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Chapter 44 Survey Target?

When I returned to the village, the Gatekeeper who I want to meet was doing the inspection.

If I'm not mistaken, was his name Captain Ogut?

and that is?

Vice Captain Verivera, right?

Now that I think about it, I don't know which one is which.

“Welcome back, it looks like you have it rough this morning. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Um, is it alright to call you Captain Ogut?”

“N? ……Now that I think about it, we never did introduce ourselves, right?”

“Yes. Errr, I'm called Ivy. The tent was very comfortable. For introducing me to the store, thank you very much”

“Hahaha, that's good to hear. I'm Captain Ogut”

It seems I'm not mistaken, that's good.

If I made a mistake here, it would be pretty rude.

“We received information from other villages that those adventurers are survey target”

“Survey target?”

“Aa, they s.n.a.t.c.h whatever they lied their eyes on, they seem to have taken young adventurers' hards.h.i.+ps elsewhere. There were many reports coming to the guild, but it was difficult to prove owners.h.i.+p of the item. It seems they can't hold their tails1

“So, are they being surveyed?”

“That's how it is. Those guys are crafty, they will commit a crime after understanding that it is difficult to prove. Well, this time, this is the store that I introduced, a tent sold by the famous old man in this village. The evidence and testimony are perfect. Those guys couldn't do anything”

“That's right”

“I made Ivy goes through a scary experience. My bad”

“It's, It's okay. Really”

“……Don't push yourself too hard, okay?”


“But still, it's amazing. Verivera has been investigating it for a while, well, it's fruitful. Right now, he's comparing it with the damage report from the guild, there's also their crimes that aren't reported, so he's a bit busy”

There are also some adventurers who are bad, and it seems they were targeted by quite a few people.

It was good to buy at the store which was introduced by Captain Ogut.

“So that's why, a small reward is paid for contributing to the arrest. But it's not to the information fee of a monster”

“Eh? I didn't do anything though?”

“No no, if it weren't for you, it would be difficult to prove it. And aren't you troubled about money?”

“Well, yes”

“Ok! The amount changes depending on their sentence, so just wait for it”


There is a lot that I didn't know about.

I'm glad that I don't have to think about money for a while.

I thanked Captain Ogut once again and returns to the square.

Ah, I forgot to say that I ran away from Ratomi rather than kicked to reduce the mouth to feed.

With this, when will be the good timing to talk about it?

It will be hard to talk about it again.

When I arrived at the square, there's the administrator that helped me in the morning.

“Thanks for the good work”

“Welcome back. Have you heard?”

“I'm back”

I was thinking of saying it to Captain Ogut too, but I was slightly nervous.

Is it a familiar word or it isn't?2

“I heard from Captain Ogut about the people who were caught. Ah, that's right. I am called Ivy”

“N? Aa, I'm Roigult. My job is to manage the square and patrolling around the village. Speaking of which, is the Gatekeeper you said was the Captain?”


“Is that so”

After greeting Roigult I returns to my tent.

I close the entrance and take Sora out of the bag.


I forgot to pick up what I needed for the trap when I was at the dump.

What should I do?

Go now?

……Somehow, thanks to what happened this morning, I felt tired.

When I look at Sora, he is already sleeping.

So fast.

“Let's just finish for today~”

I check the contents of the bag for the time being.

It looks like I can make two traps for wild rats.

But, I have to go to the dump tomorrow.

And there are not enough potions for Sora.

For now, let's just sleep a little.

I'm tired~.

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