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After walking a short distance from the elevator, Yang Tian-Xu hoped that w.a.n.g Yi-An would walk slower. He wanted to spend more time with her. Also, he was worried that her wounds would bleed again. "Slow down!" he shouted. w.a.n.g Yi-An listens as he continued. "I just bandaged your legs. It's better if you slow down. The wounds might open up."

"It's fine…" She said in a low voice. Also, the cuts went very deep, however, Yang Tian-Xu acted like she needed surgery for them. w.a.n.g Yi-An were utterly shy; she couldn't bring herself to look at him. Yang Tian-Xu can see her ears turning red. Then, he smiled as he leans in closer to her ears and whispered in them. "My heart feels the pain when I see you hurt."

Yang Tian-Xu's soft and gentle whispered voice made her felt lightheaded. She rushed back towards the studio without another look at him. w.a.n.g Yi-An doesn't know how to react to him. Yang Tian-Xu gave out a handsome smile again as he saw her rush away from him, and thought to himself. "She's blus.h.i.+ng… It means she likes me right?"

He stood there in the hallway like an idiot as he said to himself. "d.a.m.n! Why are you so cute!?" He jogs a bit to catch up to her, and shouted, "Wait for me, An-An!" w.a.n.g Yi-An chooses to ignore Yang Tian-Xu, as she refuses to believe the feelings he has for her are genuine. She thought, "He is most definitely joking around!"

Finally, as they reached the studio, the place was clean up spotlessly like nothing ever happened. w.a.n.g Yi-An quickly rushes over to make sure that Lee Yin-Yin was alright.

"Miss Lee, are you hurt anywhere?" w.a.n.g Yi-An asked as soon as she saw Lee Yin-Yin.

The accident frightened to her for a bit; Lee Yin-Yin sat down on a sofa in the studio. Lee Yin-Yin was scared, because if it wasn't for w.a.n.g Yi-An, who pushed her over to the side; for sure, she would have died.

Lee Yin-Yin was grateful for w.a.n.g Yi-An and smiled at her. "Not at all. If you weren't there, I would have died a horrible death. Thank you for saving me." She said as she got up and bowed her head down towards w.a.n.g Yi-An.

"Oh no! Miss Lee! You shouldn't… I was only doing the right thing." w.a.n.g Yi-An smiled back at her, and indeed she felt awkward to have such a famous idol showing appreciation towards her. w.a.n.g Yi-An felt only wanted to do the right thing. After all, Lee Yin-Yin is the country's number one idol. If anything happened to her, the nation would feel devastated.

w.a.n.g Yi-An felt terrible that she pushed Lee Yin-Yin away. w.a.n.g Yi-An hopes that she didn't cause her any bruising and asked her. "Did I hurt you when I pushed you?"

Lee Yin-Yin gave out a small friendly giggle and told her. "It hurts a little, but it would still be better than getting crushed underneath that lamp. Also, because of you. I wasn't even injured at all, but look at you! Your legs are wrapped up! It must be awful!" Lee Yin-Yin saw w.a.n.g Yi-An's legs and was shocked.

"Oh no don't worry about it! Compared to you, my legs are not important." w.a.n.g Yi-An said as she smiled back at Lee Yin-Yin.

"Who said it's not important!?" Yang Tian-Xu shouted and startled the two girls. Yang Tian-Xu was just behind w.a.n.g Yi-An and he felt like w.a.n.g Yi-An had ignored him. He soon he felt a little jealous towards Lee Yin-Yin, he can't believe how much attention w.a.n.g Yi-An gives her.

The two girls turn their attention towards Yang Tian-Xu and saw his expression. "You are definitely more important than anything else in the world!" He continued, and somehow his p.r.o.nouncement made w.a.n.g Yi-An embarra.s.sed. Lee Yin-Yin smiled as she saw the two. For a moment she thought to herself. "I truly lost, haven't I?"

Lee Yin-Yin started to compare herself to w.a.n.g Yi-An and she glances at w.a.n.g Yi-An's legs. The injuries w.a.n.g Yi-An sustained wasn't serious, yet, it was not light. With all the blood she saw as the staff clean up the floor; she will always remember them. It wasn't a lot of blood, but the amount was enough to understand the pain w.a.n.g Yi-An had to endure.

Unlike w.a.n.g Yi-An, there wasn't a single scar on Lee Yin-Yin's beautiful long slender legs. However, if you compare w.a.n.g Yi-An and Lee Yin-Yin, it's like comparing a G.o.ddess to a commoner. w.a.n.g Yi-An wasn't very tall. She's like five foot nothing, while Lee Yin-Yin was almost six feet tall. Her body was slim and beautiful. She had the perfect curves of a woman; while w.a.n.g Yi-An looks like an undeveloped child compared to her.

Lee Yin-Yin had always been a very respectful lady. She wasn't some rich-spoiled heiress of a wealthy family. She came from a middle-cla.s.s family that are ordinary people. Lee Yin-Yin was once a regular average person too, just like w.a.n.g Yi-An. She worked hard to get to where she is today by being respectful. w.a.n.g Yi-An had saved her life, and she is eternally grateful for it. Lee Yin-Yin can finally understand. 'This is why you love her.'

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