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Chapter 4, I still got done by a man… [Bathtub Deflowering NSFW]

The sound of the school bell could be heard in the distance as cherry blossoms bloomed prosperously on both sides of the road, its petals fluttering down as they are blown by the wind.

“Xikun…” A young girl dressing in a sailor uniform went on her tiptoes and gave a light brush over the tip of Xia Chuan's nose. “You've got a petal here.”

“Thank you, Gakki[1]!” Xia Chuan scratched his nose embarra.s.sedly as he met the gaze of Aragaki Yui who was looking at him. As expected of Gakki, she looks so cute in uniform that it was making his heart beat faster.

Feeling Xia Chuan's gaze, Aragaki Yui lowered her head bashfully and handed him the chocolate she had prepared. “Xikun, please go out with me!”

“Sure!” Xia Chuan didn't hesitate at all, and he leaned over to hug the pet.i.te little girl.

But to call her pet.i.te…

I don't think this is the right height for it, right?

Aragaki Yui should've been squealing and acting cute in his arms, but for some reason, she suddenly a.s.serted her dominance. Not only did she cover Xia Chuan in her embrace, but even put his head down on her own shoulder.

“Gakki, did you grow taller?” Xia Chuan asked suspiciously.

“I've always been this tall.” The sweet and melodious voice was suddenly replaced with the casual and relaxed voice of a young boy. The speaker pulled off their long hair and revealed a well-defined face, looking their handsome and profound eyes straight at Xia Chuan.

Xia Chuan was so shocked that he dropped the chocolate in his hand. “Su Ming! How could it be you?!” Give me back my cute and healing Gakki-chan!

Seemingly having lost his patience from pretending and waiting for so long, Su Ming frowned unhappily. “Why are you moving away? You already promised to go out with me.” Then, he grabbed Xia Chuan's neck strongly and forced him closer to meet his eyes from close up.

“I want to f.u.c.k you.”

Each word was enunciated clearly as if Satan was proclaiming his final destiny.

Under this extremely oppressive feeling of discomfort, Xia Chuan suddenly opened his eyes.

It was a dream! Great. He was just about to wipe the sweat from his forehead when he remembered that what happened last night was no different from this nightmare.

The neighboring beds had already been tidied up, he was the only person left in the empty room.

If he doesn't get out of bed now, he'll be late for morning cla.s.s.

Xia Chuan climbed out of bed and dug through his messy wardrobe for a change of clothes. At this moment, the door to the room was opened, and Su Ming walked in with breakfast in hand. When he saw Xia Chuan's sleepy appearance, he quickly came over to hold him. “Good morning kiss.”

“Good morning my a.s.s!” Xia Chuan flailed his limbs around in a struggle, but he still accidentally allowed him to succeed in leaving a small peck on his right cheek. Even while he was heading out, Xia Chuan was still wiping his face non-stop with a wet tissue.

“You're so cold, are we really dating?”

Xia Chuan wasn't paying any attention to Su Ming's complaints at all, because his eyes were presently plastered completely on the figure standing at the dormitory entrance. A girl dressed in a light and cool outfit was standing here, with softly-curled hair that exuded a casual aura of feminity, while her hot pants were outrageously short, revealing her pair of long, slender legs.

Just as he was about to head over to the front to look at the girl's face, she had already taken the initiative to turn around. “Do you know Shang Yuzhong?”

She was a little rude, but Xia Chuan's brain couldn't process that right now, he had never seen a girl so pretty in all his life. He was almost unable to speak under her gaze. “Oh…Shang Yuzhong? I do, I know him. But…he never stays in the dorms, didn't you know?”

The girl frowned at his words. She gave him an impatient wave and left.

“Does she look that good?” A cold voice came from the side.

“Oh yeah, heheheh.” Xia Chaun was still staring longingly at the girl as her figure slowly disappeared into the distance. “She looks real good.” Only then did he notice Su Ming's murderous gaze. He felt a little guilty, but he didn't want to reveal that. “Don't girls dress so little for the boys to see?”

After listening to his argument, Su Ming could practically feel a splitting headache coming. “People dress however they like, don't devalue women.”

“I'm just giving her face by looking at her!” Xia Chuan actually realized how wrong his logic was, but he just wanted to argue with Su Ming for the sake of it.

He never expected that Su Ming would immediately press him against the wall at his back just as soon as he said that, and stared down at him with a cold, unfeeling smile. Their faces were so close that their lips were almost touching. “As your man, it's my obligation to clean the trash from your mind. I'll kiss you if you keep saying things like that. Is that what you want?”

His hot breath brushed past Xia Chuan's lips as he spoke, feeling ticklish, and also as if they might end up kissing in the next moment. He was practically defeated in an instant and he pushed Su Ming away with some force before checking anxiously to see if anyone was around. “Fine, I won't say it ever again! Happy?”

