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"I remember, seemed like I had never offended you before?"

In the yard, Su Qing moved her toes lightly and kicked the small stones on the ground several times.

When she just returned from the palace this morning, due to sleepiness, she totally forgot about Gu Li. When she went to get the medicine, she suddenly remembered it and asked Chuntao.

Chuntao is two years older than the original body and has been served in the Jian Zhi palace for a long time, but she said that she had never seen Gu Li has ever entered the palace, let alone Su Qing would have any conflict with him.

She's idle anyway, it's better to clear things up now. Otherwise, who knows she might get whip again.

Gu Li who was still sitting on the stair, gave her a glance once he heard her question and then looked away. After a long while, he scratched his head and said, "En, you have never offended me."

Su Qing: "……."

Her mouth opened slightly and eyes were filled with shock. After a moment of stunning, she walked up to him and asked indignantly, "Then why did you hit me with rattan this morning? And also scolded me."


Gu Li didn't dare to look up at her and kept coughing, "….all the sons of n.o.bility in the capital said you are the beloved princess of the emperor. Not only did you have a bad personality, arrogant and bossy, you also like to bully the Seventh Princess. The seventh uncle likes to be quiet and doesn't like to be lively. I thought if you married in, you will create trouble and disturb Seventh uncle's peaceful rest. You might also try to poison….."

The more he talked, the more outrageous.

Su Qing was angry but also felt funny at the same time. She really wanted to find a big stone and knocked on his head to see if it contained flour and water.

"What about now?" Su Qing asked again.

Gu Li looked up, carefully looked at her eyes, coughing twice before saying, "Hm….pa.s.sable."

What does it mean pa.s.sable?

Su Qing felt most people in the Gu family found her unpleasant to the eyes, none of them looked at her in a good way.

While she was in a deep though, hearing a "creak" sound from behind her. She turned around and saw Gu Zifu wearing a new set of casual clothes and lazily leaning against the door.

"What was the noise early in the morning?"

Su Qing looked up at the sun that was about to set. Knowing the situation and quickly lowered her head.

Gu Li hurried got up from the ground and said with formality, "Seventh uncle, there will be a banquet in the house tonight. Would you like to join?"

Gu Zifu lifted his eyelids and said coldly, "Go there for what, just to see if this lord dies yet?"

Su Qing frowned lightly. Before her soul switched into this body, the original body of hers had congenital heart disease. She was prohibited from doing a lot of activities and had to do various tests from time to time. Living in such a restrained life, she really doesn't want to go through it again. 

Seriously, she couldn't stand hearing the word "dead".

Seeing her little gesture, Gu Zifu beckoned to her, "Come here to this lord."

Su Wing glanced at him, after a moment of hesitation and walked over. However, when she was about two steps away from him, Gu Zifu raised his hand with his fingers flicking against her forehead.

"Tsk, little girl is not good-looking when frowning."

"……" Su Qing covered her forehead with expression of being wrong and her eyes turned slightly red.

The Seventh Lord bullied her again.

After hearing him say no, Gu Li with a face full of enthusiasm earlier seemed to pour by a basin of cold water, but still unwilling to give up and asked him again, "The seventh uncle, are you really not going?"


"….okay," Gu Li nodded, "Then, if Seventh uncle changes your mind, you can send someone to tell me, i'll come to get you personally."

Gu Zifu lazily said "en" and singal his hand calling Su Qing to go into the room.

To be honest, Su Qing didn't want to come in at all. Come to think about it, this person is really strange, he also has his own room. It is even bigger and better than this room, yet ran over here and squeezed with her. 

While she was wondering about it, the corner of her eyes came across the empty medicine bowl on the table, staring blankly at it for a long time.

"Seventh Lord," she thought for a moment and asked, "The medicine, isn't it bitter?"

"En. You can try it next time." Gu Zifu said casually.

As soon as she heard him say having her drink the medicine, Su Qing's face turned pale and quickly shook her head, "I don't want to take medicine."

"Huh?" Gu Zifu paused for a moment. He just casually said it, but now it seems… he has found something new interesting and laughed, "Those old men always say something along the line that bitter medicine has a good effect on health. There's no harm in drinking too much. Next time I'll let you taste it."

Su Qing's body stiffened instantly.

Gu Zifu then slightly narrowed his eyes and continued, "Well, tonight let have Shuangqiao boil extra bowl is also not a bad idea."

That's great now, Su Qing felt all nervous inside, did not know whether to stand or speak. 

"….Seventh Lord, was the pine nut candy delicious?" She asked abruptly. 

Gu Zifu lazily leaned on the chair, sized her up and down leisurely. Looking at her little white face, he somewhat felt the tips of his fingers itchy.

Seemingly, it felt good touching that face.

When his eyes fell on the blue dress she was wearing, the bottom of his eyes turned slightly dark and saw her simply tied her hair into a bun without any accessory or ornaments, he frowned tightly and said, "Hairpins, clothes."

