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In a track, Dorra and I are sitting in the back row. At this moment, we have already left the city, to the area of urban-rural integration. We can see from a distance the typical hilly and plain areas in the south, and there are some huge high billboards.

Dorra is sitting next to me. Up to now, the girl has been completely exhausted. When I took her to the track, she was sleeping on me in almost two minutes. The eyelids are trembling slightly in the dream, and the face has a pitiful expression, as if the dream is full of panic too.

I take off my coat and put it on her. Then I look out of the window, a little dazed.

Two unfortunate robbers who have robbed me also got out of their trouble. I promised to pay them enough to go home, but now I only give them half, and the rest is ready to wait until we have arrived HaiCity.

By the way, the route we are taking now is the ordinary national road. Because I have already thought that since those guys can arrange people to block me at the railway station, then surely, all stations, wharfs, airports, must be monitored!

Take the national road will detour, but there is no toll station, can not be monitored, the safety factor is higher that highway.

The two guys in the front row, a fat guy is driving. He's a little straight forward temper. He should be an honest man. And another fellow, with a long face and a slightly older age, is the one who was watching out at the entrance of the lane when robbing me. It seems that he experienced more outside and has a little calculation inside. Sure enough, I ask them a little question, the fat man is unsuspecting. I ask what, he answers what. But the long face seems to be a little afraid of me, and somewhat professes one thing, but mean another.

I'm taking a young girl with the appearance of going out, but there are some bloodstains on my clothes, especially on my hands, which were hit by something. Now half of my palms are swollen, even cigarettes can't be clamped. The nails of my thumbs bled so much that I can't wrap them up easily. I even feel the wounds in my trousers and knees sticking to my trousers, although the bleeding has stopped. But when I move, everytime I pull my pants slightly, it pains me deeply!

Now that I'm in the truck, I finally have the chance to examine my wounds.

I carefully roll up my trousers. There are some dried blood on my calves. Up again, the wounds on my trousers and knees are sticky and slightly torn. The pain makes me grin and curse in a low voice. I take a grip on myself, pull the pants apart and make a sort of gasp.

The long-face man in front looks in the mirror and sees me deal with the wound. His face is frightened, opens his mouth several times but says nothing.

I take a look at him, and he quickly turns his eyes back and pretends to look out of the window. But then he finds out a bottle of water and hands it to me: "Bro, just use this to wash the wound."

"Thank you." I take the water over, take a package of tissue and carefully dip the water to clean the wound. Then I move my knee again. Fortunately, there should be no bone problem, but just skin injury.

After all, I was running around outside before. Escaping, must take nessesary thing with. From my bag, I find out a package of gauze, tear off a wound wrap on the knee, and then put down the trousers. The long face man in front hands me a cigarette. I thank him with a laugh, not sucking, but inserting it behind my ear.

"Bro, Is there something happened to you?" Long face man asks. I just nod and say nothing.

The fat man is driving. He laughs loudly and says, "Brother, have you practiced kongfu? d.a.m.n, you just knocked us down so easily. That's terrible!"

I say lightly, "Nothing, just daily practise myself." The fat man cries out, "Daily practise? How can knock both of us down so easily?"

The long-face man hesitates for a moment, looks back at me and lowers his voice. "I say, what's wrong with you?" Look at my frown, he says quickly: "I don't want to inquire about you, ah... It's just that you've helped us. Maybe there is something we can help you too?"

I laugh and say, "There're some private things, but you can't help us."

I don't want to talk about myself, just change the topic to them and say, "You two are so lucky to meet me in your first robbery. Fortunately, you have met me. Otherwise, you are now squatting in the police station."

"Why?" It's fat man asking.

I shake my head: "You don't understand? You're just kidding with me or really seldom go far?"

Fat man immediately nods: "Yes, this is my first time for a long distance. He has run twice and said that his income is fairly good. Who knows what the h.e.l.l that the first time we have met such a s.h.i.+t thing!"