On this day, Xia Chuan lived with unprecedented exhaustion. Su Ming's hand was still restless during cla.s.s, and he even tried finding ways to secretly kiss him. How could he have been so blind in the past? To think that he treated this perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d as his best buddy!

After receiving a notice from the former department head, he felt like a load had been taken off him. His former department had organized a dinner for the former members, and the time was tonight. Su Ming was part of the Student Council, so there was no reason for him to go. He can finally get away from this b.a.s.t.a.r.d now.

By the time he arrived at the restaurant they booked, many of the people he worked with before had already arrived, and everyone was chatting happily. Xia Chuan didn't know what came over him, but he actually

After entering a non-promising department like the Mental Health Center, the only thing he got out of it was a group of friends that were the same age as him.

Everyone was talking about the WeChat articles they wrote in the past and were all over themselves with laughter. The contents were all pieced together from dated articles they got from the internet, then they used a website to automatically generate the graphics and typesetting. The final product was so bad that even the authors themselves couldn't stand the sight of it, and their readers.h.i.+p lingered only around the single digits. They posted three articles every week, and after a year, there was actually some among them who haven't read a single one.

Xia Chuan would often procrastinate during work, but he still got along with everyone. After chatting with them, his mood had also improved considerably. He was the type whose face would get red with just a single sip of beer, his tolerance was simply nonexistent. But today, he downed quite a few bottles of it, and he drank so much that even his friend next to him was starting to worry.

In the end, he successfully vented his emotions through the use of alcohol and was sprawled over the table like n.o.body's business.

“Which dorm is Xia Chuan from? Give one of his roommates a call. I don't even think he can walk after drinking so much,” one of the boys suggested.

Fortunately, someone just happened to be from the same cla.s.s as Xia Chuan. She looked through the contacts on her phone. “Su Ming and Jiang Xuehang shares a dorm with him. I'll give Su Ming a call.”

Hearing that name, the fully-flushed Xia Chuan suddenly propped himself up and muttered abruptly. “Not Su Ming…tell him to scram…”

The people around him were shocked. “Holy f.u.c.k! I thought this guy was asleep!”

The girl with the phone said, “Did Xia Chuan fight with Su Ming? Then I'll just call Jiang Xuehang.”

After a few minutes, Jiang Xuehang rushed over, gasping. He apologized to Xia Chuan's friends who stayed behind to watch over him and half-carried him out over his shoulder.

Feeling the cold breeze outside the restaurant, Xia Chuan sobered up a little. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that delicate face that was mere inches away from him. He grinned. “Milky-chan…you're so pretty.”

Jiang Xuehang sighed. “If only I really was Milky-chan…then you'd be able to like me.”

Once the sun sets, the summer nights become slightly cooler. The street lamps cast a dim light that faintly illuminated Xia Chuan's face. A trace of youthfulness could still be seen from his eyes, but its outlines were already beginning to look like that of a man's. Even so, his drunken expression still looked rather silly. Jiang Xuehang who was carrying him knew very well that Xia Chuan who played basketball nearly every day had a strong and fit body, while his skin had an attractive honeyed tint.

Jiang Xuehang felt an itch in his heart.

Instead of going back to school, he carried Xia Chuan to a hotel nearby.

Being submerged into the filled bathtub, his body felt like it was slightly floating, and the sound of water splas.h.i.+ng could be heard as he moved.

What's going on…?

Xia Chuan opened his eyes in confusion, and he could feel his consciousness gradually clear up.

“Where am I…” He tried to pull himself up with the edges of the bathtub but was stopped by an even greater force. The person in front of him helped him take off his drenched T-s.h.i.+rt and reached down to the zipper of his pants.

“No…!” Xia Chuan struggled hard and splashed up the water from the tub. If he takes off his pants, then that place will be exposed…

That person leaned down to his ear and said in a gentle tone, “Take off your pants, I'll help you clean up. Come on.” Only then did Xia Chuan realize it was Jiang Xuehang. His face looked very unfamiliar without his, but it also gave him an inexplicable chill.

The drunk Xia Chuan felt like his mind was in a blur, and he couldn't think of any excuses, so he could only try his best to refuse. “No…go out…”

Jiang Xuehang tried to coax him like a child. “How are you going to clean up if I go out? Xiao Chuan, your body is covered in the smell of alcohol, it'll feel uncomfortable if you sleep like this.” But these words were ineffective, and Xia Chuan began struggling even harder. However, both of them were just as strong as the other, and neither of them could subdue the other for a while.

Xia Chuan glared at Jiang Xuehang's face fiercely. Just as he was about to bark some abuse at him, the next scene made him stunned.

