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Wu Zimo and the others fled in a daze. Up in s.p.a.ce, Da Li and his team, who had been watching the surveillance video, clearly saw everything that had happened.

Truth be told, regardless of whether it was Da Li or his team, when they saw the two First Military Academy teams rush directly towards the group of 30 spider Zergs like a group of super-soldiers who feared nothing below Heaven or on Earth, if they ignored this death-seeking stunt, then they could really admire their courage.

Though they were brave but not very astute, they shouldn't regard themselves as immortal.

"Da Li, what's the matter with these two teams……"

Xiao Ba's mouth twitched and looked at the combined team's ten mechas. With unstoppable momentum, they charged directly into the group of spider Zergs. He almost forgot to notify the soldiers in charge of the rescue.

They didn't even need to think about the outcome for the two teams. Fortunately, there were some members of the Heaven's Wrath Corps that were overseeing the rescue that had surrounded the relatively larger spider Zergs, and the rescue operation proceeded in a timely manner.

There were definitely a certain number of deaths every year during the First Military Academy's a.s.sessment, but they did their best to reduce that number.

Carlia didn't wait for Da Li's answer, and a trace of ridicule flashed in her eyes. "These two groups, they merely rushed in recklessly and didn't even consider the lives of their fellow students. These kinds of soldiers can't even be used as cannon fodder for the Heaven's Wrath Corps!"

"Ah Carlia, that's not right." Xiao Ba smiled and swooped into the rescue. Although he seemed to be defending the teams, his next words were even more poisonous than Carlia's. "I would suspect that they would have problems just graduating."

Carlia glanced at the smiling Xiao Ba and no longer paid attention to him. She turned her eyes back to the monitor screen, and found that the three teams she was keeping an eye out for were moving in the direction of the coordinates that caused the spider Zerg's mania.

"Hey guys, look!" Carlia and Xiao Ba both stopped speaking; this time, another comrade of theirs had cried out in surprise.

When the people in the monitoring room looked at the image on the screen that had been specially pulled out, whether is was Da Li or the others, they all went silent for a while.

"……Da Li, you had talked about Wu Zimo's luck before. Why is it so bad?"

That's right, the people in the monitoring room had noticed that the thirty spider Zergs, which had been whipped into a frenzy by the teams, had ran in the direction that Wu Zimo and the others were in.

This kind of luck ah, it was hard to describe. They already had to run from the spider Zergs once yesterday, and now they had to do it again today.

Fortunately, there weren't temples or anything like that in the Interstellar Era. Otherwise, Xiao Ba probably would have suggested that Wu Zimo and the others go visit one. There were so many teams on Planet XT781, but it was Wu Zimo's team whose luck was so 'good'. Other teams were looking for spider Zergs, but Wu Zimo and his team were always getting chased by them.

"This time, Wu Zimo and the other's reactions are very good."

The displays in the monitoring room covered the entirety of Planet XT781. They knew that the range of the Dimensional Zerg monitoring system installed on their mechas was only 40 kilometers. This monitoring system had also been provided by the Heaven's Wrath Corps.

This time, Wu Zimo truly was lucky. Just after he had modified the monitoring system, he detected the spider Zergs swarming towards them. Regarding the fact that their reactions were like they had foreseen the event, Da Li and the others were only a little puzzled and didn't think too much about it.

In actuality, they had just never thought that someone would be able to modify the monitoring system that they had developed in such a short amount of time, even if the system was only a prototype.

Wu Zimo and the others joined up with Mocca and his three teams. They didn't take any breaks and continued to flee. Da Li and the others held back from evaluating them for the time being.

"There are 25 people and 19 mechas in Mocca's three teams. Wu Zimo's team has six mechas. When the four teams join together, they would have the fighting strength of 25 mechas. They would have the power to go against the 30 spider Zergs behind them." Lao Yu muttered, looking at the 25 mechas moving together on the screen.

"Haaa, so it's up to them to choose their next course of action now."

Wu Zimo and the others didn't have the time to care about what the people in the monitoring room expected of them. When Wu Zimo saw that the other side had 19 mechas, he thought of something.

It wasn't just Wu Zimo, even Salah, who was sharing the connection with Mocca, thought the same. Salah told Mocca about the situation, and all of the Mocca's members' eyes began to s.h.i.+ne with the same light as Salah's.

"Salah, I don't see any of those spider Zergs on my monitoring system." Wu Zimo didn't elaborate, but Salah, who was on the other side of the display screen, understood what he was implying.

The fleeing group could finally slow down, and Salah was engrossed with consulting with Mocca.

"Work together?" But with Salah's disposition, what was communication? It was impossible for there to be too much nonsense. For instance, when he opened his mouth, only two words would come out.

"……alright." His cousin had always been this straight forward. Being an older brother was so distressing, distressing, distressing that he was defeated!

"Pfft, hahahaha!"

Mocca's expression when he was being choked up by Salah was so funny that his teammates couldn't help but laugh.

"Mocca, this really is your cousin. Sure enough, he really is amusing."

"That's right, we all attend the same school, so why haven't you introduced us earlier?"

