Kawaii Onnanoko Ni Kouryaku Sareru No Wa Suki Desu Ka? Volume 1 Prologue

Kawaii Onnanoko Ni Kouryaku Sareru No Wa Suki Desu Ka? -

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In the changing room, a young boy and a young girl's eyes met. A tense atmosphere filled their surroundings. Cold sweat ran down the young boy's back like a waterfall. The girl in front of him, Nanjou Kisa, was tremendously beautiful. Her skin was beautifully white and plump, you could almost feel the softness by just looking at her. A slim waist and collarbone transmitted a healthy charm, but she was well-endowed in the places where it counted. Her tender fingers were currently about to push down the skirt she was wearing.


"Wait wait wait wait!"

As Kisa was about to let out a scream, Kitamikado Mikado frantically stopped her.

"…Wait? Do you really have the right to give me orders, Kitamikado-kun? The Kitamikado-kun who peeked into the girls' changing room to look at a young maiden's naked appearance, ready to take a picture?"

Being told that, Mikado finally remembered that he currently had pointed the camera of his smartphone at Kisa.

"This is not what you're thinking! I was going to enter the boys' changing room while checking my schedule for today!"

Kisa threw a glare at Mikado.

"What a convenient excuse. It really would make it sound like you entered the girls' changing room by mistake."

"It's not an excuse! And I didn't mistake the room! I'm certain that I was about to enter the boys' changing room! I've come here countless times already, so I would know…!"

Mikado was about to take a step back and check the plate next to the room's door.

"If you move one more step, I'll scream. At 100 decibel."

"100 decibel?!"

That volume rivaled a large jet's noise. Naturally, Mikado's feet came to a stop immediately.

"…Just let me check it for one second."

"No. If you don't want me to scream, then you have to listen to what I say."


The boy was in an overwhelmingly unfavorable situation. Mikado grit his teeth.

"This doesn't make any sense…Why are you so calm and collected? Aren't you embarra.s.sed that I'm seeing you half-naked like this?"

Kisa shrugged her shoulders.

"It depends on the person."

"Depends on the person…? So you're fine if it's me?"

As Mikado arrived at that natural conclusion, Kisa's face was colored in a deep red.

"H-Huh?! What kind of logic is that?! Impossible! Aren't you too self-aware?! What's with that excessive confidence?!"


Although he didn't want to admit it, Mikado had gotten his hopes up a tiny bit. But seeing Kisa's reaction, he immediately apologized. Truth be told, being denied this forcefully would have probably destroyed any normal boy's heart and soul. In response to Mikado's words, Kisa shook her index finger at him.

"The reason I'm so calm…is because this is all part of my plan, yes! You weren't wrong indeed…to frame you like this, I went to change in the boys' changing room!"

"So you're some pervert!"

"I'm not a pervert! I didn't change here to be seen by the whole male population or anything. Kitamikado Mikado, to set you up, I removed all the male students around this changing room!"

"So you only wanted me to see you naked…like this…?"

"Can you stop with that way of putting it?!" Kisa's tone grew rougher.

But as he thought back on it, Mikado didn't encounter many people in the hallway on the way here. He couldn't grasp how she managed to create such a situation, but considering that it was Nanjou Kisa, it might have very well been possible. The true nature of the Nanjou Family was that of a fixer, and it was in their blood to control the hidden companies of j.a.pan with schemes.

"If you understand, then go and calmly lock the door. I don't want to be interrupted by anybody." Kisa overbearingly demanded.

Like a sheltered and dignified princess, who thinks that the world would move at the snap of her fingers.

"Then you would end up alone in here with me…Are you fine with that?"

"Eh…F-Fine…what do you mean?" Kisa was a bit taken aback.

"You're not worried that I would push you down right then and there, and force you to keep quiet?"

"T-That wouldn't be too…"

"Wouldn't be too…what?" Mikado furrowed his brows.

In response, Kisa frantically waved her hands.

"I-It's nothing! I didn't say anything!"

"You were about to say something just now though?"

Mikado felt like he was about to hear something he couldn't ignore.

"I wasn't! Anyway, I know that Kitamikado-san isn't the type of person to do that. I'm confident that I would be able to show you my naked body, and it still would be fine."

"I-I see…that's some crazy trust you have there…"

"Y-Yes…so you better be thankful…"

As Kisa fixed her posture with a red face, Mikado was tormented tremendously.

"But I don't believe you, so I'm running away!"


Kisa panicked and jumped at Mikado's arm, who was about to dash out of the changing room. The girl's softness. .h.i.t his arm, it was paired with a sweet fragrance that a.s.saulted his brain cells. Able to even feel her breath, Mikado froze up for good this time.

