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Published at 9th of June 2019 09:08:41 AM Chapter 19

Indeed, as expected, the Young Master's smell is the best smell . Rich, decadent and oh-so-very addicting .

Although all previous attempts met with failure today was unexpectedly rewarding . Not only was it bathed in Young Master's potent juices, even his lifeblood was thoroughly soaked in .

If Mother knew how bountiful a harvest I just had I'm sure she'd be squirming with jealousy .

Though I must admit, even I was surprised by my boldness this time . I'd never tried something like that before now .

I couldn't wait to properly seal and store my new treasure for later, more thorough enjoyment .

Literally .

So I found myself a quiet area and wrapped the torn-up cloth around my head like it were a scarf . The thick, Young Master-scented musk forced it's way into my nostrils and lingered deliciously .

I took a deep, deep, breath .

. . . . Bliss . . . .

Yes, I thought for the thousandth time . The Young Master's smell is certainly the most--

"What are you doing?"

I froze, suddenly finding myself in front of that new woman, Minerva .

She was someone the Young Master recently took interest in, as well as the reason for him falling out with Lady Claybrook .

I examined her closely . She was a pretty mutant woman with two cat ears perched neatly atop her head . She did originally come with a hood but that had long since been destroyed by Lord Kane who thought the action of hiding herself under the dark cloth a form of disrespect, or so I hear .

She was currently staring at me with deep confusion .

This went on for several long moments .

Time seemed to have stopped . An awkward silence hung in the air .

Then, sithout a single word of explanation, I wrapped my treasure as carefully as I could and calmly hid it away under my sleeve .

I bowed with both hands intertwined . "Good morning, Mistress . "

The Young Master obviously intended to court this young woman . As such this form of address was not incorrect .

Having gotten that out of the way I went on to ignore her and started walking in the opposite direction of the hallway .

I stopped . Turned again . And stared once more .

Specifically at her cat ears .

How vexing .

Annoyed, I turned away one final time .

"U-Um . . . " She called out .

"Yes?" I looked back . The woman was wriggling about uneasily . Her ears twitched, much like how Baz's cowlick did when he was nervous .

"That thing you had just now . . . what was it?"

I considered murder for a fraction of a second . She wanted to steal my treasure! I was furious .

"Hah?" Luckily my face, like Mother's, was impregnable and hid my thoughts perfectly .

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that I smelled something very pleasant a moment ago . . . I followed it and--"

"You didn't see anything . " I tore off a small piece of my treasure, though it pained me, and casually threw it at the woman .

It would be inconvenient to deal with her the way I wanted so I settled for a compromise .

By the time she reached out to grab it I would already be home, preserving the rest of my treasure .

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