Without hiding behind the, those eyes were like cold yet breathtaking stars, and also as clear as a stream. Only…it was not a quiet stream.

A clear teardrop slid down a corner of his delicate eyes, quickly sliding down his face, and disappeared under his chin.

Xia Chuan was in disbelief. “You're crying?”

“Why…Why can't it be me…? Even though I like you…” Jiang Xuehang dropped his head, and his wet hair stuck to his cheek. He could catch a whimper between his words.

Xia Chuan extended his right hand, hoping to give him a comforting pat on the back, but he was suddenly caught firmly at his wrist, along with his left hand, and they were both tightly bound with Jiang Xuehang's belt. Before he could react, Jiang Xuehang had also climbed into the bathtub, and with a force that did not accept refusals, he quickly pulled off Xia Chuan's casual shorts and underwear.

“Jiang Xuehang, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!!!” Xia Chuan kicked him as hard as he could, but the other man took advantage of his actions to push his thighs apart, leaving his legs wide.

“So cute.” Jiang Xuehang played with little Xiao Chuan Jr. that had been lying dormant underneath his underwear. And naturally, his eyes trailed downwards to—

The pure and innocent little slit was exposed under the gaze of the beast just like that. It was so delicate so small, and not only did it not feel weird to the other person, it even managed to fully arouse the other's appet.i.te.

Jiang Xuehang said almost in surprise. “You're inters.e.x?!” He felt his blood rus.h.i.+ng to the top of his head, and his already very hard flesh rod had also instantly swelled up to a painful degree.

He panted anxiously as he pulled down his zipper, and released the stiff and swollen giant within. Without any biases, he propped it up over the flushed hole. Jiang Xuehang didn't have any experience. All he knew is that he would hurt him if he stuck it in as is, but he was also anxious to put out the raging flames of his desire, so he could only rub back and forth against the entrance of that soft mound of flesh.

“You actually dare to f.u.c.k me…Nn ah…” The tune of Xia Chuan's complaints changed halfway, and his desire at his front was already standing tall. The hot liquid secreted by his p.u.s.s.y drenched Jiang Xuehang's rod. The opening and closing of that hole was sucking onto the huge head while he felt both unbearably itchy inside, and empty.

“Xia Chuan, you're so s.e.xy.” Jiang Xuehang's forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat. From the looks of it, he couldn't stand it any longer. He took his rod and aimed it towards the flushed opening before slowly pus.h.i.+ng himself in.

“Ngh…No…don't!!!” Xia Chuan's legs struggled as best they could, but that only served to increase the friction between his hole's sensitive insides and the giant within. It stimulated him so much that tears were falling from his eyes, and it felt so good that Jiang Xuehang couldn't help sucking in a breath of air.

Jiang Xuehang had always been gentle and modest was exceptionally firm and strong at this moment. “You can't say no.”

He propper Xia Chuan's legs over his shoulders, and stretched out the smooth and firm inner walls bit-by-bit. In one push, he broke past the thin hymen while his whole rod was inserted into that alluring cavern.

A small trace of blood flowed out from the burning hot region where they connected, but that quickly dispersed within the hot water. Jiang Xuehang who still had some doubts was completely convinced now that he had obtained Xia Chuan completely for himself and whispered happily by his ear. “Xia Chuan, I'm your only man…” The great psychological stimulation caused Jiang Xuehang's d.i.c.k to swell up again, and he thrust so deeply into Xia Chuan that it made him groan.

Even though he wanted to pull back and slam that p.u.s.s.y deep, Jiang Xuehang still resisted the urge and remained fully inside him. He slowly moved his hips under the hot water and rubbed against that hole with his rod little by little.

I still got done by a man…

Xia Chuan was thinking depressingly. His brain was already feeling chaotic because of the alcohol, but now he had completely lost the ability to think. Everything looked foggy as if he was looking through frosted gla.s.s, and the only thing clear to him was the part of him below that was being thrust in and out of. That tearing pain quickly disappeared and was replaced with the feeling of being filled up as well as the thrill of the heat. He could even clearly feel the slight curve of the flesh rod and the bulging veins on its surface.

His filled f.u.c.khole quickly secreted large amounts of juices, and combined with the lubrication of the bathwater, the thick s.e.xual organ was able to move in and out smoothly. Naturally, Jiang Xuehang discovered that change and increased the force of his thrusts. The impact of it made Xia Chuan squirm, and he accidentally fell into the water.