"I won't let you run away…Until you hear me out, I will not give you permission to leave this room…"

"I can't help but feel like this is going to end in something bothersome…How about we just pretend like this didn't happen…?"

"It won't end up like that! I'm embarra.s.sed, you know, so could you just give up on running away?!" Kisa's voice sounded like she honestly was feeling uncomfortable.

"So if I don't give up, you'll cling to me like this forever?"

"Can you stop thinking about stupid things like that!?"

Still, Mikado found himself thinking that it wouldn't be too bad of a choice. After all, being clung to by a Nanjou Kisa clad only in underwear was something you wouldn't experience twice after all.

"Anyway, just come over here! I'll scream for real if you try to run away."


Mikado separated from the door, and warily followed Kisa inside the bathroom again.

"…Now then, you're in quite the predicament, aren't you, Kitamikado-kun? Although this might be the boys' changing room, it doesn't change the fact that you were peeking on a girl in the middle of changing…Hence, you're guilty!"

"Oh I am?!"

"Exactly, you are. After all, in the picture, you won't be able to differentiate if it is the boys' or girls' changing room…"


A sudden feeling of discomfort a.s.saulted Mikado as he carefully looked around the room. And knowing what he was looking for, he found it immediately…Cameras were hidden in every corner of the room. In the shadow of a locker, on the ceiling, in the gaps between floorboards, past the curtains, Mikado was being watched from every angle imaginable.

Kisa put one finger on her lips, and showed a devilish smile.

"The proof that you were watching me change has been uploaded to the Nanjou Family's main server…In the one in a million chance that something were to happen, this footage would be shown to the whole world. If it came down to that, I wonder what would happen to your brilliant career…? The one who is going to carry the future of j.a.pan, Kitamikado Mikado-san."


Blood started dripping from the lip that Mikado's teeth bit into. The Kitamikado Family is a distinguished family, tracing back to the Meiji Era. Bringing forth many prime ministers, it was a family that was guiding the future of j.a.pan in a different way. Ever since Mikado was born, he was raised to have perfect conduct and high morals, he walked down a path fit for a member of this family. For Mikado, this was an unbelievable scandal, to say the least. He wanted to bow down to his ancestors and apologize. If they told him to cut open his belly to atone for his sins, he would have no other choice but to do it.

"What is your goal…Is it money?" Mikado formed a fist with his hand.

"Money? I don't want that at all. With all the money the Nanjou Family governs, I could buy a whole country if I felt like it."

"Then, what? My life?"

"I won't kill you! I want you to play along with a game of mine."

"A video game…or a card game…?"

"Neither of those."

"I'm not playing Foreign Exchange."

"We're not playing some money game either…It's a love game."

"Love game…?"

Mikado wasn't familiar with that type of game. Being born in the Kitamikado Family, any sort of contact with love was forbidden for Mikado. Naturally, that included mangas and movies that had love and relations.h.i.+ps as their main theme. He had seen cla.s.smates of his play these so-called love games on their smartphones, but he wasn't all to familiar with it.

"And it's not just any love game. The field is present, and there are only two players."

"You and I, huh…"

"Correct. We will both try to make the other fall for us, and the one that loses has to abandon his family, and live as the slave of the winner…We will bet our loves on the line in this love game." With their bodies close enough to touch, Kisa softly whispered.

Her eyes were filled with intellect, radiating a perseverance that Mikado was unable to look away from. Even though she hasn't put on any lip gloss, her lips were as red as blood.

"So you're planning…on crus.h.i.+ng the Kitamikado Family…huh?" As Mikado asked, Kisa shrugged.

"Who knows? If you join my game, I'll bury this scandal in the dark. I think that is a way better choice than throwing away the career you have built up until now, but what about it?"

"Give me one second."

Mikado started to use his brain cells at their full potential. Basically, what Kisa wanted was a full-on psychological war. The stakes were immense, but all he had to do was win. Naturally, Kisa would be attacking with all sorts of measures and underhanded tricks, but Mikado knew that he wouldn't be defeated. No, as a member of the distinguished Kitamikado Family, failure wasn't allowed. Breaking down from the tactics of a high school girl would mean that he wouldn't survive in the real world anyway.

"…We need a criterion where we can determine that one has 'fallen for the other'. How about openly expressing affection towards the other person means defeat?"

If that was the case, then Mikado was convinced that he would never say anything out loud.

"Seems reasonable then. We'll be able to manually check if the words of the other person hold that certain level of affection. A man of justice from the Kitamikado Family won't be arguing against that, right?"

"Of course not. Though the Nanjou Family might try to talk themselves out of it."

"How rude. Even the dark side of things has rules. If not, the system would break down."

