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Charlotte refused Damien's arms for the umpteenth time and hopped lightly down the gaping hole he'd made in the floor. A light golden Aura bathed her entire body, allowing her to land safely. She was a weakling no more. She'd continued her training with Sir Kane after he deemed her "barely pa.s.sable." This was thanks to the time Damien himself had taught her, instilling in her the basics of combat and nouris.h.i.+ng her body with all kinds of high-protein foods. Since then she continued his schedule and Sir Kane taught her the methods to refine her body further with Aura.

So she didn't need his help coming down.

By this time Rory and his party had become used to the scene of Damien's sour face when she rejected him. Not to mention the domineering way he chose to pa.s.s the floors.

Speaking of, the current floor was the 77th. Further down than they had ever heard anyone entering or even believed existed. The landscape was a grey h.e.l.l full of mountains and cold weather. The air itself tasted bad as if polluted. It made them sick just being here.

Patrick saw mammoth-like creatures stare at them from afar. Their eyes shone with intelligence. Beastly tentacles covered their mouths and claws long as swords made him gulp.

Damien ignored them entirely. He cursed. "Mothef.u.c.ker, how many floors are there? And still no slime girls!" The youth grit his teeth. " Well, maybe I should explore the floors more...but how long would that take?"

Damien would take a bit of time to look around on each floor, then if he found nothing of interest he would just make another hole down. He decided he would explore the floors more thoroughly later.

For now he chose to head back up.

He didn't run into any guardians but that didn't mean he wouldn't eventually. He had no idea how strong the guardian of this floor would be either, or the ones below. Still, he didn't really care. But he wouldn't risk Charlotte. Since she was here he'd be more careful.

Damien was the kinda person who didn't mind going into any amount of danger himself. As long as Charlotte was okay he would keep going down. Since Milly was here, that piece of OP unholy sc.r.a.p metal, he felt confident the girl would be taken care of.

"Leave her to me, Papa!" The sword had happily stated after he ordered her to protect the kid. To Charlotte's chagrin.

"I don't need anyone's babysitting." The Princess had intoned.

Still, they've been here for hours and everyone was probably getting tired. Rory and his party, he noticed, were being affected most of all. The big baldy was looking pale and that Patrick fellow was already unsteady too.

The environments they had encountered on each floor grew increasingly difficult for them to bear. It was slow but noticeable. He and Froggo were fine, but the others were getting weak.

Damien gave a glance at the boy. Speaking of, this Paddy guy seemed a little familiar. Younger, but...wasn't he a companion from the game? Not every party member had been females in the sixth game, some were male too.

He could only vaguely recall them, but he became surer this guy was one of the party members the longer he looked at him. In the sixth game, if Damien remembered right, he was someone you met in a ruin when looking for an Artifact for one of the heroines.

He was actually there looking for a certain item that would allow him to kill a really tough enemy, same as the Hero's party.

A named monster call the Immortal Claude. One vile son of a b.i.t.c.h who was responsible for killing one of the heroine's entire village during the war with the Demons.

That guy couldn't be killed normally, so he had this entire series of quests involving investigations into his past and his master that had to be completed before the heroine could get revenge by seeing him die. Was d.a.m.n annoying to do too.

Guy had a pretty tragic backstory though, which is why Damien remembered him. Supposedly to create a Dullahan, a higher level Fae corrupted by utmost hate and despair, you had to really mindf.u.c.k the person before cutting off their head and branding them with dark magics.

This Claude guy? In the story he is a Fae who'd run away with another of his kind and disguised himself as a human. For some reason.

He became a knight of a certain kingdom after proving his skills but later was framed by a n.o.bleman--a n.o.bleman who had eventually been revealed to have turned traitor even before the war and allied with the Demons--and ended up wrongly convicted. Claude had offended the guy somehow, so the n.o.ble put him in prison. And while he was imprisoned, captured the man's lover.

Then, after capturing her, he planned Claude's escape from prison. Took him from his cell and brought him to where they captured the guy's girl. Turns out, they made him watch as she was viciously raped and mindbroken. After that, she was killed in front of his eyes.

Worst part? She was pregnant with Claude's child, almost ready for birth, and the baby had died. But the sick b.a.s.t.a.r.ds didn't let it end there, oh no. The fetus was cut out of her and made into a Botchling-looking f.u.c.ker, which then proceeded to eat it's mother after she was killed.

