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It was dark, QJ sat quietly on Scorch and waited as the man approached. He handed him a small black-bound notebook. "These are your targets for the next week. Caravan schedules, trade routes even bank hours. Things you need to remember. You aren't freelancing, you work for me. Don't kill anyone during these missions and don't take it upon yourself to widen the scope of these jobs."

Robin unstealthed behind the man, causing him to nearly fall down. "We are trying to weaken our enemies, if you alter the missions you may undo what we are trying to accomplish."

QJ smiled pleasantly at the man. "You keep all the profits, but I demand results within the parameters that I've set. Failure to do that means a return trip to the gallows."

The man nodded and then faded into the darkness. Robin smiled at QJ and then hopped in front of him in the saddle.

It had been a week since the raid on the Legends Server. The data coming out of the Casino was detailed enough for QJ to give his Death Squad their missions. The City Fort shops had quickly filled up with NPCs that were hand-chosen by Robin. The rudimentary beginning of a city government was starting to form, the songbird was making sure to keep her eyes on anyone trying to make a power grab.

Robin leaned back against him, "what are your plans now QJ?"

Ringo had recommended he slow down his leveling so the rest of the guild could close the gap, QJ had been working on crafting. He was making lots of components, but no finished products that would make his level rise up. "Probably just relax a bit at Briar Rose."

Robin lips curved in a smile, "I'll join you."

Lotte was just riding out of the front gate when they rode up. "I was looking for you QJ!"

"Let's talk in the spa." QJ walked into his Briar Rose home and headed up the stairs. The Grand Master Room had an entire spa attached to it.

Lotte raised an eyebrow at the pair, "you're inviting me?"

Robin smiled over her shoulder at the slinger. "Sure looks that way hun."

The hot tub had two separate entrances, Robin pulled a surprised Lotte down the opposite hall QJ had gone through. The songbird undressed and dropped her clothes in a basket before grabbing a towel. She wrapped it around herself before looking back again.

Lotte had the towel wrapped around herself, for once she was regretting having included the scars on her avatar.

"Come on hun. Why so worried about a few scars?" She held up a bottle of wine and took a long drink before grabbing her hand.

Lotte let herself get pulled into the spa room by the orange-haired Songbird. It was a circular bath with a small bar island in the middle. Robin sat the bottle on the island and then tossed off her towel before sinking down into the hot water.

Lotte took a deep breath and then tossed her towel also. She knelt down until her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were in the water. The scars on her neck and shoulders were as bad as it gets. Multiple skin graphs did nothing to mask the melting that had taken place. It was still hard for Lotte to look at.

Robin clucked her tongue at the scars and touched them lightly with her fingertips. "They are pretty bad, but we both know that QJ doesn't mind them."

Lotte felt her face slowly heating up. "I'm not really into girls. Not that I think you are hitting on me or anything, it's just not my thing."

Robin's smiled widened, "I prefer QJ to everyone else, but I am hitting on you."

Lotte returned her smile, "I'm flattered of course. You are very beautiful."

"So are you... I'll make you a deal hun. One kiss and I'll share QJ with you, just for tonight."

QJ had been about to enter the bath when Ringo had contacted him on his hud, the conversation took a few minutes but finally, he wrapped himself in a towel and entered the bath.

The steam made it difficult to see, the water was kept at a comfortable temperature, but it would heat up when people entered. The soft sounds of kissing made QJ's heart pound in his chest. He tossed the towel and sunk down into the bath.

Robin had Lotte pushed up against the island and was kissing her. The songbird was being more aggressive than usual, her hand was caressing a full perfect breast while her other hand was trying to reach between Lotte's legs. She changed tactics suddenly and dipped her head downward, her lips captured one hard nipple in her mouth causing Lotte moaned loudly. Robin smiled and teased the hardened tip with her tongue.

Unable to watch any longer, QJ moved closer and gently nudged Robin to one side. Lotte was breathing hard, "that's more than a kiss!" She froze when she noticed QJ, it seemed like everything had slowed down when he bent closer and brushed his lips against hers.

The songbird leaned back against the center island, one hand caressing herself. After QJ kissed her, a switch flipped and Lotte began moaning every time he touched her. Without waiting she wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed herself on him.

Robin slowly moved behind Lotte, her hands reached around and cupped her breast, QJ was more than happy to tease them with his mouth. Lotte worked her hips against his, her moans of pleasure filling the room.

