I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! 67 Chapter 67: Creation

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I look at the Cores which I got from the Tier 2 Rats I killed and Decided to make a group of Golems here outside of the Dungeon as well.

These Golems will be here in charge of Protecting the Building so that if a Zombie wave was to happen and decide to attack then I would be able to let them stall the Zombies for a while so the survivors will have enough time to escape into the dungeon.

I have a total of 25 Cores 24 of them are Tier 2 while one is Tier 3.

With these, I can make 25 Golems.

But I have a new idea I want to test out.

Can I make a huge Golem? Like can I turn Confucius Plaza into a Golem? If I was to make one like this then a single Golem like that can easily crush any amount of Zombies without breaking a sweat, not that a Golem can sweat in the first place.

I decided to try and when I tried to imagine such a Golem it showed me something which shocked me to the Core.

I needed 360 Tier 2 Cores, 8 Tier 3 Cores, 4 Tier 4 Cores and 1 Tier 5 Core to make such a Golem...

It would seem each one of the 360 Tier 2 cores was for every joint of the Golem and the 8 Tier 3 cores were there to control what the joints did, the 4 Tier 4 Cores were to control a single arm and leg each while the Tier 5 Core would be inside the head of the Golem.

On the other hand, the Golem will be a False Deity Golem the moment it is completed. Meaning it'll be able to beat anything under Tier 5 and might be able to fight to a draw with a Tier 5 Being but won't be able to beat a Tier 5 being under normal circ.u.mstances.

But this is going to take a while to make for I have yet to even get the cores ready.

So project Confucius will be put on Halt.

I currently have 25 Cores which I will use to make 25 Golems Guards. The Tier 3 Golem shall become the leader of these Golems and will be in charge of scouting the perimeter and keeping Zombies from Coming into the Building.

I then had an idea.

Can Golems learn skills?

Suddenly I wanted to try it...

I quickly got outside of the Building and ran straight for Manhattan Bridge.

I took the Tier 3 Core which I obtained from the Golden Rat and placed it in the middle of a couple of Cars that broke down and use the skill Create Golem.

A bunch of crashed cars mixed turned into the body of a Golem.

The Golem was designed after the Iron Monger. It looks like an enemy most wouldn't want to fight against. However, I think making this monstrosity makes me seem like a villain now...

After I finished creating that masterpiece I took out a skill book for Steel Body which I had plenty of.

If I could let my Golems learn this skill then I won't need to give away the skill books to any Survivors who I can't trust.

But unfortunately, It couldn't learn the skill.

It would be epic if it could though. But a Tier 3 Golem is a good Guard even without the skill.

I then looked at the cars which I used to barricade the bridge with and though of a new Idea.

If I can use the skill Create Golem to change a car into a Golem then can't I shape the Cars which made up the Barricade to block off the bridge into a wall?

I immediately got to work by placing a Core into the middle of the Cars and activating Create Golem. I had the cars morph into each other and made it so that the Core of the Golem will be somewhere I can easily grab.

I created a Wall Golem just like that. After I finished making it I grabbed the Core from the Wall golem and the Golem Turned into a Wall...

I think I found a new way to use this skill...

I can turn this skill into one that can adjust basic materials into any form or size I want.

However, using the skill create Golem does put a Toll on my Mana. For after using the skill 2 times I have already used up 20% of my Mana.
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But with the skill resp.a.w.n the usage of Mana is not a problem at all for it automatically refills my Mana after I resp.a.w.n...

I'll name this new skill branched from the create golem as Creation.

I can practically turn any raw material into something which can be useful.

After I used the skill a couple of times, I turned all the cars which originally barricaded the entrance and exits to the Bridge into a 20 feet tall wall. I even made 2 watchtowers on each side.

Now there are definitely going to be no Zombies or Humans who can get through that easily.

Before when all the cars were barricading the bridge some Zombies could have possibly crossed by crawling underneath cars and trucks but now there is absolutely no such gap what so ever meaning they could only get past the wall by toppling it over or somehow climbing over it which I highly doubt they can accomplish.

I smile while I look at the now red moon in the sky.

What a wonderful skill this is.

Suddenly something falls from the sky and...


"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

Apparently a car fell out of the sky and crashed onto the new wall.

Where did this car come from you might ask.

Well in the sky there is a man who has wings which have sprouted from his back and his feet have become talons which had grabbed the car which it just thrown.

This is a human evolutionary commonly known as bird man in the apocalypse.

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