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Alexander laughed and said, "Hahaha, just rare? They're super rare. Fruits and spiritual plants are very different from each other."

Just so Audrey waited in silence and Alexander continued: "Spiritual fruits are not divided into degrees but rather into "Dan" because they do not fall into the same category. Since spiritual plants like ginseng gain value the older they are, but spiritual fruits do not. No matter how old they are, their inner qi will not actually change, it may even lose it and rot."

Hearing that, Audrey saw the fruit in her hand and said with a sad expression, "Then how else will this fruit rot?"

Alexander nodded and said: "But it will take years to pa.s.s, After all, it's not a common fruit, do you have the peach seed you ate?"

Audrey nodded and pulled a seed from her s.p.a.ce ring, and an idea crossed her mind: "Young master, don't tell me that?!"

Alexander shrugged as he took the seed and said: "Since I have the seed why not plant my own Ocuri Pink peach tree, after all, they are very useful".

So he turned around and began to walk through the village to reach one of the two medicinal gardens and continued to speak: "So it is that a Pink Peach Tree Ocuri reaches adulthood at the age of one hundred and produces 24 peaches every ten years".

Audrey followed Alexander and with a tone of doubt said, "Adulthood? Every ten years?"

Alexander nodded and said: "When it comes to spiritual trees only when they reach adulthood is that they begin to perform their function, As for the young trees are useless. and The age of maturity depends on the type of fruit that gives the tree, 100 years if it is a 1-dan, 200 if it is 2-dan, 300 if it is 3-dan so on and the same goes for fruits if the tree is 1-dan will give fruits every 10, If it is 2-dan every 20 years."

At Alexander's explanation, Audrey was surprised and came to the conclusion that a 2-dan fruit was much rarer than a 1-dan fruit, but I still ask: "What is the difference between the 1-dan and 2-dan fruits?"

Alexander only said: "1-dan fruits are very nutritious for Elemental Growers and 2-dan fruits are very nutritious for Spirit Realm growers, but 1-dan fruits are useless for Spirit Realm growers, In fact you are lucky not to find a 2-dan fruit".

This confused Audrey who involuntarily asked, "Why?"

"Because your body would not have been able to withstand the amount of qi from the fruit, Fruits are not pills that can slowly be refined, the energies contained in the fruit flood you're being in an impressive way if you cannot control them your body explodes into thousands of pieces hehe".

This made Audrey's back sweat cold and she swore to herself not to put any more things in her mouth without knowing what they are.

Thus Alexander continued saying: "Besides nutrition is not the only use for spiritual fruits but there are different uses for them, more than you can imagine and there are even fruits that seem common but are poisonous, Now you know why I told you that you were lucky? I did not tell you that you were lucky to find a spiritual fruit but you were lucky to find a poisonous fruit".

Now Audrey was not only sweating but had an ugly expression on her face and no one knew what she was thinking.

So Alexander sighed and said, "Now I know why you came back," Alexander turned around and said, "Now you feel weaker than in him half step an elemental, right?"

Audrey shrugged and nodded.

"I told you that the Realm Elemental is the real beginning of cultivation and you have to go through a time of adaptation. It is not that you are weaker than before but your body does not know how to use your power, just like that. Why do you think I wanted you to make your advance when you came back and not during your training, I would only send you to commit suicide otherwise".

Audrey didn't know how to respond but her face turned red with shame. Apparently, she did something she didn't have to do, but Alexander just sighed: "It's good that you're back safe and sound".

This made Audrey smile. But she froze when she saw Alexander looking at her shoulder and said, "But if you do something stupid again, so pray that I won't outgrow* you, otherwise I'll beat you up if what you ate doesn't kill you".

[Note: I know it's not the right term but I have no idea what the right expression is like]

So Audrey nodded quickly in fear because she knew that Alexander kept his word and that he would no longer put anything in his mouth.

Thus he remained silent and arrived at one of the medicinal gardens within his property, greeting a few trusted servants in charge of the garden, Alexander looked for a place for the seed and buried it three meters above the ground.

After that, he proceeded to take out two barrels of spiritual Water on the ground and Audrey said: "Two barrels, isn't that much?"

Alexander shook his head and said: "You don't understand, spiritual trees have a great appet.i.te, so much so that they say that when a tree grows, the density of qi in the area decreases, These two barrels will only last until the seed sprouts, Now to make the tree reach its adult age, it will take hundreds of barrels".

Audrey retreated involuntarily but soon felt the ground tremble and a small branch came out of the ground, It was like a weak, thin newborn tree.

When he saw the branch he said, "This is what a two-year-old tree looks like."

"Two years?!"

"Yes, spiritual trees are very slow to grow, many die before the year, Because of this spiritual trees are rare or rather wild trees are rare, Only those who are raised from the beginning by great powers are relatively abundant."

Audrey was surprised but soon frowned and said, "But didn't you say you need a lot of spiritual qi?"

Alexander only shrugged and said: "I am not the only one with methods like this, so each power has its own medicinal garden and use an Array called "Condensation of Qi", This Array is simple, is similar to Gathering Qi only that this does not call qi but is like a prison and does not let out the Qi which makes the more qi enters a saturated state generating mist which makes it very nutritious for plants and trees, Accelerating their growth."

"But where do they get that Qi?"

"All powers are rich, well that's if we compare them with common people, and as any rich person would do, With spiritual stones. Every day throw innumerable stones at the Array to maintain the saturation of Qi in an optimal state".

This left Audrey speechless in the end she could only sigh because being rich had its benefits.

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