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"Do you know why I stopped acting before you?" Alexander asked as he looked at Audrey with a serious face.

"Well, I guess it has something to do with the changes in your body" Audrey answered inflating her chest as if to say see I am not stupid, to tell the truth, the reason was very obvious.

"Ohh so you know what these changes signify?" questioned Alexander, while thinking that this woman was arrogant.

"you became cute, is there anything else I am missing?" Now Audrey was confused by what his young master meant as she could only see that he became very cute.

Upon hearing that response Alexander just sighed: "If only it was such a small reason"

"Young master, is it very serious?" (Audrey)

"it is, so much so that they will kill me for or want to steal my body, I have something that should not exist in the world of mortals"(Alexander)

When Audrey heard that she got a little pale asking " What is it do you have to make it this dangerous? "

Alexander did not answer the question but asked another question:" Aubrey, do you know how to measure the Innate talent? "

Audrey was not sure why he asked her that but she replied:" Young master from what I know, talent is measured in Low, common, average and high"

"Audrey that's just rubbish, the talent is divided into nine seals Your so-called talent meter does not even measure seals. On this continent, your so-called high talent would be called garbage "(Alexander)

"what are these seals? please explain, I do not understand"(Audrey)

"Look I'll explain, In the mortal world the cultivation is divided into two fundamental Realms and nine mortal Realms, In the fundamental realms one prepares for the body to enter the mortal realms, Each seal represents a mortal realm and the more seals that are open means that your affinity to understand the heavens and the earth is greater, therefore you will not have bottlenecks until you reach a certain realm, to make it easier if a person has six open seals he would not face any bottlenecks until the sixth mortal realm" Alexander said as he looked at Audrey.

Audrey was serious listening as she had never heard anything like this. then she asked, "but then what about those measured as high-talent, how many seals do they have?"

When Alexander heard what she said he put on a disdainful face and said: "A so-called high talent here has no open seals, it would be lucky if they reached the first mortal realm"

Audrey was shocked by this revelation and asked with curiosity:" Young master, but since you were born with common talent would you not be considered worse than a garbage on this continent? "

"You!"Alexander said as he pointed his finger, this woman dares to chide me once again, ahh forget it, better not to make her angry, thinking so he sighed and replied "That was until this morning hmph"

"You mean that your transformation increased your talent! wow, when Miss Anna finds out she'll be very happy, so how many seals did you open? three or two" said Audrey enthusiastically she could not believe what she was hearing.

Alexander could not help muttering: "Nine and a half" but the strange thing was that he did not say it with a cheerful or arrogant face but the opposite, he said it with a somber face.

"Young master, did I hear wrongly, you opened nine and a half Seals, Great, that's amazing, with this you'll be sure to win the throne" said Audrey ecstatically, she could not believe what was happening, she could almost see the light in the darkness, now she's no longer need's to wait for her death, with her young master here, n.o.body would dare to touch her.

"Stupid, you do not know what kind of situation we are in right now! Who the h.e.l.l cares about a throne if I'm dead" Alexander said somberly.

"Young master it's not such a big deal, you are just highly talented. I do not think they'll kill you for that," Audrey said as she waved her hand.

Alexander continued: "You still do not understand the situation we're in right now, I told you I had something that should not exist in this world, is it not?"

"Yes, young master your talent has no comparison in the world" (Audrey)

"It's not that it has no comparison, it's just that it should not exist and less on a continent like this" (Alexander)

" Young master, what do you mean? " (Audrey)

" As you asked, I will let you know, on this continent, someone with three open seals is considered a genius. people with four are considered genius of a thousand years and those of five are considered geniuses in ten thousand years, although it is only a seal of difference and will not have bottlenecks until the indicated realm, there is also another huge difference, until they reach their bottleneck their cultivation speed will be much faster than that of a normal person"

"how much faster can it be?"

"The double that of a person with a lesser seals, that is to say, a person with two open seals cultivates twice as fast as a person without one open seal, You now know what it means, my cultivation will be without bottlenecks until the ninth mortal realm besides that, my speed of cultivation and absorption of qi will be five hundred and twelve times greater than that of an ordinary person! "

"But young master are you sure that there no one with more than five open seals?"

"how can they not exist? Of course, they exist but it is not something that a small continent can have! they are all the children of saints and legendary figures that even in my past life I had no right to see, but even so, know that the greatest talent ever to been recorded in my previous world only had seven open seals! but now I have nine open seals! and a f.u.c.king half seal that I do not know what it is for!"

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