Legacy: Lord Alba 152 Is This A Declaration Of War?

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Meanwhile, among the people of the Alba family, there was an angry person, This was Alexander.

The commotion of the hawks should be enough to make the high officials of the city be shocked and send people to see who was the guest mounted but there was no one and the best proof of this was that the delegate from the northern states was present.

Otherwise why he would be here alone?

Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds when they went to the Royal City were always received by the King even if they were internal disciples but those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds did not even send an ordinary Elder from the city to receive them.

This could only mean one thing, They had chosen to put themselves favorably on the side of the Sea Palace. In fact, he was not the only one angry, his grandmother also had a furious look after all the Alba family had always treated the citizens of the Martial City well.

This lack of hospitality had angered her. If it was the former Alba family she would not care but now they were equal to or stronger than the martial city, they deserved equal respect.

Now the Martial City had disappointed them.


But soon the sound of the wind was heard and two people appeared out of nowhere.

They were four Elders, Two of them had the black and red uniform of the Iron Fortress, while the other two had a white uniform that had the word "Royal".

These were the delegates of the Royal Academy and the Iron Fortress.

Seeing them present Alexander's eyes shone and he thought revenge. This deal could not go unpunished.

He knew why the iron fortress delegates were present after all his mother was the provider of uniforms for them and that was publicly known. If he p.i.s.sed off his mother they would not have another uniform supplier in millions of miles. So they were very polite to her.

As for the Sail family, she did not know but a.s.sumed that among the six powers only they were a ruling family so now with the arrival of another ruling family they would have a good ally. Also with this movement could be seen that they did not have a good relations.h.i.+p with the two powers that offends the Alba family.

After all their kingdoms were very far from each other so their interests almost never clashed with each other.

So both powers, unlike the martial city, wanted to have good relations with the Alba family.

Both delegates spoke very politely to their mother and grandparents as they escorted them to the entrance of the Martial City.

But just as they were about to enter a Martial City Elder with a Ninth level crop Gathering Qi appeared at the door.

When he saw the Alba family wanting to enter the City he quickly stopped them and said: "Excuse me, dear guests, but our city has no room for these dear guests so I will ask you to leave...".

But as soon as he said those words he felt a slap in the face sending him flying.


So his body crashed into the wall as soon as he breathed, only "Ahh" could be heard from the old man.

Soon everyone realized who had done this and it was the old King of the Alba family!

Adam Alba!

The old king of the Alba Kingdom had sent a Great Ancient of the Martial City to fly with only one slap.

Krasic smiled and the two delegates could not help but be surprised and satisfied, apparently, their high command was not mistaken.

Right now Adam was furious, The Alba family had always treated the Martial City courteously but that was how they were paid?

Did they think they were so easy to hara.s.s?

A few days ago he felt bad about stealing the tower of the martial city but now those sons of b.i.t.c.hes no longer deserved such a good treasure.


With that scream, the earth rumbled and was heard throughout the City as Adam used a skill characteristic of a person who was in the Elemental or higher half step.

"The projection of Qi"

This worked by infusing qi into the sound waves produced by the person and in doing so the voice could sound miles away or even more depend on the person's culture.

So now everyone was focused on the entrance of the city, Apparently, the martial city had offended an elemental half step power.

On another side of the city, Ethel had a horrible face. He never thought that the Alba family would be so dominant. He had only asked them to leave, he didn't have to make so much noise about it.

These days it was important and he could not let a battle happen between the sea palace, the James clan, and the Alba family.

This would be disastrous for the Martial City and if it had to offend one party it would prefer to offend a new, weaker power among all the powers in the region.

The Alba family would be in the background, even if they were in the same cla.s.sification as the six old powers. After all, the other powers had thousands of disciples and a foundation of more than a thousand years. in return, the Alba family had only less than a century of its foundation.

Among the six powers the first was the Royal Academy, followed by the Grey Clan after that was the Sea Palace but because of their losses in recent years fell to fourth, Leaving the martial city in third place then they were the James Clan and finally it was the Iron Fortress.

The strength among the supreme elders was so much the same that there would be no difference and they were tied every time they fought in a one-on-one battle. So most of the strength of the powers differed in three factors, Number of great Elders, Elders, and Disciples. In addition to the strength of each.

The Alba family had only 18 members and one of them was exiled while the other is unknown parallel. Leaving him with 16 members. Unless all His members were elite among the elite equaling His central disciples, His strength was far inferior to them.

So He could only go personally to escort visitors out of the martial city.

He had no other choice and if the other party did not understand Him, He did not mind exterminating them. So he quickly moved along with more than 20 great Elders toward the direction of the city gate.

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