And Claude had to watch all of that happen, from start to finish. Finally, he was killed too and turned into a Dullahan. Who then proceeded to wipe out entire cities and villages for his master during the war. One village of which, was a heroine's. Who of course wanted revenge, dragging Damien's character into it with all kinds of side quests.

Damien spent literal days piecing together clues about the Immortal Claude's backstory and finding out where his master was so he could gut the b.i.t.c.h. It was so much trouble that he wouldn't have done it at all if it wasn't needed for him to be able to f.u.c.k that particular heroine.

He didn't have to complete her route, sure, but he had long since decided that if his avatar COULD have s.e.x with another character, he'd make it happen. He just wants his characters to get all the p.u.s.s.y or c.o.c.k they could have. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, it wasn't worth it. Why? Because those heroine thots could go f.u.c.k themselves, that last quest killed off Damien's beloved Hamburger!

The cute doggo he'd raised from level 1 all the way up to level 70, just...gone. Forever. And while Claude was killed, his master got away. Hamburger's sacrifice made in vain. And what was the reward for the quests? One basic b.i.t.c.h scene of s.e.x and a s.h.i.+tty level 40 baby Deathwing.

Damien could just remember the pain in his heart at seeing his doggo die. Being stabbed and poisoned to death only to protect some thot who just ended up leaving Damien's character for, well, "game Damien" in the end anyway. At least during that playthrough.

Totally not worth it at all.

The hatred in Damien's soul after recalling all of this left him fuming with rage. Then he remembered something.

"Oh, f.u.c.k me running sideways." Damien muttered quietly.

Claude, wasn't that the name of some poor knight b.a.s.t.a.r.d he told Lucy to kill some time ago? Accused of high treason?


"We need to leave. Now."

Stopping the creation of a Dullahan that will kill thousands in the future? Saving a woman and her child?

Okay. Those are important too.

But honesty? He cared more about revenge.

That n.o.bleman b.a.s.t.a.r.d killed the wrong man's in-game pet.

It's been so long since that guy was imprisoned he'd probably went through the whole process of Dullahanification already anyway.


He'd taken Froggo and her harem out of the dungeon just a couple hours before, as promised. After slapping Rory and his crew back into perfect condition and leaving them back on the first floor, he took Froggo and her harem out of the dungeon.
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These women were split between those who grew up in that hidden area and those who arrived by falling into it via a trap.

Some wanted to stay regardless of what may happen when others start coming down the hole and exploring the area.

We let them.

Others wanted to leave, to broaden their horizons or go back to their previous lives. And of those who wanted to go out with them, instead of sticking around while he found them accommodations, a good few left. Looking for families they may have had before falling into that hidden area of the second floor.

There were a few children that had been birthed from the time before Froggo had killed the men. They left with their mothers or grandmothers, who were part of the group who went searching for information on their lost families.

Both groups, the ones who wanted to see the outside world and those who wanted to find their families, all expressed great grat.i.tude to Damien before they left, too, saying they had never thought they could leave that place before he had arrived.

A majority of these women were warriors and could do well on their own but he gave each of them a bit of money for clothes, food and a couple day's stay at an Inn, giving them directions to his own home and telling them they can go there if they needed anything.

That said, the ones who just wanted to explore the new world they had come to discover didn't know anything about the people or culture. At least, not much. What information they DID have was likely outdated too.

So he brought them directly to his house and let them build tents to stay in, promising he'd get people to fill them in on details of the world later. Give them money, maps, gear, things they would need to travel. It wasn't too expensive, their numbers didn't reach more than twenty.

Damien's generous.

Few chose to actually stay with Riley. Only around three, to be exact. These three having no families or desire to adventure out. The fact so many of her "heroines" chose to abandon her d.a.m.n near killed the poor little futa.

Anyway, after taking care of that he went to find Vee and had her teleport him to Lucius' city. Speaking of Vera, he'd found her being a.s.saulted by an enthusiastic Dolly. The little girl asking all kinds of questions, poking Vera's b.r.e.a.s.t.s with a look of awe and wonder.

"Day, look! Vee's huge now!" She'd marveled. " What an amazing growth spurt! I-I want one too…" Her envy was palpable. She then stepped back and gestured towards Vera's b.r.e.a.s.t.s. "Day, you've gotta try this. They're softer than pillows. Vee, let him feel too."