Fortunately, he had used his own team's channel for communications. If Salah heard his own teammates teasing him, Mocca would be even more distressed!

"Alright you guys, I sent you the information on those spider Zergs. There are 30 in all, so there should be any problems." Mocca couldn't let his own teammates continue to tease him. He just distributed the information that Salah had sent him.

When it came down to proper business, Mocca's teammates were very serious.

The information that Salah had sent to Mocca had been simplified by Wu Zimo, so Mocca and they others finished reading through it very quickly. Their entire bodies were thrumming with vigor.

There were only 30 spider Zergs behind them. They had 25 mechas with them, although six of them were second years.

After introducing themselves, Mocca and the rest of the fourth-years didn't look down on Salah and his team's strength because they had heard of Haney and the others' reputations in the mecha department.

Even so, it was natural that, as fourth-year students, Mocca and his teammates didn't forget to take care of their undercla.s.smen. "You've read through all of the information. During the battle, please take care of Salah and the others a little."

"Don't worry Mocca, we'll definitely look after them."

With his companions' a.s.surance, Mocca and Salah discussed how they would cooperate in the next battle.

Salah's mecha had the support of Wu Zimo's master-sub system, so cooperation wouldn't be a problem. As for Mocca's side, they had been training together all this time, so even without Wu Zimo's master-sub system cheat, their cooperation in combat wasn't the least bit inferior to Salah with the master-sub system.

So that the two groups wouldn't ruin their coordination because they had never worked together before, Mocca and Salah decided to act separately and help the other in case of danger.

Wu Zimo didn't get involved in the matters of commanding the battle at all. He was attentively watching the monitoring system and waited until the screen once again showed the 30 little red dots. He immediately connected to Salah and the others.

"The swarm of spider Zergs will be here in 40 minutes."

"40 minutes?"

Because Wu Zimo had used the public channel, everyone heard his notice. Mocca's teammates didn't doubt Wu Zimo's words at all.

Salah opened the map again and quickly found a place that was suitable for ambush and for fighting within the spider Zerg's route.

"Mocca, here." Salah shared the battle map on the public channel so that everyone could see it.

Mocca and his team, who all had already experienced real combat, nodded, their eyes flas.h.i.+ng: "Right, this place is suitable for a group battle."

With good tactics and having selected a good location, they wasted no time and immediately set out towards the site of the ambush.

The group of wildly rus.h.i.+ng spider Zergs had no idea that there was an ambush waiting in front of them. Or, it could be said that since they had been on Planet XT781, with 30 spider Zergs in this group, a very few people dared to take them on.

As for where they had been disturbed, such as the area in which the team that had courted death and directly rushed in, it became littered with the energy-filled flesh and blood of their food. If they hadn't been tempted away by stronger prey, the spider Zergs would have never let go of the delicious food.

That's right. In the spider Zerg's eyes, or rather, in the Dimensional Zerg's eyes, humans were a delicious type of food that had the ability to resist and escape; and just ahead, the antennae of the spider Zergs had picked up a group of a delicious, energy-packed food source.

Wu Zimo, who didn't know that they had become a food source in the spider Zergs' eyes was attentively watching the monitor. As soon as the group of spider Zergs stepped within their range, he immediately gave a warning.

"They've arrived!"

Even without Wu Zimo's warning, the others sitting in their mecha's control cabins could see the 30 red dots on the monitoring system.

With a rumble, the swarm of spider Zergs were driven by their instincts to scurry towards the place where Wu Zimo and the others were laying in ambush, but they hadn't realized that Wu Zimo and the rest had long since dug a trap and were lying low.

Don't look down on this type of humble little trap. Among the planets, it was very effective at dealing with lower-level Zergs. Wu Zimo saw that there were at least five spider Zergs in the front that had fallen into the trap.

"Go!" Mocca didn't even glance at the spider Zergs that had fallen into the trap. His gaze was fixed on the spiders that were coming after them regardless of their companions' lives.

The 25 mechas that were lying in ambush were like unsheathing double-edged swords, flying straight towards their respective targets.

Wu Zimo and his team were moving in a direction different from Mocca's, since their task was to eliminate the spider Zergs that had fallen into the trap.

When they were digging the trap, they had predicted that it could capture four to six spider Zergs. This wasn't considered a difficult task for Salah and the others.

As for the remaining 20 something spider Zergs, Mocca and the others were confident in their fighting.

The battle quickly got off to a good start, and Wu Zimo sat quietly beside Bit. Besides watching the monitoring system, he looked up from time to time to see how Salah and the others were faring in their battles.

He nodded. The outcome of yesterday's battle was very clear, and today, Salah and others pulled it off even more skillfully and easily.

However, Wu Zimo, who was paying close attention to the monitoring system, saw another cl.u.s.ter of strange data on the screen.

"There's more?"

The odd data he had received yesterday was only a small portion that Wu Zimo couldn't decipher. However, Wu Zimo was naturally very receptive towards data, so as soon as the data appeared on the small screen, it immediately overlapped with yesterday's strange data in his mind.

He quickly opened the map of the distribution of spider Zergs on Planet XT781, and nervously checked the number of spider Zergs in their proximity.

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