance and I can also change my aura" saying that he placed the mask on his face and then the mask started emitting a slight s.h.i.+ne before returning to normal but this time he no longer had the golden hair and the purple eyes, he looks exactly the same as before the medicinal bath. Seeing that left Audrey surprised, thinking his young master knew many mystical things.

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