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Soon Naethel came to the city wall only to see a large hole in it and on the other side the Elder who had sent to send people away but in return was badly wounded barely breathing.

This angered him and he coldly saw Adam: "How dare you hurt one..."


Without being able to finish speaking Adam appeared in front of him and hit him in the stomach sending him flying and destroying the interior of the city.

After that, without speaking he saw with murderous intent the Great Elders and upon seeing this Alexander was happy and said to his little fifth sister: "Cover your eyes".

Britt didn't know why and before she could respond her mother brought her in and kindly covered her eyes, Apparently, his father-in-law was going to kill those elders.

In the meantime, Lewis could only put on a solemn face and remembered that if he was not the son of that old man as much as possible he was already dead and saw Joanna with significant eyes.

Meanwhile, Liese was playing with the Falcons and did not pay attention to her grandfather's fight. Evy, Elise, and the others were watching the fight indifferently, from their point of view those elders sought his death.

Seriously they thought their grandfather was weak enough to be suppressed by so few people on the ninth level, After all, it was no secret to them that he had pa.s.sed through the Elemental Realm!

The only ones who were a bit frightened were Guy and Jakys as they had never seen a death.

Soon Adam began indiscriminately killing the elders by turning the street red. He was too fast and efficient killing so much that he surprised Alexander.

And his grandmother when she saw Alexander's press laughed and said: "Your grandfather is not an inexperienced man, when we were young we traveled across the continent until we got here and the people he killed on the way are not few".

So Adam was like a wolf in a henhouse, When he went through the old man number fifteen a penetrating voice sounded: "Please stop! "

Soon out of nowhere came a skeletal Elder in the uniform of the Martial City, This Elder was the Supreme Elder of the Martial City, Freddy.

In his eyes there was no anger so the Alba family, he could only see with anger the Great Elders, Seriously they thought that twenty people like them could with a power half step?

Even if it is a half step, it is a world of difference.

More to that stupid Naethel, Even if he wants to take the side of already established powers, he can't be so foolish as to think that an ascending power that has two half step powers is weak, Even if he fought against that couple of elders he doubted he could win, much less twenty people in the ninth level gathering Qi.

If his son were not his direct disciple, After today he would have expelled him from Martial City.

"Ahhh Mr. Alba please stop and face this old man, I made sure that the Alba family has the best residences in the Martial City."

Adam stopped while the five elders quickly fled and said coldly: "You must be the supreme elder of this city now I want to ask you a question, My family and your city have no hatred of each other, In fact when a disciple of your City comes to our Royal City it is always received with great hospitality but now I find out that our family is not well received in your City, is this perhaps a declaration of War?

"When my family arrived, none of your Elders were there to receive my family."

"We only come to see the tournament but apparently we are not welcome in your City, I demand an explanation to the contrary, My family will be enemy of City until one is extinguished and declare that if a Disciple of your martial City steps on my Royal City is executed without asking, In fact, I will make all disciples who have their families in my Kingdom withdraw from your city or otherwise I will kill their families!

"This..." This left Freddy in a difficult position because if he did not respond, this was the same as letting the Alba family be his enemy but if I gave the explanation to the Alba family I would be offending the Sea Palace and the James Clan.

Now I didn't know how to respond and it took a few seconds until I heard Adam's voice again: "Well very well, Your silence is very good, You know sometimes they say that silence says more than a thousand words, Since you chose them, I hope you don't regret it".

He turned his head to see Krasic and said, "Brother Krasic, would you agree to cancel this tournament in exchange for a transcendent grade Elementary opening pill?"

"What?!" Upon hearing that, Krasic was incredulous and his beats began to accelerate because if what Adam said was true, with a pill of that grade is a monkey could make way for the Elemental Realm and as the other part was in the Elemental Realm certainly would not lie to him.

If I had that pill I could elevate its state and turn the Prim state into a deadly Fifth Grade Country!

While Freddy was incredulous and confused by Adam's words. Apparently, the Alba family is not simple.

Now he could only repent and hate Nathael. He only hoped that the Alba family would not be so hard on their vengeance.

Krasic smiled and said, "If you give me that pill, I will definitely cancel the tournament and go! "

What a joke this was, If I returned to the state as an Elementary Expert, I would certainly not be punished for this, After all, even if the contestants from this region will partic.i.p.ate in the northern states tournament, That the winner this among these contestants was very small.

Upon hearing this Freddy became nervous and wanted to dialogue: "Mr. Delegate..."

"Shut up" but it was quickly cut by Krasic. and Adam pretended to take something out of his pocket but actually took it out of his s.p.a.ce ring and gave a bottle with a white pill to Krasic.

Krasic smiled and quickly examined it, confirming the quality of the pill he shouted: "UNDER THE AUTHORITY GIVEN BY THE ETERNAL RADIANCE PABELLON, I KRASIC DECLARED THIS TOURNAMENT AS CANCELLED,

This made everyone's expressions change and Krasic relaxed said goodbye to the Alba family and left.

Adam soon saw the two delegates and said to them: "I know your powers lost great things today, but my family has never lost a friend, Maybe my family doesn't have much gold but has many options to fill a lake, You can send a delegate to Ciudad Real Alba and the Alba family will give you twice what you lost today, You have my word. Goodbye.

At least this time they would win a great Ally and double what they invested in the stadium made for the tournament.

The only one who had an ugly expression on his face was Freddy, this time the Martial City had lost too much, 15 Great Elders, 15 million Gold in a stadium that would not be used and finally had won a powerful enemy.

He could only see with anger towards the stupid lord of the City, This imbecile decided to pamper the wrong side.

Starting today will begin the difficult days for the Martial City. A good example of this was the Sea Palace.

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