Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 23 Game Competition. Absolute Cheating And Absolute Winning.

Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World -

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Some guys with spiky hair and piercings stopping our pace . " Missy , Let's Bet and see what you've got. "

" Sorry ,i.... " Jeanne

" ....owh come on ,one match won't hurt..."

He turned his head to his friends at his back and shouted " Right?! ...."

" Move Aside , Right Away !!" Diabsol stepped to the front and said that with a bit upset that his pace was stopped by them.

" Hmph.... , do you think your arrogance will help you in anything here? Fightings were forbidden here unless you're come in terms with it. "

" Hahaha.... You can only accept our challenge. "

" Am I Look Like that stupid in your eyes? Give me a reason on why can't i refuse ,huh!? "

" If you see others refusing that's because they had their Clubs protection. While you're a newcomers after all. hehehehe...."

"Then Let's finish this quickly!!"

" Hey hey hey, we put the bet ,game and the rules first only then we can start. "

" Ck, So what's that? "

" impatient one are you .... "

" Hurry UP!!!"

" Ok ,ok let's me show you what absolute lost is. " Diabsol was grinning from ear to ear with evil face.

".... " ( What's with this guy?" ) The Punks thought while a bit sweat appear from his back even though he didn't realize it.

" The rules simple , We play these cards to play Poker. You can do whatever you want except fighting. "

" Even though i can guess it, what's the bet?" Diabsol said with face full of confidence.

" The bet .... hehehe..... of course that girl beside you. " the guys face become lewd as the worst as they can be.

" Then what if you guys lose? "

" Huh...!?? We're losing? "

" Are you joking?"

" you must be stupid "

" there's no way you could win. "

" let's start it like you want. "

" Hey , I'm not the one who said that we must put rules and the bet first before we start though . So Put up with your leader rules."

" Stop. If we lose we'll be your henchmen , that's enough right? "

" HAH!? A bunch of absolute ugly men wanted to be equal with a Absolute Stunning beauty? Are you guys still sane? If you guys don't put the equal bet or at least a bit worse , JUST FXCK OFF!"

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. .....


A Few moments later , The punks leader was pale aghast, the five of them all had single high cards since the second round they're playing. If they lose this round not only their building , business and all a.s.sets will be taken by Diabsol.

Flash Back""

" Well , We put all a.s.sets we have . That should be enough. " the punks leader said with a smug face.

" If you're gonna bet be a man and give it your all. Otherwise it's a shame that her beauty only valued that much. Even i can bet my own life. " Diabsol retorted and provoke them but Jeanne who heard it besides him was surprised and her heart thumping very fast.

The leader see Jeanne who was blus.h.i.+ng in spur of that impulse to get her made him forget about the real world and his initial fear and calculation of Diabsol ability. And at that moment he shouted loudly to get her attention.

" FINE. Why not. I'm a man after all. I also give it my all. "

" Then Deal. !" Diabsol quickly sealed the deal while he thought ( This gonna be my first capital to make a base in this island. Three stone nine down. ") [ A/N: from provoking, acting , searching i got Playing, eating, business, workers , lazy life , sightseeing, learning ,planning, and crus.h.i.+ng ]

Because he'll give his all Diabsol will get what they're gaining over the years here.

" Let's start with Poker "

tap tap tap....

" Call"

" call" Diabsol following

" fold " Leader of the punks




" I fold " Diabsol retreat and losing 10 gold bars of 100 from initial agreement.

the game rules was can do anything except fighting. And normal games would be the highest form of cards that player could show.

But the bet must be willingly being put first so Diabsol made his first as losing.

" huh, why did you fold. You're a man or not?!"

a vice leader of punks said.

" Say that to your leader who fold first. "

" Shut up !! " The leader who was snapped on that moment was in rage and Diabsol who saw that provoke him again with a smug face even more worse than the punks did .

" Let's see if you little puppies and their owner the coward dare to call every time i calls or not. "

" d.a.m.n , Let's us show you what brave is. "

" Hmm..."

" You're the puppy , let's see if you dare to follow us ."

and that marks their own demise .

Diabsol used Absolute Zone to change all the cards they have and made their cards in a set of odd or even like 1(ace),3,5,7,9 and 2,4,6,8,10. They were in rage all the time because time to time Diabsol always provoking them after the results out or even before the cards spread.

They've tried to a swapping the cards and other cheating ways but every time they just find their cards still the same way although with different colours.

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