"..." Vera had flicked her on the head, hard.

Froggo, by that point had spoken up, "If the offer still stands…"

And in true Vera fas.h.i.+on, the girl destroyed her self-esteem. A full ten minutes later Riley was curled up in a ball on the floor with tears in her eyes.

"New pet?" Vera asked him after she was done.

"Old one, actually."

She didn't ask. "I'm sorry if I broke her."

"No, you aren't." He monotoned.

"No, I'm not." She admitted.

And after that, they left.

Currently Damien stared up at a magnificent mansion settled neatly among a row of equally opulent estates near the Royal Palace. This was the area where all the richest and most powerful Houses of the Kingdom made their home.

Vera could see the very, very subtle changes in his normally expressionless face. "What did this one do to offend you?" She questioned.

"He killed my dog."

"Isn't Patches still over in the Dry Lands along with Arbok?" Her brows furrowed.

"Not that one." Damien walked up to the gate with Milly by his side. In his hands, Big D.

"Papa, there's strong magic here. Bad men with dark auras are everywhere." The sword communicated.

Yep. This is the place.

"Looks like you're in for a feast today." Damien replied casually.

"Although Milly likes the blood of the innocent better…." She sighed.

Froggo, who followed along, squinted at Milly suspiciously. "I could swear I've seen that thing somewhere before…." She rubbed her chin. But her kin didn't know of any Artifact so evil. It was really starting to bother her, that she didn't recognize it.

"Young Master, it looks like there's a woman underneath this place. I think she might be...a Fae? How odd. The Faerie don't normally come to realms like this one. Even Mother has only ever met one. This girl feels similar. A corrupt, deathly air hangs about her, just like the one Mother saw."

Vera could vaguely sense and see through various plantlife when she chose to do so. Just now, she stretched her senses and found weeds poking out between stones some feet below. And through them, felt the woman.

Damien stopped and looked at her. "Can you take us to her?"

"I can. The magical wards here can't stop my abilities." Only Damien and his Mother could restrict her powers. Well, Dolly too, but she took after her father more and hadn't awakened either side of her bloodline yet, unlike Damien.

"And here I was thinking I would have to tear my way in. Nice. Alright let's go save her, I guess."

Save whatever is left of the poor girl, that is. It's been so long she's probably already damaged goods. He'd be sure to get revenge for her though. Least he can do.

"Very well. Take my hand, Young Master." Vera said.

"Not complaining, but is that even needed?"

"I can't teleport you without direct contact, though?"

"I've seen you do it before."

"...." She looked away.

"I'll do it." Riley volunteered cheerily, glancing covetously as Vera's two bountiful mounds from time to time.

"Don't touch me." Vera's tone made it sound like Riley was the filthiest piece of garbage on the planet. The disgust was real. "Stupid toad."

"Frog. And b.i.t.c.h, I'm a futa now!"

Vera's eyes said, "Whatever you are, stay away from me."

"Frog, shut up. You have your women, leave mine alone. Or I swear on the Holy Text yours are gonna be mine too, and I won't even have to try all that hard." Damien threatened her with NTR. He then turned to Vera "And Vee, just ask me to hold your hand. You don't need to be shy about these kinda things anymore, remember? Stop trying to be sneaky. Besides, haven't we already done way more embarra.s.sing stuff anyway?"

Vera folded her arms, making her b.r.e.a.s.t.s stand out even more under her newly tailored maid outfit. "That's different."


"Because that stuff was for you. This is more...selfish. I'm not used to asking for your attention, okay? It feels weird."

Flat out telling him to indulge her didn't feel right. She had always done bad things in order to incite him, and she'd only ever gotten spanked and roughed up. Which, didn't feel bad, actually....

But just asking him to treat her gently didn't at all come naturally. Maybe because it was wrong? Disregarding their relations.h.i.+p to each other, it also felt like she was being disrespectful to Dolly.

Although she also felt a bit angry at her Young Miss and, deep down, thought perhaps it was a bit deserving? Even though it was a clone, the way she exploited the Young Master was troubling to watch. And it wasn't the first time she'd done that, either, though to lesser extents. Vera just never said anything because she knew it wasn't her place. Even their Mother did it. What could she, Vera, do?

The most she was capable of pulling off was the attempt to sabotage that "DDD" fanclub of his way back when, those flies who didn't know the meaning of shame. And even then she was nearly caught and forced to leave before anyone realized her true intentions.