Afterward, the lovers clung to each other, continuing to kiss and caress. It was here that Robin pulled QJ away, putting Lotte in a spectator role as Robin and QJ moved easily together. The slinger hid her embarra.s.sed smile behind a hand. QJ was way more experienced than her, and his songbird girlfriend was as wild as she was beautiful.


QJ toweled himself dry while standing in front of the mirror. He had got up early and went for a run before anyone else even started moving. By the time he was dressed, he heard Lotte moving around in her room. He was tempted to knock on her door but headed into the kitchen instead.

"Morning!" Wu was sitting at the island having his morning coffee. He refused to eat anything before lunch, his breakfast always consisted of two cups of coffee.

A movement from the rail caught both of their eyes, Breeze was leaning over the rail, her dark hair hanging down her back in a long ponytail. "How's it feel to lose your position as Dean?"

QJ laughed and toasted her with a bagel. "d.a.m.n good." Rachel had been appointed as the interim Dean for the rest of the school year. She was smart and flexible, just as important, her old man was on the board.

Breeze bounced down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. She grabbed some and a pitcher of orange juice. "The rest of the officers are level 48 now, so you can take the brakes off of the leveling train."

"Don't tell him that!" Sato was halfway down the stairs and glaring at QJ. "We'll blink and he'll be level 60."

Breeze waited until Sato came in and then ruffled his messy red hair. She stopped suddenly when the other two people at the table noticed. "What?"

QJ shrugged, "nothing."

Lotte chose that moment to leave her room, she was using crutches that attached to her forearms. It was slow going, but definitely an improvement.

QJ pushed a chair out for her, "looking good Lotte."

Lotte turned her smile on QJ, making him freeze in place. "Thank you."

"Woah... I want some of that smile!" Breeze grinned at her roommates and poured everyone except Wu some orange juice.

Wu covered a yawn, he had spent a good portion of his night sifting through the casino tapes. "Where's Nina?"

Sato took a long drink and smacked his lips together happily. "I think Nina already logged in, I heard her rummaging around about an hour ago."


QJ stood behind the podium, giving the last few stragglers enough time to filter in. Ringo and Robin stood off to one side while the guild officers were all seated. Surprisingly Cleo was standing at the back of the room, her mission regarding the Defend the Keep instance had recently been accomplished, flawless victory on the highest difficulty.

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"No more leaderboards, if you wish to check your progress then feel free to take a look on your own." QJ brought used the wall hud to bring up a map of Fraezi. "Even though we are still a week away from the Summit, Ringo has cleared us to leave early. Several major powers from GnG will be in attendance."

Ringo approached while he was speaking, she placed a hand on his shoulder and stepped in. "I expect that you will have fun during the Summit, but keep in mind that this is a rare opportunity for us. Keep leveling up, and we'll start traveling in a few days."

QJ's hud dinged at him just as Ringo finished talking, he opened it to the pretty face of someone who he hadn't seen for quite some time. Inexplicably his tone gentled and a smile came to his face. "You are looking well Ra."

The dark woman returned his smile, her dark eyes staring at him. "QJ... "

He sensed something wrong, her usual sense of calm seemed shaken. "What has happened?"

"You owe me nothing QJ, but I must tell you this." Her eyes shone with unshed tears and she paused for a moment to gather herself.

"Whatever you need, I will certainly see that it gets done." The words came from his mouth before he really considered them, but he realized that he meant every word.

"The Raja and his son have been slain. A man from the n.o.ble faction has stepped into the power vacuum and now stands above the rest."

QJ remembered the giant Raja, it seemed odd that such a man would fall easily. "Is this man a good man?"

Ra shook her head, "No... He seeks to a.s.sociate himself with the recent miracles by forcing me into marriage."

He clenched his teeth, feeling a bit of irrational anger bubble to the surface. "What miracles?"

"Rivers and lakes have been forming throughout Basara. The desert lands are becoming fertile and life is slowly starting to bloom."

Right of Rule: King's Quest, Basara Continent

You have the backing of a Major faction and

there are many who will flock to your banner

should you raise it. Bring all of your Allies and

become the King!

Do you accept this Quest? (Y/N)


The members of OP were still meandering as they chatted and planned their day. The Right of Rule Quest popped up on everyone's hud at the same time. All of them turned toward their Vice-Commander.

"I'm on my way." QJ smiled at Ra and then closed his hud. He looked up and finally noticed that everyone was looking at him.

Ringo couldn't hide her smile. "Now we are talking. Change of plans everyone."

Robin nodded confidently, "we got this hun."

QJ faced his guildmates, "put away the cold weather clothes for now and pack light. We leave in two hours."

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