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Supreme Soaring Immortal

Chapter 174 Dense Forest, Ancient Trees, Flames

There are dense forests in the east, west, south, and northern areas of the Confucian Academy, and the land area is also roughly the same. The eastern area is mainly the market, where there are various shops and restaurants, and the western area is mainly the place of calligraphy and painting. The southern district is the teaching area of Confucianism, while the northern area is the guqin and chess inst.i.tute.

Of course, there are student dormitories in the east, west, south and northern districts, but the conditions in the eastern district are worse, while the other three districts are better.

After thinking about it for a while, she feels that the great vital energy in the Eastern District is a bit messy. Because there is no difference between rich and poor here, even if you are a n.o.ble outside the Confucian Academy, and your family is rich, after entering the Confucian Academy, its all useless. Everything here requires points.

Well, the majority of good scholars should live in the west, south and northern areas, these three districts. Qin Shuang already knows that in the Confucian Academy, every month there are three tests, respectively, at the beginning of the month, the middle and the end of the month. Students who do well will be rewarded with points, and the rewards are great. And after Qin Shuang's observation, these well-educated Confucians do live in these three districts, in the north, west and south. Those poorly-educated Confucians have no points from the exams, so they have to work, and the more they lack knowledge, the more they need to go to the library and consult the teacher, so they don't have enough points to live in a better area. They have to live in the relatively cheap Eastern District.

Because it's a gathering place of markets, the environment is a bit chaotic. So the accommodations are relatively cheap.

However, you need to know that where the better educated people gather, that is where the great vital energy is more intense. So the great vital energy in the three districts, north-west and south are much richer than that of the east, and its also a lot more purer. Whereas the great vital energy of the eastern district is much thinner, and a lot more chaotic.

Thus, practicing martial arts in this relatively thin and chaotic place is much less likely to be discovered than in the other three districts.

Qin Shuang finally decides to make a breakthrough in the dense forest in the Eastern District. Qin Shuang immediately leaves her room and goes to the Eastern District. Naturally, she doesn't go there to immediately cultivate, to seek a breakthrough, but to see the environment. Commonly known as scouting the area.

Qin Shuang the Eastern Market and walks towards a dense forest, thinking about how to avoid being discovered by the inspection team, and what she should do if she is discovered?

Entering the dense forest. As she walks deeper into the dense forest, she thinks about what might happen.

My breakthrough won't be a days time, it's going to take at least three days, maybe even longer. In this way, its impossible to cultivate on the ground in this dense forest, she will be easily discovered.

Qin Shuang is looking around in both directions. She finds that there are many Confucians in the dense forest gathering here, seems to be a poetry society. If she had blatantly sought a breakthrough here, she would have been discovered.

"So where do I break through?"

The fire of the seven spirits begins to heat up again, Qin Shuang takes a deep breath, and suppresses the fire of the seven spirits again. A layer of fine sweat seeps out from her forehead. She looks up and looks around.

Do I look for a big tree and break through on it? But it needs a big tree with lush leaves, sitting on top of a big tree, she cannot be seen by the people beneath the tree.

Qin Shuang pretends to walk, admiring the scenery, looking for relatively thick trees. Unknowingly, the sky has become a little dim, and the Confucians in the dense forest have started leaving, the surroundings have become silent, you can only hear the sound of insects.

At this time, Qin Shuang has selected several large trees, all of which are wide enough that three or five people are unable to embrace it, and the leaves are extremely lush. But Qin Shuang wants to go up and explore each, one by one, choose a relatively secure big tree.

Standing under the big tree, she looks around cautiously at the surrounding areas, and finds that there are no people around. Then she jumps on the big tree, and on the big tree she choses a large branch sitting crosslegged, looking down, the leaves are layered. There's almost no view of the ground, and it's even less likely to be seen from below.

"It's good here!"

Qin Shuang nods with joy and jumps lightly from the tree. Then she jumps on another big tree she had already chosen. She has chosen seven large trees in total. When she jumps on the fifth big tree, her eyes can't help lighting up. Because this big tree is different from the other big trees.

From the outside, this big tree is no different from the other big trees, the branches are leafy and full of life, but from above you can see that the big tree is hollow. In other words, the middle of this big tree is already rotten.

This big tree can't be embraced by four or five people together, and the s.p.a.ce inside is very large. Qin Shuang looks around cautiously, and finds that there are no people around, so she snaps her finger.


A flame appears on the fingers of Qin Shuang, and now the sky is completely dark, the light flickers between the leaves.

Qin Shuang slowly climbs to the tree hole, and the flame on her finger illuminates the s.p.a.ce inside the tree hole. Looking at the bottom, unexpectedly there are no snakes or large animals, but there are many small bugs inside.


Qin Shuang flicks her finger.


This time a fireball appears on the fingers of Qin Shuang, and she moves the fireball around, roasting them, the bugs all flee in a panic. Then in the light of the fireball she looks around, inwardly nodding.

"It's a nice place. Let's break through here tonight!"

Qin Shuang leaps, her feet gently tapping on the wall of the tree hole, and then her body rushes out of the tree hole, landing on a branch, she extinguishes the fireball in her hand, falling lightly down from the branch, and then hurrying to her residence.

Pus.h.i.+ng open the door, she says to Qin Yunxia: "Yunxia, tomorrow ask for leave, say that I am not feeling well."

"Yes, Miss!"

Now Qin Shuang and Qin Yunxia both know the Confucian Academy very well, knowing that taking leave is a very easy thing. As long as you are not taking leave during an exam, you can request for leave at any time. There are also many Confucian students who take leave because they cannot attend without points. So no one will pursue a leave of absence.

After speaking with Qin Yunxia, Qin Shuang goes into her study, taking out a bottle of jade liquid and a container of jade cream from her bookcase, putting them in her arms, she leaves her courtyard, and walks toward the Eastern District while the moon is still s.h.i.+ning.

At this time, the Eastern District is still very lively. Neither the shops nor the restaurants are closed, so no one pays much attention to her when she enters the Eastern District. She walks all the way into the dense forest, and then walks westward in the dense forest for a while, and finding that no one is following her, she goes straight to a big tree, arriving at the big tree, she looks around cautiously. She p.r.i.c.ks her ears up and listens, finally finding no one, she lightly taps the ground, her body flying to the trees above.

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