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Age 1991

"Those pillars!" Hannah said with wide eyes. "They look like..."

"That's right!" Ben announced placing his hands on them. "These pillars are out of the same material of the black wall! The wall is basically unbreakable, but thanks to David's power he can pull chunks off. And thanks to my power." The pillars glowed a bright blue as they began to take the shape of giant metal men. They came together fully forming. There was two of them. They were both fourteen feet in size. They had no eyes or face at all. It was just blank. "I can make the ultimate warriors!" He announced loudly. 

The golems punched forward both ripped a ma.s.sive building out of the ground and raised it above their head. They stomped forward throwing the buildings forward.

Jackson raised his hand up as it glowed a bright blue. "Arking-Shot!" He announced loudly firing out a wave of blue energy that separated into several small attacks that slammed through the buildings and smashed straight into the golems.


The blast exploded out shaking the city as the dust slowly settled. 

The golems walked forward completely unharmed as they crossed their arms.

"Nice try!" Ben said smirking. "But they're basically unbreakable." He announced. He flashed a smirk to David. "Well? Are we leaving?" He asked. 


"What! Your Golems can still act if you aren't nearby!" Hannah said shocked. "Why you have been out on the first day then? That just seems kind of stupid..."

"No. They can act without me. But if I'm gone I lose control over them. Without me to guide them they simply will go into a rampage destroying everything. You can all try and come after us but you'll have to leave them behind..." He announced with a wicked smile.

"That's just dirty!" Emma yelled out as she frowned. 

David reached into his pocket throwing a cube on the ground. It changed becoming a medium-sized plane that fit on the streets. "Let's go!" He announced.

The golems stood in front of the Enforcers stopping them from getting near.

"Quickly!" Katrina yelled. "Take them out before they can escape!"


The metal golems crashed forward as they ripped a ma.s.sive building up. One of them continued to run forward as it swung the building down towards the group. Katrina waved her hand as a ma.s.sive amount of kinetic force stopped the golem. The second one jumped through the air as it began to fall forward towards ground heading towards the group.

"Arking Shot!" Jackson announced slamming his blade down as a ma.s.sive blue wave of lightning fired off as it sliced through the ma.s.sive boulder the creature held. The force of the attack began to force it back as it crashed into the ground slamming back.

"Alright, Lucy!" Emma announced pointing forward. "Give me my weapon!"

"As you wish," Lucy said giving a small nod. She clicked open her briefcase reaching into as her arm seemed to sink into it. She came back out carrying a long chainsaw that she threw over to Emma. 

The girl caught it as she clicked a b.u.t.ton and caused it to roar to life. "Vibrant Strike!" Emma announced slicing the weapon through the air. A large vibration force launched towards the golem as it smashed into the side of the golem knocking it to the ground. The golem slowly got back up seemingly unharmed. "Oh come on!" Emma yelled.

"These things are pretty durable aren't they!" Jackson said with mild surprise. "I keep hitting them and nothing is happening."

"Let me take a shot at it," Hannah said walking forward. She landed over as a pair of black wings sprouted out of her back. A loud kaw echoed out as a Bestia Macht pulled its way out of her back. Jackson's pet Bestia Macht! Fulminous! 

The Bestia Macht let out a loud cry as it shot forward towards one of the golems. It slammed into it with a loud boom as the ma.s.sive creature was actually forced back from the powerful attack and crashed into a nearby building.

"Alright!" Jackson yelled slamming his sword down as more lightning came off of his body. "Get them!" He yelled.

"That's my line..." Katrina said giving a frown. "...Alright! Get them!" She shouted.

"Yeah!" Everyone yelled fist-b.u.mping the air as they all charged the two creatures.






The battle was instantly over the top as a wave of lightning, vibrations, and kinetic force slammed into the Golems creating a ma.s.sive shock wave that didn't even seem to harm the things. No matter what they did the two creatures would simply get back up. And if they did damage them the metal they were made out of would simply grow back and the things would heal becoming good as new. Super durable, super regeneration. 

"d.a.m.n it!" Jackson yelled slicing his blade into the head of the metal golem. It bounced off with a click as the thing made a punch towards him. He dodged it appearing behind the creature and began to stab at it with his blade out of frustration. "No matter what we do these things keep getting back up! Just die already!"

Katrina let out a loud frustrated yell as her fist slammed into the side of the golem throwing it back as it smashed into a wall. "I know what you mean. No matter now many times I punch it, the thing simply stands back up..."

"We need to somehow kill this thing in one attack," Jackson muttered. "Hit it so hard it doesn't have time to regenerate."

"Can we do that?" Emma asked.

"We're about to find out..."

They only fought one though. Off to the side, the Bestia Macht fought the other one. Its claws would dig into the metal leaving nasty gashes but seconds later the metal would close as if it could somehow heal? Air fired off of the creature as it raised its wings and fired off several rows of metal feathers that stabbed into the metal opponent. Once again though the golem barely seemed to notice.

The golem stabbed a hand into the ground ripping out a ma.s.sive chunk of it out. It held it above its head stepped forward and threw it as hard as it could towards the creature.

Thankfully the Bestia Macht was fast narrowly avoiding the strike as it unleashed a loud and angry kaw. 

Its beak opened as a wave of wind fired out leaving large slash marks across the street and buildings as everything in front of it was shredded. 

The golem raised its arms up blocking the strike as it slid back. Slowly it raised its hands up telling the bird to come at it... It seems it had the ability to mock the creature for what a weak attack that was.

The Bestia Macht narrowed its eyes as it let out one last mad and annoyed kaw and fired forward.

Emma, Jackson, and Katrina danced around hitting the thing with everything they had. 

Off to the side, Hannah and Lucy rested sitting the fight out. Their ability wasn't really made for this kind of fight and they'd only get in the way. 

"Take this!" Jackson announced smas.h.i.+ng his blade forward as a wave of lightning fired off. 

Katrina punched the air as hard as she could as an enormous boom went off and the s.p.a.ce in front of her bent back as it smashed forward.

Emma raised her roaring chainsaw up and sliced it down as it fired out its own wave of vibrations that shattered all the gla.s.s in a one-mile radius and shook the area of the entire city as every car was lifted up off the ground for a second. Sif hadn't been joking... She really had been training these kids.

All three attacks were pulled together by the force as it soared forward. It slammed into the creature as it was forced back. The three attacks were like a ma.s.sive beam of death now that began to slowly pick the golem up as the beam started to point up towards the sky. It was raised up getting sent higher and higher as metal began to melt. Its body became white hot as it was slowly becoming a liquid from the blast of heat that was on top of it.

"Now!" Katrina announced.

All these of them unleashed their power brining it to its max. Jackson and Katrina both activated their white aura. Emma just kind of gave it her all. She was the weakest link...

This caused the beam to become unstable and explode. 

The blast was strong enough to wipe the golem out leaving nothing left, other then a bright glow in the sky as the whole city was lit up from the attack, and the energy began to diapers heading in various directions.

"Whoa..." Emma said with wide eyes.

"Well... We make a pretty destructive team." Katrina announced giving a small nod. 

"Well we aren't done yet," Jackson announced. He turned to see his pet battling the last golem. "Let's finish this guy!"

"Right! Let's make this quick!"

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