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After he felt so much emotions surrounding himself, Mormo sent all of his unusable essence around the attacking wolfs.

To his complete amazement the wolfs divided between two group, the ones which his essence successfully stole the emotions element. This group abandon any negative element and became much more productive at fighting while the other who managed to resist Mormo power fell on the ground trembling.

This outcome was more than he could hope for, his essence while didn't grow in power create a comeback in the middle of the battle and became usable again, while the one who didn't help him regenerate his power became unuseful to their team.

Its true that the one who could fight will be more helpful in the fight but Mormo start to gather his power again in the middle of the combat!

His creepy smile that look much more like a horror scream turn larger as he kept cutting the wolf around him, while each cut transfer a little bit of his essence into the wound and grind the poor wolf from the inside.

What was a little bit of let down was that the wolf which he stole once their emotion seems like they will never be frighten again as if he stole permanently their ability to be scared or to feel depressed.

As the flesh and blood flew into the air, the one horned wolf felt for the first time from the start of this battle a real danger, he could feel how his opponent gain his strength again so he couldn't keep waiting and enter the battle again.

he jump to the air and roar in the sky, all the wolf which just fell to the ground stood up immediately as all their fears disappeared, the took some distance from Mormo and run around him the big wolf started to spin around himself as he descent into Mormo direction.

As he fell the wolfs decrease the radius which they run around Mormo.

The essence in Mormo body didn't managed to gain much of their power more like 13-17%, but it was enough for now.

As the wolf gain more speed a force start to build inside the circle which tried to lock Mormo in place and at the same time pool the one horned wolf faster to earth.

To punch it was suicide or even to touch it, it move way faster than it should and it circle around it self a lot faster than Mormo thought was possible it couldn't differentiate between the actual body and the bones that pop out from the big wolf!

As a strong wind lock Mormo in place he murmured to himself.

"My power is to sever the emotion, sever this world and sever all life, if I can't even cut this one little kitten how will I be able to cut the world?!!"

he tried to feel the world around the essence all the living, afterwards he closed his eyes and lock into the big descending wolf, he felt his air, his skin his bones and even his blood and organ. As he felt the wolf, he tried to understand the flow of essence inside of him.

Mormo eyes abruptly opened he lift his leg and as he put all his essence into it, he kicked the ground.

A lot of crack formed on the surface of earth as some proportion flew in the air, which push the running wolf and ease the locking force on Mormo. No harm has been delivered to the running wolfs but it let him escape the locking force and move his body freely.

than he jumped into the air as he again turned his hand into a sword, his essence now contained no more that 8% of their original power but it was more than enough.

He moved his hand swiftly as he point his hand in the direction of the wolf which hadn't even the time to understand what's happening as he was cut in half!

The whole wolf pack frozen in place and after a split of second turned around and run for their life.

If they decide to attack Mormo at that moment he would probably die as he lost all power over his essence. But they were too afraid to think, and they just wanted to disappear from this place.

As a result, many negative emotions were floating in the air, to Mormo it was the same as heaven gates themselves.

He greedily absorbed them and refill his essence as he started the real ma.s.sacre, he didn't let one of them to escape as he hunted them all for the next couple of days!

To Mormo delight the emotion of the rats and the dog was basically the same so it was kind of easy for him to collect them, and even if he had to feel the emotion that he stole it was a piece of cake for him, he could feel despair and hopelessness without any side effect.

To some extend Mormo conquer some of the most basic negative feelings as he lived past them again and again.

Mormo kept strengthening himself for the past 5 years. His essence turned stronger and except of the very middle region of the forest he was pretty much unstoppable everywhere he went.

He was still in the first-G.o.d level, but his heart was long ago full of essence.

they were trapped in their area unable to grew. He couldn't collect anymore essence, he kept using and advance his techniques but there was a huge barrier he couldn't overcome.

He tried at some point to just create a lot of different essences and try to insert them together to break the wall around his current essence, but his attempt was to no avail.

After much works around and attempts he made the conclusion that the emotion he collected aren't strong enough or doesn't have enough variant or connections to his 7 emotion he had to severe.
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He had no understanding of his power near humans, but he knew that to be able to go unmatchable in this forest except of the inner region one had to be at list of a 6-G.o.d level.

Mormo started to kill the enemy he found much more cruelly, he tried to find a ways to make his victim wants to live much more strongly as he torture and play with them before their death while their friend watching, he tried all kind of experiments.

His goal was to severe his love for life!

Meanwhile in Geenom, at the missions headquarter a devilish fairy was sitting around a bunch of papers.

"Interesting, for the past 3 – 4 years no attack as been reported on the villages surrounding ancient forest number 2508, there is a good probability for a unique monster to appear there. The president will be happy wuwuwuwuw…" the fairy laugh

Not long after a smoke started to materialize before her as an undistinguished creature surrounded stood beside her.

"Tell him and you are dead" it said shortly.

"Oh … really?" the devilish fairy said with a dangerous grin on her face.

"We are almost ready to slay it, we already made all the preparation for exploration, you will be able to take 20% of all its power and body parts and you need to do nothing on your part… just leave it to us and keep your mouse shut!" said the shade.

"I don't mind as long as I will choose first the 20% I collecting" said the fairy while laughing, she already know that they cant refuse, in fact she told them intentionally that she know about this phenomenon.

"You are f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h! … well whatever its yours just don't stand in our way!" he said as he vanished into the air.

In a faraway dungeon:

Opal was sitting on the floor covered by dirt, lots of brushes and scars all over her body.

In the past 6 years she gave birth to 6 children. Every year a.s.saf enter the chamber f.u.c.k her fast and then leave. She is getting one meal per day and after she gave birth the children are taken from her and the cycle repeat itself.

Opal was desperate she lived in her own small h.e.l.l. She knew that Mormo died 6 years ago, she couldn't feel any of his present threw their special connection.

She knew that she killed both of her other children and now she was just a machine to create baby which she would never see or know.

But something unnormal is happening inside her body, she can feel some foreign part in her blood, getting purer pure and strong full of life.

She knew that she took some part of Mormo life force when he gave her new power.

She thought that it was some kind of phenomenon that happened because he died.

She tried to play with this weird part in her blood and she discovered that it was easy for her to move it around her body and that it was even possible to consume it.

Opal never had the courage to do so, it was the last memorable part from her beloved son, how could she consume it into herself.

But she could feel that if she would do so she will regain at list some power and would be able to free herself.

And after a rough 3 years after this discovery, she had enough she would going to consume it hopefully afterwards make her revenge and then leave this world to meet her son again.

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