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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 592 words

After a while had pa.s.sed, Kishana filled the earthenware pot with piping hot rice porridge and placed it on the table.

"Sorry to keep you waiting! Be careful as it's quite hot."

"What is this?"

"It's rice porridge. I'm not really well-informed about the dish itself, but it's basically just a dish with rice."

This dish was often served to people who were either sick or had no appet.i.te, but this was the first time they served this dish in this world since rice was rare to come across.

Kishana had also added carrots and daikon radish to add some extra flavor to it.

Luthors looked at both their faces and took a bite of the rice porridge.

"It's delicious! These vegetables seasoned with the perfect amount of salt, along with the rice porridge is making my appet.i.te grow more and more."

"Hehehe, glad to hear you like it! You have your appet.i.te back as well so by tomorrow you should be able to get out of bed!"

Kishana put her hand on Luthors forehead to measure her temperature and felt relieved as she didn't seem to have any fever at all. Luthors, who had always fought in the front line for Gafenna, had never eaten anything that tasted as good as this. Whenever she was on a solo mission, she had to secure her food from whatever she could hunt in the area and her source of water came from the rivers.

"It's been so long since I've tasted something so delicious!! Thank you so much !?"

"Well if you really like my food then I'll feed you any time you want!"

Kishana blushed and laughed as she raised her long and pointy ears. Unlike Schenna, she was quite girly and her behavior was pretty much the same as any other female.

Quite natural for someone who has been living in a different world as the opposite s.e.x for over eighteen years.

Schenna was still not used it, and still insisted on changing her way of speaking depending on whether she was in a public or private situation.

Back at her foster parents' house and during her time serving the knight corps, she always stuck with a more feminine tone. It wasn't really difficult for her to use it as she saw the knight corps environment the same as a company in her previous life, so being formal was only natural.

The tough part was referring to herself as a female when talking to her parents or her older sister.

She often felt like she was deceiving everyone by using that tone and felt guilty. Having found her old friends from her previous life and being able to use a more muscular tone was something that relieved her a lot.

Luthors put down the spoon as she finished eating and drew close to Kishana with a meek expression.

"… I heard everything about you from Schenna. After going through all the pain and suffering in your life, I bet you hate me for being related to Gafenna…"

"I don't really like being bound to my past. The antagonism towards me just for being a dark elf is quite strong, but after meeting Schenna and Reesha I feel like their support allows me to surpa.s.s anything really."

"… I see. Then I will work hard from now on so that I can become someone you can rely on as well! Please, let me work here from tomorrow onwards!"

Luthors grabbed Kishana's hand with both her hands and the crew had now made a new comrade.


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