The Young Master would never know how many stalkers and would-be kidnappers she'd thwarted in her time inside that rotten organization.

"Selfish? So what? Just another right of being my fiancee. Be as selfish and possessive as you want." Damien squeezed her hand.

Riley looked between them. "....Wait, she's your what now? But she's not a cat-girl."


"I mean she's cute, but she's a cold beauty. Not really your type. I know you like them all warm and friendly."


"This kid is a bit of a b.i.t.c.h, too. Didn't you used to say you hated foul-mouthed cold-faced tsundere b.i.t.c.hes?"


"h.e.l.l, she ain't even goth."


"Wasn't there a cat-girl back at your house? Isn't she, like, almost perfect for you?"

By this point Vera was almost dead. Damien glared. "Her heart is warm, alright? And I don't NEED a cat-girl. As for goth, she can be one! Shut up. Mind your own business." He said sourly. "Now, time's wasting. Let's get going. Hamburger must be avenged!"

Froggo's mouth fell open. Her face turned ugly. "f.u.c.king h.e.l.l. Is THAT why we're here? Seriously? You STILL haven't let that go?"

"Avenged!" He merely hissed in reply.

"You...I can't even…." Riley shook her head. "Ah, whatever. " She didn't understand much of why they were here, but she a.s.sumed it was because whoever killed this guy's in-game dog in their past lives lived here?

Damien had explained the part of this world being the world of Love Orgy already. It was a bit hard to believe, but her Owner probably wouldn't lie about something like that. No reason to, for one. Plus, seeing Dahlia? She looked really similar to the Dahlia from the first game, the antagonist Dahlia.

The Owner's new self looked really close to how Damien from the game appeared too, just younger and less muscular.

"Vee, if you would be so kind...."


They appeared in a dimly-lit chamber. The air was foul and dry. It was a large room, but empty. Cold. And barred.

A sleeping guard sat on the other side of said bars. And behind them, appearing miserable in a dirty dress so worn it looked more like a potato sack, was a woman with a noticeably round belly. Her eyes slightly sunken in, face gaunt, but still carrying a light inside.

Damien felt like he'd seen her somewhere before. That had nothing to do with her appearance, though, because he could barely make that out as it was hidden behind dark hair.

"...L…." The woman lifted her head up at him weakly. Her voice was a mere whisper and even that was faint. "Lord...Damien…?"

"Listen, I don't know how you know me. And I don't really care right now. I got s.h.i.+t to do. So, first, we're was.h.i.+ng you off because you smell like a.s.s." Damien sent a small stream of water her way, was.h.i.+ng her clean of the filth and restoring some color to her cheeks. "Next, I'm going to heal that b.a.s.t.a.r.d over there until he tells me where his boss is so the oily f.u.c.ker don't slip away. Vee, you mind?"

"Leave her to me."

"Private Milly, start cutting off some skin."

"Hoo-ah!" The Holy Sword grew excited at the thought of spilling blood.

"Froggo, whip out that c.o.c.k. If torture doesn't work, you're f.u.c.king the info out of him instead."

"Say what now?" She couldn't believe her ears. Was he serious? Dread filled her heart.

"He's serious," Vee a.s.sured.

She honestly didn't know what to say.

Damien knelt down in front of the pregnant woman. "Don't worry, we won't let any of these rapist b.a.s.t.a.r.ds live. You wanna kill the guard?"


Who was, did she mean?


"...Not yet…"

Oh. Oh?

"That's great! Really thought they'd have raped your brains out by now. Good for you! So, you wanna kill the guard? By the way, I'm pretty sure I got your husband executed."

Just as he said that, footsteps approached.

"...Thought you could cross me and live? Filthy dog, you'll learn your place soon enough. We'll see how tough you can act when we make that b.i.t.c.h of yours beg for our c.o.c.ks. I'll out her teeth so she's a better suck, then once we're done with her you can watch as we let out dogs take turns too. I wonder if after we're through having fun that baby will just fall out? Maybe it'll be mush by that time. Oh, but don't worry, once they both kick the bucket we'll be sure to send you along after them."

Damien knew that voice instantly!

Long, reddish hair that was greying at the sides. A tall figure with wide shoulders.

"Barney!" Damien exclaimed as he and several other men came into view. "Fancy meeting you here. How's the leg?"

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