Su Qing was stunned for a moment and unconsciously exclaimed "ah" softly staring blankly at him.

It seemed to provoke Gu Zifu.

Gu Zifu said, "Tomorrow bring your maid to the market with you, remember to clean up yourself when coming back. If people didn't know, they would think that this lord treats you badly."

"You didn't treat me well anyway." Su Qing muttered softly.

Gu Zifu frowned, "What did you mumble?"

"No." Su Qing quickly covered her mouth. After thinking about it for a while, her face flushed red, seemed to have difficulty opening her mouth, scratching her fingers several times and said in embarra.s.sment, "But Seventh Lord, I don't have money."

"What? Last time the account books made you look in vain?" His voice increased sharply.

Su Qing slightly trembled, "No, I haven't finished it yet…."

"Dummy," Gu Zifu waved his hand, "Forget it, if nothing more, you can leave. Go tell Shuangqiao to cook a dish of fish tonight and call Si Ting to come over."

"Oh." Su Qing hurriedly responded and left the room at the quickest speed.

Surprisingly, Gu Zifu let her go out?

This is really great!! Since entering this word, she has never been to the street.

When Si Ting was called over, his face was stunned. He was shocked to see the empty medicine bowl on the table. When Gu Zifu asked him, he still hasn't recovered from his shock yet, his mouth was wide open that can fit an egg in.

Everyone's the same. Gu Zifu felt annoyed and grabbed the tea cup on the table and threw it at Si Ting, "This lord asking you!"

Of course, Si Ting didn't dare to avoid the Seventh Lord and simply took the hit.

Biting his teeth in pain, slightly touched his arm and replied, "There are several shops on East Street and West Street, oh.., it seems to have just expanded a few months ago. There are none in the North and South. But the Seventh Lord the North General's Mansion has not yet been decided. You can choose wherever you want, and for others…."

"Is it enough to buy a few clothes and hairpins?" Losing his patient, Gu Zifu asked.

Si Ting: "….."

Seeing Gu Zifu was about to throw another teacup, he nodded quickly, "Yes, yes, yes, of course, it's more than enough. If the Seventh Lord is willing, it's also possible to buy the entire Zhuo Ming Fei Zhai shop."

Ming Fei Zhai is the most popular place for young girls in  the capital.

After hearing this, Gu Zifu seemed to have a major event in his heart and nodded rather kindly.

Si Ting's heart jumped a beat after seeing him being like this.


At night time, even if it was far away, they still can hear the lively sound coming from the front yard.

After Su Qing had a simple dinner, she took a pony chair and sat in the courtyard, looking at the Gu courtyard where only the shadow of wind moving, and listening to the faint laughter coming from the front yard, her heart suddenly felt unpleasant.

The Seventh Lord, does he also feel lonely sometime?

Immediately, she shook her head again and dismissed her idea. The Seventh Lord's temper is so bad, how could anyone not be afraid of him?

As for her….. 

Su Qing froze, lowered her head and looked at her fingertips, gently pinched it. She frowned from the pain and released it afterward.

…..she didn't seem to be as afraid of the Seventh Lord as she was when she first came.

At this moment Gu Zifu was bathing, and having Si Ting waited upon him.

Su Qing sat outside for a while and saw Si Ting carrying a wooden barrel in and out several times.

It's strange, didn't they say the west yard has a natural hot spring? Why didn't the Seventh Lord go there and have a comfortably warm soaked there?

She only thought about it, but Su Qing would not dare to ask. She waited until Si Ting finally finished with his work, she then went in. She saw Gu Zifu wearing an inner white robe and his hair was still wet, there were a few drops of water falling on his face, sitting on the bed and was about to lift the quilt.

Su Qing's face changed instantly. Why didn't she notice Gu Zifu had thishabit before?

She didn't even think about it, immediately went to get the dry towel and said: "Seventh Lord, let me dry your hair, or you will catch a cold at night."

Gu Zifu lazily said, "Hhm".

Su Qing's movement was very light, holding a towel gently wiped the water droplets on his face. She usually didn't look carefully, but now from a close distance, she found that Gu Zifu's skin is very smooth. 

"Does this lord look good?"

"Huh?" Su Qing bowed her head facing Gu Zifu's fox-like eyes and crafty smile, her hands couldn't help but slightly shake, almost hurting his face. 

Gu Zifu laughed softly, steady himself lazily and said nothing more.

Waiting until the candle was blown off, Su Qing's mind finally relaxed. However, before she could even let out a sigh of relief, a hand suddenly wrapped around her waist, almost scared her off. 

After calming down herself, Su Qing said with a siffen body, "Seventh Lord, your quilt is over there."



Su Qing is feeling apprehensive right now.

"We sleep like this during the day anyway." He added.

At this moment, Su Qing closed her mouth silently and moved slightly outward to keep away from him. Her subconscious mind told her at this moment it's rather safe not to say anything.

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