Jiang Xuehang quickly pulled him out, but Xia Chuan had already choked on the water and was coughing uncomfortably. Jiang Xuehang felt distressed as he patted his back, but he didn't have any intentions of pulling out at all down there. So as not to let Xia Chuan slide down into the bathtub again, Jiang Xuehang remained fully inside him while he carried him up and turned him around, making Xia Chuan sit on his lap with his back against him instead. Having turned 180 degrees while his sensitive flesh walls were still hugging his flesh rod, the strong friction was nearly enough to drive Xia Chuan crazy. His inner walls were constricting desperately as if it wanted to squeeze out that large object inside, but it only served to add to Jiang Xuehang's pleasure.

“Ha…Xia Chuan, don't squeeze it so tight, loosen up a little…” That delicate hole was sucking on his d.i.c.k like it was a living being, and it felt so good that Jiang Xuehang nearly came. He grabbed Xia Chuan's desire in retaliation, and while stroking it, he slammed deep into him, f.u.c.king Xia Chuan so hard that he was moaning and whimpering. His entire body shook fiercely and he quickly climbed into the peak of pleasure while his erect manhood e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed all over Jiang Xuehang's hand. Jiang Xuehang was flexing his waist and enjoying the convulsions within the opening. He had to grit his teeth to endure the strong urge to c.u.m.

After his climax, Xia Chuan was exhausted. He was gasping softly as he leaned weakly against Jiang Xuehang's chest, and fine droplets could be seen on his lashes, but it was unknown whether they were tears or just the water vapor. It wasn't only his face, even the honeyed skin of his body was dyed over with a faint layer of red. Jiang Xuehang could feel his throat getting dry as he watched the view, and he leaned down to nibble on those lips that kept seducing him. After a few moments of their peaceful entanglement, Jiang Xuehang brought a towel over to dry Xia Chuan's body before carrying him to the bedroom.

“Ngh!” Jiang Xuehang would never have expected that Xia Chuan still had the strength to resist. He endured a hit from his elbow, and the part he hit was still throbbing with pain. But he wasn't angry. He tightened his belt even more and even tied the other end to the bedpost. Xia Chuan's long legs were spread wide, and perhaps it was because they didn't get any sun, but his firm thighs were rather fair. A spot where Jiang Xuehang accidentally pressed on earlier had actually left a small print.

Jiang Xuehang gulped and lowered his head down to nibble on the tender flesh at the inner section of his thigh. While nibbling, he couldn't help but stick his rod into that blus.h.i.+ng flower again.

“Mm…Ugh…f.u.c.k, you're still going…?”

“I haven't c.u.m yet, let me f.u.c.k you for a little longer.”

Jiang Xuehang's tone was almost pleading, but the movements of his lower body was unrelenting. When he pulled his head back near the opening, the tender flesh was still sucking onto his rod, reluctant to let go. When he broke in again, it felt like the tight hole wanted to block the invasion of that large object, but it still couldn't help being drilled through. Even his sack was trying to find its way into the hole.

Xia Chuan was getting wetter and wetter, and under Jiang Xuehang's hard f.u.c.king, his hole was making wet noises while his fluids flowed out from that hot place that connected them, soaking the sheets through.

“Xiao Chuan, you're so wet…” Jiang Xuehang was almost amazed as he stared at the wet stains on the bed.

Xia Chuan couldn't be a.s.sed to pay attention to him, but Jiang Xuehang had his own ways to make him talk. His slightly curved meat sword stabbed straight at a soft part inside of his hole, again and again, causing Xia Chuan to whimper several times.

“This is your sensitive spot.” As if he was a teacher educating his students, Jiang Xuehang nudged that spot again several times. When Xia Chuan could no longer hold on, he thrust his hips hard.

Xia Chuan realized what he wanted to do and quickly gasped. “No, don't…”

Don't c.u.m inside!

But it was too late. The plump head thrust towards the center of the bud and shot out thick streams of c.u.m, the heat of it causing the walls around him to tremble, and quickly reach its own climax. His desire that received no help had also shot out at the same time, but the white fluids had become a little thin.

After the end of that fierce climax, the two men settled down in bed for a while.

“I'm sorry, I couldn't endure it and came inside…” Jiang Xuehang's voice sounded was completely apologetic. “And I think I'm hard again.”

After a few minutes, that thick rod was once again inserted into that hole that was filled with turbid juices. Xia Chuan was completely out of energy while Jiang Xuehang was carrying him and continued to f.u.c.k him as he pleased. From the bed, he f.u.c.ked him all the way to the carpets, and later he was moved to the table and f.u.c.ked again.

He couldn't remember how many times Jiang Xuehang came inside his body, but he couldn't e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e anymore.

Before he lost consciousness, the last things he remembered were the words Jiang Xuehang whispered into his ears again and again.

“Xia Chuan, I like you…You're mine.”

[1]Gakki is Aragaki Yui's nickname, a j.a.panese singer, actress, model, so on, and so forth.

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