"Then, that will be it for this incident…"

"Another thing." Kisa stopped Mikado mid-sentence. "Let's make it that demanding the other person spells defeat as well."

"Demanding…in what way?"

"That should be obvious."

"If I say 'Let's meet up sometime', you mean?"

"No, not that…Y-You know…demanding…there's only one thing, right?" Kisa sounded unusually fl.u.s.tered.

"I'm sorry, but I have no idea. If you don't clearly state the rules, the game won't start. What other condition do you want to add?"

As Mikado asked with a serious expression, Kisa's cheeks turned faintly red. Clenching her fist, she glared at the boy.

"I-I'm talking about…perverted stuff…and seeking out the other for that…a rule like that."

"You mean s.e.x?!"

"What are you screaming at the top of your lungs for?!" Kisa's face went as red as a tomato.

"Ah…I'm sorry…I was just a bit surprised is all…Does that include kissing?"

"Of course it does! I've never even kissed someone before!"

"I see…So I would be asking for your first kiss, huh…?"

"Exactly! That's why it's so precious!" Kisa emphasized as she glared at Mikado.

With such beauty, and being the successor of the Nanjou Family, the value of her first time must be immense.

"So, 'Let me touch you', is also a no-go?"

"Depends on the situation. Holding hands in an emergency is plausible."

Since Mikado wanted to clearly mark down the conditions, he continued his questioning.

"What way of touching is no good? In what way can I touch you?"

"U-Uhm…The hands…and the head I guess…"

"So holding hands and patting you on the head is okay?"

"T-That's…it would make us look like lovers…" Kisa averted her face in embarra.s.sment.

"That really is off, yeah…"

"D-Do you want to experience that, Kitamikado-san…?" She asked as she looked up at him.


Of course he wanted to. Honestly, he was more than curious as to what face Kisa would make if he started patting her on the head.

"Ahh, so, as long as it doesn't make us look like lovers, I can touch you however I want?"

"That sounds like s.e.xual hara.s.sment to me!" Kisa got teary-eyed.


Mikado could feel the blood rus.h.i.+ng to his head. He felt embarra.s.sed.

"And, how about we add another rule. If the loser is being demanded by the winner, we have to answer that affection unconditionally…?"

"Unconditionally…you say?"

Basically, in return for becoming her slave, Mikado could demand Nanjou Kisa's beautiful body in every way he wished. Though it's not like he, a member of the Kitamikado Family, would ever give in to such temptations. He would not fall for her allure and charm. But even so, he had to gulp once.

"How about it, Kitamikado-san? Do you want to play this game with me?" Kisa softly whispered.

And Kitamikado Mikado gave a dignified nod.

"…Very well. Although you will be the one ending up as a slave."

"That's some admirable confidence there. Even though your fate has already been decided, and you will grovel at my feel, confessing your love to me."

"I wonder? I'm fairly certain that it will be you, Nanjou."

The two of them glared at each other.

"Let us create a contract, so that we won't be able to talk ourselves out of it."

"Very well. And our blood will be the stamp…"

The two of them finished what could be regarded as a devil's contract. They took a piece of paper from a memo book, wrote down their conditions, gave their initials, and added the thumb print in blood. Finis.h.i.+ng two copies, they stuffed them into their student workbooks.

"There is no going back now." Kisa narrowed her eyes in a bewitching manner.

"I know that. This will be the end for you, and the Nanjou Family."

The corners of Mikado's lips lifted up.


"He he he he…"

Sparks flew between them, as their ominous laughs filled the changing room. This was the moment where the fight between north and south and their fateful love game, began. [1]

Watching Mikado walk down the hallway into the distance, Kisa tightly embraced the student workbook with the contract inside.

"I did it! I pulled it off!"

Unable to maintain her facade, Kisa did a small jump of joy. Just as she had aimed for, Mikado was pulled into the love game she had come up with. To achieve that, she was ready to be seen in the middle of changing like that.

And that wasn't all.

Calling a beautician to take care that her skin would look especially beautiful today and wearing the cutest underwear she possessed, were all in order to make Mikado's affection for her even higher. To ward off the manly, a trap in the hallway to clear away the people was set. Building up that whole plan took her about two months. No even longer if accounting for the time before she even transferred to Sousei Academy, the school that Mikado was attending. But finally…she managed to stand at the starting line. All that was left was to try and make Mikado fall for her at full force. To make him her slave, both with his body and in his heart. If she achieved that, the days she had always dreamed of would finally be waiting for her.

"I'll definitely…definitely make you mine…!!!" Kisa muttered as she looked at the picture of Mikado shown on her smartphone.

[1] Kitamikado is written with the kanji for North, and Nanjou is written with the kanji for South

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