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May 08, 2019, Wednesday

Manila, Philippines

Dear Mitchie Bebeh, Loveskie:

Looking back at the past week, what experiences did you have that turned out to be a funny experience or a more sobering reminder of how truth really matters in our lives?


Remember the first time I saw the PH apps on my phone by surprise. I didn't upload it at first. I was aware about the circulated news on Momo-Challenge, about the phone apps that would kill the children by encouraging them to go suicide. But, unfortunately hope that G.o.d would protect me. I tried to use this apps. I earned a few like php 12.00 but that does not change my perception that I should be more careful when using the apps.

I tried to lie-low on using the apps like just tuning in kPop and cla.s.sical music during the audio streaming. That's it.

1. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, how much of an encourager are you to your family? What makes it a challenge for you to encourage others?

answer: First of all, I didn't have to encourage my aunts, uncles or even cousins-in-law, because they are strong enough to handle themselves and they are naggers. They are more to mind their own trash or issues. So, in case of encouraging of my father, I would rate it 4-5, so I am just an obedient daughter to him. Para pagpatay na sya, panatag na siya.

2. When people look at your life, will they say that you're a "good person, full of the Holy Spirit & of faith"? What needs to change so that you can be like Barnabas & encourage others to be faithful to the Lord?

answer: I don't know. Aunts usually asked whenever I don't have a job. If I have a decent job in Makati, they are still questonable. I don't care about them. Thoughtfully.

3. Think of people closest to you who need encouragement right now. What will you do in the next 24 hours to encourage them?

answer: my father, as usual, nothing more. So, in the next 24 hours, we are still the same. I encourage him to be in his good health.



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