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Audrey chuckled and explained, "A month ago I went as far as I could into the mountains and was surprised at how dense the qi was in those areas."

Alexander intervened and said, "That's common, wild and demonic beasts like to live in places with dense Qi."

Then Audrey hesitantly said, "But then why don't humans invade the mountains?"

Alexander shook his head: "Demonic beasts can be taken as another race and there are higher steps that would get angry if they wanted to exterminate their race, Besides they are as strong or stronger than humans because of their hard body, To do that would be to start a racial war".

"Oh" Audrey finally understood what was in her head a long time ago.

"Now get on with your story."

"Well, what happened was that as I got deeper and deeper I found rarer plants which made my greedy self wake up so I wandered around the plains collecting what I could until I reached an area where there were a few level 1 demonic beasts and when two beasts were fighting for their territory. Enter one of the beasts' caves."

Then Audrey unbelievingly said "That cave was full of rich Qi and there were many treasures in it!"

Faced with such a reaction Alexander said carelessly: "That cave must have a spiritual vein".

Audrey stopped counting and said, "Spiritual vein?"

Alexander nodded and said: "They are knots of qi in which their density is greater than in other places, They are like the Arrays of Gathering qi but natural, I imagine that under that cave there must be a mine of spiritual Stones".

"Spiritual stones, what is that?" Audrey said curiously and Alexander gave her the same explanation as for his grandparents but in the end, he said: "A Grade 7 stone is worth a trillion of gold!"

This made Audrey's eyes sparkle and she said, "What do we expect? Let's go and kill that beast!"

Alexander shook his head and said, "Having a mine is not so easy and requires a lot of manpower, In addition, it is a ninth-grade spiritual stone mine, it is not worth the trouble".

But Audrey firmly said, "Young Master, didn't you say that this mine can produce a few Seventh-grades stones!"

"If I said so but the mines are very large, even the smallest will have a few tens of thousands of miles of area, do you think that in the first week of excavation we will find those stones?!"

To such an answer Audrey could only shrink her neck but soon enthusiastically remembered something: "Young master and if we use her sphere to purify the Qi of the mine and improve the quality of the stones of the mine, is it feasible?

Now Alexander's turn to be surprised since he had never thought of such a use for the spheres, Since that idea was just something an ignorant man would do but Alexander began to think about it and found nothing that could tell her that it was not possible.

That is to say before I had heard of "Mining Knowledge" that used the powers to squeeze the maximum of the mine, Among the best known were that most powers placed Arrays Gathering Qi throughout the mine to prevent it from stopping growing due to excessive mining in addition to putting a limit to the stones mined per month.

By doing this the mines could have an extremely long life span and will produce endless spiritual stones in the long run but I never hear anything about improving the quality of the mine.

The only thing I had heard closest were rumors that if you used a first grade stone as a heart for a mine in a few hundred years you would have a Grade 4 mine. Capable of producing a few grade 3 spiritual stones but something to make a mine level, I never hear it.

That is to say that it must be a ninth-grade mine only capable of producing ninth grade stones with a few hundred eighth grade stones but doubted that it could produce seventh-grade stones.

Since ninth grade mines that could produce Seventh-grade stones were rare, Besides that the powers of a Grade 5 mortal country treat Seventh-grade stones as treasures that will only be used for things of paramount importance in their power.

Alexander thought of that and realized that he would only have to place the spheres at the most important points of the mine and around the mine to control that all the qi entering the mine was purer and theoretically level the mine.

This would make the mine slowly so that it could produce eighth-grade stones and the more eighth grade stones there are the larger the spiritual vein will be thus making the mine larger.

In fact many said that all mines started with a few stones and slowly over the years became the colossal mines of today.

But doesn't this mean that the more you invest in the mine the more you could have a first-grade mine?

Just thinking about this Alexander himself took a breath of cold air. So Alexander said: "I think it's feasible but I don't know, what you're talking about has never been done".

This enthusiastic response to Audrey but Alexander Same in thoughtful tone: "I wouldn't be happy because even if it's feasible this change won't be made overnight."

This under Audrey's enthusiasm couldn't help but ask, "How long?"

Alexander shrugged his shoulders and said: "I don't know this is something new it can take a few decades or centuries depending on what results you want".

This saddened Audrey because that was too long but Alexander said: "Audrey, now you are a true cultivator and right now you have more than 600 years of longevity a decade or two is the same as three years for mortals".

Alexander ignored what Audrey meant and continued: "Now show me what you found on your trip If there's something good I can make some good pills and potions!"

Audrey brought out a great variety of exotic plants for the Alba kingdom and Alexander said:

"23 year old black ginseng"

"Sunflower of three realities of 10 years"

"12-year-old purple star gra.s.s."

"..." Alexander began to say the names of all the plants and Audrey was impressed, Alexander saw Audrey's surprise and said: "This is not as exceptional as you think, To pa.s.s the Alchemist exam of a star you have to learn an encyclopedia with countless herbs".

So Alexander finished looking at the herbs and said, "Now we have to transplant these herbs into our medicinal garden."

Audrey nodded and pulled something out of her s.p.a.ce ring: "Young master, look at this is a fruit she ate to advance to Elemental Realm."

Alexander turned around and saw the fruit and was surprised: "You're pretty lucky, It's a 1-dan fruit, The Ocuri Pink Peach."

Audrey's eyes lit up and she said, "Is it rare?"

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