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The Random Pa.s.serby I Married Is The Richest Man! Chapter 3 Part 2: The stepmother makes trouble

Her father lay on the bed, sleeping. He was fast asleep, seemingly very tired: just now, the argument in the living room did not wake him up.

"Dad, I'm back." Bai Zhen Zhen sat down on the bedside and called out in a loud voice. Father Bai woke up and was very happy to see his daughter back.

"Zhen Zhen, you're back ah…" He sat up from the bed and held Bai Zhen Zhen's hand. "Are you tired ah? Have you eaten? Dad will cook for you…"

"I have… already eaten." Bai Zhen Zhen answered awkwardly in a high  voice.

She subconsciously rejected the somewhat intimate gesture of Father Bai holding her hand, but was moved by Father Bai's loving eyes in an instant.

Bai Zhen Zhen said: "Dad, I came back this time to talk to you about getting treatment in the hospital."

"Treatment?!" When he heard something that had to do with money, Yang Suping came in immediately, "Bai Zhenzhen, what do you mean? Now that there is no money in the family, how can you let your father be hospitalized ah?! Just staying there one night costs already hundreds, not to mention something like getting medical treatment!"

Bai Zhen Zhen said indifferently: "Only taking medicine but not getting treatment is unable to contain the illness. I found out that now there's a very advanced medical method, and dad's lung cancer still hasn't reached terminal stage. If he receives a surgery treatment now, the 5-year and 10-year survival rates can reach 80% and 50% or higher.”

This was the original sentence that the doctor said later to the original host when she brought her father to receive medical treatment with the help of the male lead.

"You say it so easy!  Who can treat an illness without receiving medical treatment ah! Now, buying your dad's medicines already costs more than half of our living expenses, and there's also your younger sister's studies, her dance practice…"

"Then why don't you let your daughter stop dancing?" Bai Zhen Zhen asked.

Yang Suping and Bai Mengru had not yet spoken that Father Bai anxiously talked first, contrary to expectations: "Zhen Zhen, how can you say that? We are a family, Mengru is you younger sister! I am sick ah, I don't think treatment can cure me, you all need to let my life run its course, you also don't need to buy any more medicine… Dancing is Mengru's dream, it should not be delayed…"

Bai Zhen Zhen thought to herself, the original host's n.o.ble feelings of compa.s.sion and selflessness were probably learned from her father.

Yan Suping gave a scornful look at Bai Zhen Zhen and said sarcastically: "Mengru has been smart since she was a child, she is really talented at dancing, she will become a big star in the future! What's a little money now? Don't you know, how much more she will earn in the future!"

Bai Mengru pretended  to be said, and then said to Father Bai very genuinely: "Dad, wait for me to make lots of money, I'll give you treatment for sure!"  

"Good, good!" Father Bai was very moved, "You're dad's good daughters!"

"Okay, don't talk about these." Bai Zhen Zhen broke this warm atmosphere, "I have already called a car to wait downstairs, we're going now to the hospital straight away."

Yan Suping's mouth opened into an O-shape, her face with a funny yet embarra.s.sing look: "Bai Zhen Zhen, you have no brains, right? This month's living expenses haven't been settled yet, and you still want to send your father to the hospital?"

"Since I said to send, then of course I have the ability to send." Bai Zhen Zhen helped her dad stand up. Father Bai's body wasn't tall, a bit stoop. He ended with this appearance after working in a construction site in his early years. Now that he was sick, the whole person looked emaciated, his complexion was also not good. Bai Zhen Zhen saw there was something he was upset with in his heart.

"Zhen Zhen, I'm not going to the hospital." Father Bai frowned. "Your mother is right, you have to spend money to go to the hospital. It's not easy to earn money for you, child, and still need to take care of the family… "

"Dad, I have money. Don't worry." Bai Zhen Zhen  said.

"You don't have a d.a.m.n cent!" Yan Suping spat disdainfully.

With a "bang", Bai Zhen Zhen fished out the stash with 20,000 yuans in cash from the bag and threw them to the floor.

Yan Suping: "…"

Finally done with exams!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 

It's only chap 3 and this family is already making me roll my eyes… since BZZ is the one earning money let her decide how to spend it! It's not like she's buying a car, she's sending her dad to the hospital for fox's sake!

Also, in response to Tofu Cat (my thanks to everyone who wrote a review or rated in NU^^), this is indeed MTLed, I thought I had said it in chap 1 but looks like I didn't >.< limeblossom="" is="" the="" one="" who="" knows="" chinese="" and="" the="" true="" translator="" of="" this="" blog,="" i'm="" just="" a="" humble="" editor,="" but="" i="" was="" getting="" restless="" wanting="" to="" tlate="" sth="" hilarious="" and="" this="" novel="" perfectly="" fit,="" and="" the="" fact="" that="" it's="" also="" easy="" to="" mtl="" also="" helped="" in="" the="" decision.="" i="" already="" had="" some="" experience="" as="" i'm="" in="" mgch's="" tlor="" team.="" i="" use="" several="" mtled="" versions="" plus="" a.n.a.lazying="" all="" sentences="" with="" kanji="" dictionary="" in="" order="" not="" to="" miss="" anything,="" ask="" lime="" when="" sth="" resists="" being="" deciphered,="" and="" usually="" lime="" has="" a="" quick="" read="" of="" tlion+raws="" when="" the="" post="" is="" scheduled.="" so,="" as="" you="" see,="" within="" our="" limits,="" we="" do="" as="" much="" as="" we="" can="" to="" provide="" you="" with="" accurate="" translations="" for="" this="">

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