I laugh and say, "You tried to rob near the station, How dared you to do that? You were looking for death, do you know?"

"Why?" The long-face man seems somewhat dissatisfies, "d.a.m.n, there are so many thieves near the railway station. What should we have trouble?"

Looking at him, I say lightly, "Don't you believe it? OK! Anywhere, the station must be in chaos. But don't you know? In such places, thieves, robbers, or waiting in alleys for mugging. They aren't on their own! They are organized and divided into groups, with territorial divisions. The two of you who are new here were trying to grab a meal on someone else's turf. I tell you, if you hadn't met me, even if you had really s.n.a.t.c.hed it, you would have had bad luck in a twinkling of an eye! I said you might be taken into the police station, it might be better! If you were caught by the original gangsters of this area, it's no wonder that you would be cut your hands!"

The long-face man's face shows a little fear. He shakes out a cigarette and lights it, takes a sip, then sighs and says, "d.a.m.n, we almost caused a catastrophe!"

I laugh. "You didn't go out much, and it's normal not to know these things."

The fat man immediately cuts in and says, "Yeah! I was afraid we might be not sure what to do with this s.h.i.+pment and look for Dony to come with us. We just do this business. If we had him to help with take care of the track and other things, everything might be better. d.a.m.n it, you think you've followed twice and you've known everything? d.a.m.n it!"

The long-face man looks embarra.s.sed and argues forcefully, "d.a.m.n it, I don't want anything to happen! Shut up! Weren't you also eager to follow out and make money? In fear of the troubles, you just d.a.m.n go back home and hold your wife!"

I understand. No wonder these two guys are a little silly. They are the rookies.

The long-face man ran the long-distance transportations with someone for some times, and found it easy to make money. He wanted to make more money so that ventured out and did it alone. As a result, he was inexperienced and unexpected in our city.

I laugh and say, "Actually, there are very few people who rob at the railway station with the knife. It is said that there are a lot of chaos in the south, but the local gangs will hardly go out with knives to rob. If they are caught, the crime will be too big and the sentencing will be very heavy. You are all rookies, and naturally you don't understand."

"If robbery doesn't take a knife, can we take a gun? We don't have a gun." Fat man is somewhat unconvinced.

I laugh. I have nothing to do now anyway, so I can kill time by chatting with these two guys, "Local gangs usually don't rob you flagrantly. Only migrant criminals from other places would do so. Locals have a set of rules. Let me give you an example."

I take out a pack of cigarettes and shake it in my hand. I say, "I'll take a few people and push you into the alley. Then I'll take out the cigarettes. The original price is ten for a pack. I'll let you buy them for one hundred. I just need to take out a carton of cigarette, originally only worth one hundred, but I let you to give me a thousand! No buying? It's a beating if you don't buy it! When you give the money, I'll leave the cigarettes to you. That's the rule!" I sneer: "When you go back to report the police, don't say you can't catch us. You are the strangers, and you always need to leave. When you leave, even the informant has left, and the police station will basically ignore the case. If I were really unlucky to be caught, you know why I had to leave that cigarette to you during the interrogation? I'm absolutely sure. It's just buying and selling! It is also illegal, but the nature of buying and selling is much lighter than robbery. The same is to get a thousand money from you, but it's much more technical than holding a knife and gun directly!" I shake the cigarette box in my hand and put it back in my pocket, "The law of our country is not perfect, you do not know it?!"

"f.u.c.k!" Fat man can't help scolding, muttering, "Robbery is even f.u.c.king a set of the rules."

The long-face man is also stunned, and then sighs, "d.a.m.n, I've known more today. I'll always keep one eye on and pay more attention when I go out."

The truck drives away all the way to Hai City, and my heart is getting steadier and steadier.

There is a time limit for the truck to go downtown, so I ask them to park by the side of the road, and then I wake Dorra up and pull her out. The girl grabs my back's cloth and her eyes are dodging.

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