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Liang Yongqi watched in disbelief from the other side of the road, he told his servant to check out the bags of the villagers.

The villagers were afraid Liang Yongqi would try to steal their food again, but he was too lazy to do that.

After he confirmed what was in the bags, he was shocked.

“Whoa, he really is stupid. Let's see how long you can .” Liang Yongqi smirked while thinking about Lin Fan's downfall.

But he was angry without reason.

‘Rage +111'

“Whoa, who is that man? It looks like I have a special guest.” Lin Fan flicked his fan and led Zhou Zhongmao to go outside the house.

While the villagers were so grateful toward Lin Fan, he acted like this was nothing.

When Liang Yongqi heard Lin Fan's voice, he was a bit panic and remembered their beautiful moments together.

“What do you want?” Liang Yongqi stepped back because he was afraid of Lin Fan, but when he saw the person beside him, he gained back his courage.

“Cousin, that man was a combat instructor from Liang Family, he is strong.” Zhou Zhongmao whispered.

Lin Fan didn't care, swinging his fan leisurely, and laughed, “Young Master Liang, what are you so afraid of? I won't kick your a.s.s or anything like that. Chill out, man. It's a good thing to stroll around with your friend. If you and your friend right there need something, just let my cousin know.”

‘Rage +123'

Liang Yongqi was extremely angry. Kick his a.s.s? As Liang Family's member, plus, the instructor was with him, he won't hold back.

“I'm not afraid. I'm cool. But I wonder why we are so different. You and I were a young master. But look at you, lavis.h.i.+ng your family wealth like that, even your father didn't say anything.” Liang Yongqi said.

Lin Fan smiled, “What can I say? I'm the only heir of Lin Family, unlike someone who can't do anything, sit idly behind his big brother's shadow.”

Liang Yongqi's face was turned red because of Lin Fan's statement.

‘Rage +66'

Lin Fan checked the system and was disappointed by that amount of rage point.

“Cousin, let's go somewhere. I don't want to spend my precious time with these boring people.” Lin Fan sighed.

Zhou Zhongmao was a little confused, “Okay.”

Lin Fan smiled while he was watching Liang Yongqi walked away.

“You motherf.u.c.ker, just you wait, one day you will regret it.” Liang Yongqi was looking at Lin Fan with so much hatred.

Liang Yongqi thought if he was the master of Liang Family, he would immediately declare war against Lin Family.

He wanted to join forces with Yuan Family so he could crush Lin Family for sure.

Tranquil City, Main Street.

“Cousin, you don't want to see how are the villagers doing?” Zhou Zhongmao asked, and she still wondered how her cousin could bring this much food.

“What for? Do you want to watch someone hand out the rice to those villagers? That's boring, let's do something else.” Lin Fan wanted to oppose Liang Family as hard as he could.

“Have you heard it? All the food in Liang Family's storehouse is gone overnight.”

“Are you sure? That person sure is brave enough.”

“Let's just check it out.”

Two commoners talked about Lin Fan's doing in Liang Family's storehouse. Many people in Tranquil City already knew about that.

“Cousin, how could this happen? Storehouse is the place with the most stringent security. What do you think, cousin?” Zhou Zhongmao was shocked.

“That's impossible, no matter how you look at it. Maybe it was a ghost's doing?” The truth was, Lin Fan was happy. He wondered what kind of expression all of Liang Family's members would show.

But, there was no rage point coming in. Maybe they didn't realize Lin Fan was the suspect.

Liang Family's residence, Storehouse.

Master Liang was showing a long face, and his heart was engulfed with anger.

There was a man checking things out on the scene, his sense of smell and sight was above the average people. He could see what an average person couldn't notice.

Zu Xiang, an expert of Liang Family's investigator, even though he was an outsider.

He came from the faraway land. His ability to investigate was top notch.

But he hit rock bottom this time.

“Master, I can't find anything for now.” Zu Xiang was dissatisfied.

Master Liang couldn't accept reality. He thought he already managed the guards efficiently.

Zu Xiang pondered, he tried to think harder.


He was looking at the corners, and there was a trace of a liquid.

Then he immediately picked up the liquid and looked at it carefully.

“What's wrong?” Master Liang asked.

Zu Xiang frowned, he licked the liquid and tasted it while closing his eyes.

“Master, this is earthworm's liquid.” Zu Xiang said.


Master Liang frowned. He has wondered about the connection between the stolen food and earthworm.

“Don't move! You can't touch the crime scene.” Zu Xiang told everyone to stand still, and then he found there was something strange with the rice bags.

Zu Xiang said, “Master, maybe I know who did it.”

“Tell me!” Master Liang said furiously.

“It was Insect Valley's doing.” Zu Xiang said.

Master Liang frowned when he heard the words Insect Valley.

Zu Xiang said, “Master, Insect Valley has been shut from the outside world for a long time. They have unique abilities, and their abilities can control insects. The liquid was from the earthworm, and bugs were the one biting these bags.”

“As far as I know, someone controlled the earthworms from far away, have them dig a hole, and transport the food with bugs, that person steals it overnight.”

“But this is just my hypothesis. Frankly speaking, this is impossible. Controlling the earthworms requires a powerful spiritual power. In Tranquil City, there were only very few people who have that much amount of spiritual power.”

“And the Insect Control Mystic Art is never pa.s.sed on to the outsider, so I can't say anything definite for the time being.”

If Lin Fan knew there was someone who could track him down, he would be afraid.

“Close the city! We were going to check every suspicious person.” Master Liang said furiously.

The truth was he didn't believe what Zu Xiang said. But Master Liang had no other choices.

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