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Chapter 2, I got wet when my roommate kissed me, and my p.u.s.s.y was revealed when I fell down in the bathroom

The next morning, Xia Chuan returned to his dorm with breakfast for three.

Su Ming looked at him as if he was an alien. “Is the sun coming out from the wrong side today?”

Xia Chuan rolled his eyes at him while chewing on his jianbing[1]. “It's normal for me to get up this early, okay?”

G.o.d knows what sort of mental journey he went on this morning. After coming out from the bathroom, Xia Chuan could no longer sleep. He waited for the dorm caretaker to open the door and rushed out. He had intended to consult with the doctors in the school clinic, but after some thought, he would most likely be sent to the dissection table of the nation's Supernatural Research Inst.i.tute with his condition. Due to his lack of willingness to offer himself up for the scientific advancement of his motherland, Xia Chuan resolutely turned around and headed to Happy Food House.

Since he didn't have cla.s.s today, Xia Chuan ate his breakfast slowly while he wondered what he was going to do from now on.

His other roommate was staying outside for the long-term, so the ones he spent the most time with were his roommates Su Ming and Jiang Xuehang.

Su Ming was your standard riajuu, the one with the well-defined model face. Rumors say he's pretty popular with the girls, and there are even girls who would secretly say that he looked pretty naughty when he laughed. But Su Ming's character couldn't be better in Xia Chuan's eyes. From what he could remember, he had never seen him get angry and he had always taken good care of him. His family were C city locals, so they would bring Xia Chuan out to play from time to time. Under his strong recommendations, Xia Chuan had also entered the school basketball team with him. Xia Chuan was a pretty careless guy, and forgetful to boot. If not for Su Ming helping him out, he would've turned his life into a mess a long time ago…In short, Su Ming is one of his most trusted buddies in university.

Jiang Xuehang, on the other hand, was one of those school tyrants[2] who entered S Uni with his unbelievably high test scores. With his results, even getting into Z Uni would be no problem, but by a strange combination of circ.u.mstances, he made a mistake while filling in his college aspirations form, and ended up becoming roommates with school trash Xia Chuan. The first time he met him, Xia Chuan didn't know about the huge gap in their college entrance examination results. Instead, he was very impressed by his delicately pale skin and his exquisite appearance. “If you were to turn into a girl, you'd definitely be the Chen Buling[3] or the Milky Sis[3] type! If that happens, don't forget to show your brothers a good time, hahahahaha…” Jiang Xuehang responded to this with a gentle smile. He didn't get angry at all.

Xia Chuan was stunned by the relations.h.i.+p he had between these two and wondered whether he should tell them about it. Even after thinking about it for a while, he still couldn't decide. So, in a fit of self abandon, he played “My Ex-girlfriend, Current Girlfriend, and Me” instead.

This was a puzzle game that revolved around the protagonist and his two cute girlfriends. Since he hadn't officially broken up with the so-called “ex-girlfriend” yet, she was only a fake ex-girlfriend. The current girlfriend, on the other hand, was gentle and considerate, which made it even harder for the protagonist to give her up. So, the protagonist had to carefully date the two at the same time, while also avoiding the tragedy of doomsday.

Xia Chuan had actually beaten the game long ago, but he hadn't gotten an ending he was satisfied with yet—None of the girls break up with the protagonist, and instead, they keep on fighting with each other over him in secret. While thinking about this delightful scene, Xia Chuan was practically drooling.

After answering a call, Su Ming said he had some things to do with the Student Council and quickly left, leaving only two behind.

“Ahem, um…Xia Chuan…”

Xia Chuan who was concentrating on hiding his ex-gf from his now-gf asked without even raising his head, “What's up?”

Jiang Xuehang didn't even dare to look at him, and said embarra.s.sedly with his head down, “Last time, you said you were gonna show me that…”

“Which one?” Xia Chuan casually responded. But after a few seconds, he finally realized. “Oh, the one to help you increase your experience.”

He instantly felt interested and stopped playing his games, quickly calling Jiang Xuehang to come over. While they were chatting last time, he found out that Jiang Xuehang had actually never seen p.o.r.n in all his years of living, and he instantly felt sad for him. How was he going to get a girlfriend in the future!

Even though Xia Chuan was also a virgin.

But at least he jerked off by himself before.

Anyway, whether you lose your virginity by masturbating or doing it with a girl was Xia Chuan's “Schrödinger's cat”.

The two sat on the ground that was covered with foam mats with Xia Chuan's computer placed down in front of them.

“Do you like the western type or j.a.panese? Big breasted wives or a flat chest loli?” While asking, Xia Chuan opened up his usual video player.

“Ah…Soko dame…”

The nightmarish moaning of a man sounded out once more, and the loud volume quaked through the empty dormitory room.

“Motto, motto…ah…”

It felt like time was still at this moment, only the gay p.o.r.n on his screen continued to play without stopping for a moment. The awkward atmosphere was practically materializing, freezing Xia Chuan in place.

Only after a moment was he able to react and closed the player. “That…Jiang Xuehang, don't misunderstand…I forgot to delete it last time…Ah no, I mean!! I accidentally downloaded this…”

He's done for, he made it worse and worse.

Unexpectedly, the other did not show any expression of disgust.

That's good, as expected of a good brother.

Xia Chuan opened up his precious folder again and wanted to show Jiang Xuehang a good video from his collection, but suddenly felt a hot body sticking to him from behind.

“Xia Chuan, so you're…” Jiang Xuehang had only said a few words before being unable to help himself and kissed the other on his lips.

The moment that pair of soft lips touched his own, Xia Chuan's brain was shut down completely. He could only watch as Jiang Xuehang did something completely beyond his cognition.

