Tempting You To Marry Me—Pampered Cute Wifey Chapter 4: I Would Recognize You Even If You Were Burned Into Dust

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Qiao Mu immediately went blank as if she had been struck by lightning. She stared blankly at the striking black lace bra, which was hanging on the s.e.xy chest of the white sculpture.

Qiao Mu covered her face. She was pretty sure that it was exactly the B-cup bra she bought in a discount store and cost her 50 bucks.

However, why was her missed bra now worn by a sculpture?

Suddenly, Qiao Mu quivered. Her blank brain recovered from shame and rage. She gnashed her teeth, with the burning fire in her eyes, and cursed in a low voice, "Hum! It must be the d.a.m.n man."

No one could get her bra and show it on a sculpture, except for that son of a b.i.t.c.h since she left her bra in his room.

Of course, Qiu Ning, who stood near Qiao Mu all the time, also noticed the black lace bra on the sculpture and recognized it was the same bra Qiao Mu bought when they were shopping. Her eyes twitched while wondering who the talent was that came out the idea of putting the bra on the sculpture without feeling weird.

However, the little goober, Qiao Mu clearly didn't think so. At this time, she clenched her fists tightly, simmering with rage. It seemed that she could rush over and get her bra off the sculpture at any time. And she did. But luckily, she was stopped by Qiu Ning in time when she just moved. Qiu Ning lightly lifted her chin and reminded her, "Hey, impulsion is the devil! Look around."

Looking along her sight, Qiao Mu froze. s.h.i.+t! Qiu Ning was right. So many people were looking at and talking about her bra right now. How could she rescue her bra from the sculpture with so many people watching?

And Qiao Mu was more embarra.s.sed as if she were naked in the middle of the crowd now. It was so ashamed that blazing anger burned in her mind as if she would explode at a slight touch!

Looking at Qiao Mu who was going ballistic, Qiu Ning lowered her voice, with a helpless expression, "Babe, forget your shabby bra! You need to focus on your bag! BAG!"

"You're right!"Qiao Mu recovered from her thoughts and finally remembered their target— the bag. "I need to get my bag back first." She murmured to herself, and then patted her cheeks and headed to where she drank last night, "Yes, there's no people." said Qiao Mu, with her fists clenched.

Chuckling to herself, Qiao Mu jogged to the table with Qiu Ning and checked. Soon, Qiao Mu almost cried out when she saw her bag.

"Wow! My bag is still there! G.o.d's blessing! I will honour you as my parents." Regaining the lost bra made Qiao Mu so excited and euphoric that she couldn't help but thank G.o.d while she checked her bag in a hurry and found nothing lost. 

Qiu Ning also felt glad for Qiao Mu. After all, she never expected that they would find her bag so quickly. Now they finally could rest a.s.sured and leave right now.

However, they were so happy that they didn't notice it was the only empty bar table among the crowd without anyone else.

In a dark room on the second floor, a man sat with his legs crossed, leaning on the chair lazily. The cigarette in his tapering fingers was smoking slowly. The darkness covered him in the room so the only things you could see were the slight smile hanging in the corner of his mouth and his deep eyes staring at the screen where Qiao Mu was so excited holding her bag.

Later, he raised his hand and put the cigarette to his lips. Taking a deep puff, he slowly spat a smoke ring. Then he pressed the cigarette severely in the ashtray, when the sparks was put out immediately.

The light from the screen reflected on his face. The man suddenly burst into a laugh. Like the moon in the night, his attractive smile was so bright that even lighted up the dark room.

'Hey, little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. We meet again.'

After a few minutes, Qiao Mu and Qiu Ning sat on the sofa in the room, with severe looks, looking around in a vigilant sight.

Both the door and the window were guarded by some men in black who seemed very strong. They all wore the same black suits and with poker faces. Oh no! It seemed that there was no way to escape.

Were they from the gangdom? Qiao Mu thought, but she never offended them before. Why did they grab her? It was so weird that no one in the Bar dared to help them and watched the men in public taking them! 

Look at their thin arms and legs! If they dared to fight against the strong men, it would be 100 percent sure that these guys would break their limbs as if to break matchsticks.

Thinking of the b.l.o.o.d.y scene, Qiao Mu couldn't help but tremble slightly, Mama mia. I still haven't got married or had a child. I don't want to die now.What if they imprison me and torture me? What if I become disabled, and what if I am disfigured? What if..." Imaging endlessly, Qiao Mu yelled silently with fears, "Oh No!!! I still need to take care of Mom and earn money to pay my debt."

Qiao Mu suddenly recalled the scenes in movies that the one who offended the gangdom would have his hand cut off by them. What was worse, they sold his organs for money. And for a woman, they would rape her and force her to be a wh.o.r.e...

Qiao Mu became more and more scared. She held Qiu Ning's hand tightly and stared wide-eyed at these virtual apparitions, with her body constantly trembling as if she was about to be sent into the execution ground.

It was lucky for Qiu Ning that she didn't have such a fertile imagination like Qiao Mu. Therefore, these horrible scenes never occurred her although she was also scared right now.

Now both of them already understood the reason why everything happened so smoothly since they came into the Bar, noticed the bra on the sculpture and got Qiao Mu's bag back without anyone near the table.

They even complained that it was not exciting at all a few minutes ago, and now as they wished, it was a trap specially set for them!

Boom! The door was pushed open from outside. At the same time, their hearts trembled.

Soon, a tall man came in, standing in front of them. Whether his cleat-cut features or the tenderness in his eyes all made people delighted as bathing in spring wind. And the grey overcoat made him more charming as a prince.

What a handsome man! While Qiu Ning was still addicted to the man's charm, Qiao Mu already rushed to him and held his arm, with her red-rimmed eyes, begging piteously, "Mister, Please help me. I don't want my arms and legs broken. I don't want to be sold as a wh.o.r.e..."

Xi Muqiao, "..."

It turned out, no matter what kind of situation she was in, a goober was still a goober.

He waved his hand, suggesting the men in black take Qiu Ning out of this room.

Qiu Ning had no options but was forced out, leaving Qiao Mu in the room alone with the man. 'Oh, G.o.d! Will she be forced to have s.e.x with him again?'

Meanwhile, in the room, Qiao Mu was entirely stunned! What's going on?! This man was not coming here to save them?! By the way, he seemed like the leader of the men in black. So, he was the leader of the gangsters!? While Qiao Mu was thinking, the door was locked again. With a meaningful smile, the man stared at Qiao Mu while his hands were unfastening the b.u.t.ton on his overcoat graciously, exposing the inside black s.h.i.+rt.

Immediately, Qiao Mu loosened his arms and quickly retreated several steps. She put her arms on her chest, with a vigilant sight, and said, "What are you going to do? I warn you; don't do that! I've got the 9th dan of taekwondo!"

Hearing her words, Xi Muqiao raised his eyebrows smilingly, with the sincere tenderness in his eyes, then he asked gently in a deep, attractive voice, "Well! Don't you remember me?"

Qiao Mu sneered and nodded. Of course, she remembered him.

Her reaction made Xi Muqiao smiled widely. Huge pleasant surprise surged out from the bottom of his dark watery eyes. He never expected that she would still remember him after years. 

But his excitement didn't last for too long. In the next second, his smile froze on his face and then broke into pieces.

"You are the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who raped me last night when I was drunk! Besides, you even slapped me, and you put my bra on the sculpture!" After that curse, Qiao Mu gnashed her teeth and added, "You old jerk! I would recognize you even if you were burned into dust!"

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