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When Wei Shenglan saw this, he suddenly felt very regretful and thought that he shouldn't have been so impulsive. The girl behind the fierce-looking girl looked so fragile and weak, as if her limbs would be easily torn off if she was just slightly pushed or pulled by someone.

The cursing and yelling sound from the recording, as well as the sound of the pus.h.i.+ng and shoving brought Wei Shenglan's feeling of regret to a new height.

He was too impulsive and had greatly underestimated how frantic those girls could be.

Wei Shenglan rarely self-reflect on himself but this time, he did.

His eyes were fixed on the monitor screen and his heart was frightened at what's to come. Suddenly a thought hit him– Ye Xi would probably be beaten to the point where she would be sent to the hospital. In this regard, he was afraid because this wasn't what he wanted to see nor was it the result that he wanted.

But to his surprise, the small and skinny girl in the monitor screen stopped walking.

Her expression suddenly changed, it was no longer blank or innocent, but rather serious and solemn. Her aura changed too, it was like she had suddenly become taller and bigger. Ye Xi began to grow thorns, but she didn't use her thorns to hurt other people. Even though she didn't use her thorns to hurt other people, she still made people too afraid to approach her. Her eyes seemed to s.h.i.+ne as brilliant rays of light appeared within her gaze.

The people that had been surrounding her not only stopped moving forward but because of the sudden change of her aura, they took a step back.

Wei Shenglan didn't realize that he was subconsciously holding his breath.

"You guys are really boring, so what if I really kissed Wei Shenglan?" The girl paused and seemed to be observing the reactions of the crowd.

Soon, the girl continued, "Do you think that you will get his love because you beat me up? No, he will just be standing in a high place while laughing at your stupidity. To him, you are all stupid fools who have nothing and are easily manipulated, nothing more." Ye Xi's voice was faint, he can't hear any anger or sarcasm from the tone of her voice, but her words were sharp like a knife, hitting the girls where it hurts.

Wei Shenglan finally let out the breath he was holding, and his breathing became normal again.

We're even now.

Ye Xi lowered her head and tied up her hair and clothes. Wei Shenglan had just noticed that the straps of her dress had been slightly pulled to the side, exposing part of her bra. If the straps were pulled any further, then it would've exposed her entire bra. When he saw that he can't help but frown.

"So, what if you love him? He doesn't even put you in his eyes. This so-called love you have for him is only making him believe that he is infallible. Do you really think that Wei Shenglan will take a fancy to you? No, even if it's the three other people……no, even the three other princes look down on you. They don't put you in their eyes because they don't even see you as a person."

The crowd was angered by her words, so they scolded her and insulted her. However, they didn't beat her, perhaps it was because their heart resonated with her words. Maybe their true feelings resurfaced or maybe it was because they were intimidated by her imposing manners.

'You owe me one for saying that.'

'But you also offended three other people by saying that.'

On the monitor screen, Ye Xi paused and sneered at the girls. Her voice was powerful as she said, "Your so-called love and pursuit of him only makes him believe that he is even more infallible. Do you think that your love for him is very important and grand? No, it's not important or grand at all. On the contrary, this is the kind of love that makes you lose your rationality, reasoning, self-control, and your independence is the lowest level of love. You don't actually love him because what you love his handsome appearance, powerful family, unlimited future, and the aura of light that he had been born with. But you guys haven't realized this yourself and you use your hypocritical love as an excuse to do all kinds of things to pretend that you truly love him. You are doing nothing but merely following the crowd in order to satisfy your despicable heart."

Wei Shenglan subconsciously opened his mouth slightly; his eyes were fixed on her face and he was unable to move for a moment.

The girl's speech drifted into his heart made a crack, leaving behind an inerasable mark.

Suddenly, every word and action of the girl became more vivid to him. She looked so dazzling and bright as if she was radiating light from every part of her body.

Even though she may look weak and fragile, she was not a weak person.

There was no need to sympathize with her because to her, it's an insult if he did.

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