After finding that the other side did not resist, Jiang Xuehang was so excited that both his cheeks were dyed red, and small glittery stars emerged from his wet eyes. he carefully pressed Xia Chuan down onto the foam mat and softly inserted the tip of his tongue to the opening on the other side, licking around his soft gums.

Not even in his wildest dreams would Xia Chuan ever think of being treated in this way by his buddy. And even more unexpectedly, he never thought he'd be so into it. It felt like Jiang Xuehang's lips were magnetic, he could feel an electric current flowing through every place he touched. The gentle kiss made his lower body react, and to make it worse, he actually felt a strong sense of emptiness from that shameful place. It was craving to be rubbed, and receive even more excessive contact. Those l.u.s.ty juices had already wet his underwear, highlighting the shape of his p.u.s.s.y.

Since it was summer, Xia Chuan had only wore a very thin pair of shorts over his underwear. If anyone stared down there right now, they might even discover…

“What are you two doing?” A voice that was forcefully suppressing its anger rang out. That incredibly cold question caused Xia Chuan's overheated brain to cool down instantly.

He was only able to push Jiang Xuehang off his lips by shoving him away. Then, he quickly sat up and clamped his legs tightly together before hurriedly explaining to Su Ming at the door, “No…Nothing…” Even just by clamping his legs, that sensitive p.u.s.s.y began leaking even more as if it had been stimulated.

“Sorry Su ming, please excuse me.” Jiang Xuehang put his that had fallen off earlier back on. “Me and Xia Chuan…are together now.”

“Wh-wh-wh-wha?!” Hearing that, Xia Chuan felt like a bomb had been set off in his brain as he stared at him in disbelief. “No! Jiang Xuehang, you misunderstood!”

“Alright, what the h.e.l.l is going on?” Su Ming changed his shoes and crouched down in front of Xia Chuan, looking at him with a stern gaze he had never seen before. “Explain.”

Those stiff words made Xia Chuan feel somewhat surprised. Su Ming had never been this fierce before. Being stared at with that scary gaze, he was practically unable to organize his words. “I…”

“I kissed him.” Jiang Xuehang put a hand on his shoulder and put some distance between Xia Chuan and Su Ming in a seemingly casual manner. “I may have gotten it wrong, but I'll ask you now. Xia Chuan, will you go out with me?”

“No! I'm not a disgusting gay!” Xia Chuan refused him without even thinking about it.

Hearing this, Jiang Xuehang silently took his hand away and looked down at the floorboards, revealing the look of a pitiful dog that had been abandoned by its owner.

Xia Chuan couldn't stand the atmosphere in the room any longer. He stood up and quickly left the room. Once he left the dormitory block, he couldn't help but walk even faster, and finally ended up running around madly on campus. Under the hot burning suns.h.i.+ne, he quickly worked himself up a big sweat.

I thought of you as my bro, but you wanted to f.u.c.k me?!

This should've been Xia Chuan's favorite type of post. Every time he saw it, he would definitely go and respond with “too late bro, just give in lol”, but he never would've thought it'd happen to himself.

He was beginning to feel a little out of it from the hot sun hanging over his head, and he staggered around the streets dazedly on the streets outside of the campus.

S Uni was located in the suburbs of C City. The area outside of the school was absolutely barren, you couldn't even find a place to hang out. But Xia Chuan really didn't want to go back, so he just loitered back and forth blindly in the meantime, and even skipped his in the afternoon. Even after the sun had set, he still didn't feel like heading back to school.

When he finally struggled back to the entrance to the dormitory, he took out his phone to check the time: it was already nine o'clock. A dozen missed calls was shown on his screen, and besides one coming from Su Ming, the rest of them were from Jiang Xuehang's number. Distractedly, Xia Chuan put his phone back into his pocket and b.u.mped into one of his cla.s.smates who was walking out with a washbasin in hand.

The other guy greeted him, and Xia Chuan asked curiously in response, “Where are you going?”

That student responded, “Dunno yet! The water's out in the entire dormitory zone so we can only use the public baths. Practically our entire block is there, I don't even know if I'll be able to wash up if I'm late.” After that, he hurried off.

Xia Chuan was stunned. His body was covered in sweat, so he really couldn't stand it if he didn't take a shower. But if he went to the public bathhouse that was filled with people, he couldn't guarantee that n.o.body would find out about that shameful place of his.

He could only bring two thermoses and run to the bathhouse to pick up two bottles of hot water before bringing them back again. The people beside him looked at him as if he was crazy, but Xia Chuan could only bear this silent suffering by himself. He climbed all the way up to the sixth floor with the water and found that n.o.body was in when he opened the door to his dorm. That was a great relief.

After preparing the water and the washbasin, Xia Chuan bolted up the bathroom's latch and took off his drenched clothes before pouring water over his head with the basin. While squeezing out the shower gel, he was absent-mindedly thinking about what happened during the day when he accidentally poured out too much, and some of it slipped out from the palm of his hand to the ground. Xia Chuan didn't notice it either, but when he was reaching out for the washbasin, he accidentally slipped and fell to the ground in a loud crash.

“d.a.m.n! That hurts!” He hit his tailbone on the tiles really hard, and it hurt so much that Xia Chuan sucked in a cold breath, completely unaware that he was facing the door with his legs splayed open.

At the same time, he also did not realize that the door latch had been broken for a while now, and could barely hold in place if it wasn't latched in far enough.


The door suddenly opened.

[1]Chinese style fried pancake, sorta like an egg burrito

[2]学霸, or school tyrants, are basically straight-A students or just the super serious studious type.

[3]A Chinese actress, her name is Chen Duling but the author had to avoid copyright. Milky Sis is 奶盖妹妹 or milk cap (the milk froth on top of milk tea) little sister, dunno who that is tbh.

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