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Chapter 15

The place where the group caused the commotion was close to the Wizards' store nearby.

“Potions! Get your superior potions!”

The salesperson yelled.

The small boy didn't expect he'd be saved by a n.o.bleman, a young lady, and especially not a princess!

Becky exchanged a bag of money for a healing potion from the salesperson.

“Shall we get another one, Princess?”

“It's alright, we can buy more if it's not enough.” I answered.

Sitting on a sofa in the store, Becky opened the lid of the potion and applied it on the boy's face little by little.

This concoction was said to be the most effective treatment to cure burns quickly.

A few moments later, she finished applying the whole bottle. Soon, dead skin fell off and the blisters were starting to heal.

“Ah, two more bottles please!” Becky and I exclaimed in unison.

Becky paid the price again and carried two more bottles of potion.

She opened the lid again and slathered the potion all over the child's face.

Becky could feel the child's body shaking. She called him a kid, but in truth, he was actually taller than her. Still, he looked like a kid to her.

Was it because she was 30?

“Becky, can you go investigate later on the man you saw earlier?”

I asked Becky, while pouring the other bottle over the boy's face.

“How much was this potion, by the way? Was it expensive?”


Becky's eyes were fixed on the boy as she slowly pointed at him.

“What is it? Hm?”

Becky was still looking in front with wide eyes.

I followed Becky's finger that was pointed at him.


The empty potion bottle that was in my hands fell to the floor with a 'plink' sound.

“…Becky. I think I just saw an angel.”

“…Me too, young Miss.”

The boy had brilliant golden eyes.

His appearance was somewhere between a boy or a young man. In any case, the boy was actually built quite muscular.

If Eros, the Greek G.o.d, was here as a boy, he would look exactly like the boy in front of them now.

The boy's fresh face was revealed under all the pieces of dead skin that had mostly fallen off.

Perhaps due to the potency of the potion, his skin looked remarkably smooth.

with gleaming round eyes, the tips slightly raised, the boy's face gave the impression of a naughty look.

His lips were crimson red. Even without lipgloss on, the color was strikingly vibrant.

His nose was highly defined which gave off charm.

As a whole, his face was truly captivating.

The boy was so pure and lovely that it made everyone in the room breathless when he looked around. His eyes were wet from the stinging pain of the potion.

How could someone this beautiful exist? Was this even real?

The angel looked at me and smacked his lips a few times.

As if he was just learning to speak, he opened and closed his mouth several times. Our eyes met as everyone waited for his words.

The emotions in his eyes made me distraught. Was that sadness? No, it couldn't be.

He clasped my skirt with his hands while murmuring to himself. He gazed into my eyes, while my fingertips trembled against the gla.s.s of the store. Among all spectators, there was Ca.s.sion observing the situation.

The reason why he didn't quickly get out of the door was not because of Raylene.

Rather, it was when he saw Iris, the woman who had run into him several times, that he hid. He found her terribly annoying.

A woman who was in a similar situation in every single pity story she told. Yet that woman still smiled brightly. Iris was a woman who bravely spoke of her dreams.

A few moments earlier, she had been walking down the street of the district of Noniwell. Until she came to a stop to look at something.

Around her, there were people laughing and talking to their partners. An abundance of various facial expressions.

It was around that time that Ca.s.sion turned around and saw Raylene speaking to the man in strange clothing.

In the Noniwell district, that merchant was well-known.

Ca.s.sion knew that man was always on the brink of trouble and had no hesitation doing something illegal.

Raylene had ignored the angry man. She had brought the power of money and authority with her.

All for one Suin slave.

Ca.s.sion didn't like the n.o.bles, but he didn't completely hate them either. In terms of cla.s.sification, the n.o.bles showed various aspects of good and bad.

Some ordinary people were reluctant to enter the aristocratic society and tried to shame n.o.bles, while others lived with honor and pride, following the footsteps of the Emperor Kadrian.

What kind of person was Princess Raylene? Did she truly mean what she said earlier?


She might have said that while being quite unsure herself.

Ca.s.sion had never worked hard to become a knight. He chose to be a messenger for the sake of a comfortable life.

In fact, he was satisfied with his position in the 12th Knights. However, the insults he received were not kind.

Thoughts had come to his mind a few hours before he had seen Raylene again.

She had asked him why he was here, but she knew that he had to do his duties for the lowest rank of knights. Yet, why was she here?

He thought she meant to lower her position to appear humble.

Was it hard? Was it hard for a commoner like himself to be a knight?

It would be harder than getting a penny for working all day long after farming in a rice field.

Then, she talked about 'efforts.' Having lived her entire life as the supposed 'forbidden rare jade' in Kandmion Dukedom, she had to embellish the value of her efforts.

Raylene's words came to his mind when she said she had to conduct a market survey. Was she trying to help the Duke's business?

Raylene's journey to save the Suin person came to his mind. Was she actually just trying to protect her pride and honor as an aristocrat?

Why did he talk to her first?

It suddenly occurred to him what motives she had.

Ca.s.sion quietly murmured to himself.

“The way a lady looks during the party, is it what I think it is? Ah, that's what she wanted me to do. A lady can never be the one to ask for a dance, she can only politely respond to a request.”

Ca.s.sion had thought she was trying to insult herself.

He thought a commoner like him would be annoying to be at a party of aristocratic society and culture.

She was the only daughter of the d.u.c.h.ess while he was a commoner.

'I wanted to dance.'

He didn't expect that she actually meant it.

At the same time, there was confusion at that time. So when he saw her, he approached her first.

Even though he was in a hurry to return, Ca.s.sion suddenly stopped in front of a window in a store. He looked at his face in the gla.s.s for a moment.

“She said…I'm handsome?”

He had never been praised for having good visage his entire life.
When other women saw him, they would usually run away without a single word spoken.

So he has lived without being conscious of his face. But Raylene had said he was handsome.

His cheeks were starting to feel hot. Ca.s.sion kept walking again, this time while blus.h.i.+ng.

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