There Is Only One You! 93 Bloody Kiss.

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"What are you two talking about? Protect who?"

Both s.h.i.+v and Aditya were freaked out by the sudden appearance of Aditya's elder brother Aarav.

s.h.i.+v stuttered a little as he spoke...

"Wha... what are you doing here?"

"My Lord, did your brain go bad after staying with my brother for too long? Wasn't it you who called for me?"

"Yes... I did. But I didn't expect you to come so early! You startled me!"

"Haha.. I heard a weird rumor of you carrying a human woman on your arms... So I just came to check if that was true... But I guess it was true indeed..." Aarav too a peep behind s.h.i.+v and saw a beautiful girl lying unconscious on his bed.

The playful grin which appeared on his face has slowly faded as soon as he realised the appearance of the girl. His eyes nearly popped out of its sockets.

"Is she a... Varma?"

"We think so... Not sure either..." Both s.h.i.+v and Aditya continued to stare at each other in confusion.

"She is hurt! Let's talk later... Let me see her wounds first..."

Aarav went near her and took a look at her wounds. He asked Aditya to bring in his medical tools as he slowly and carefully dressed her wounds.

The wounds which she received were indeed terrible. Aarav was sweating buckets while trying hard to maintain his concentration when treating her.

Finally after an hour he was finished.

"What happened? How is she now?" s.h.i.+v was the first one to react the moment he saw Aarav get out of his room.

"Well... My Lord, she is hurt very badly. I did everything I could to treat her external injuries... But the thing is, her internal energy... Her energy flow got disturbed very badly while she withstood that attack. If it were any normal human, they would have died on the spot..."

Cold sweat ran from s.h.i.+v's forehead.

"Then.. you mean, there is no hope for her..."

Aarav remained silent and still without uttering even a single word. His silence was more than enough to answer his question.

The twins who came to see the sister who saved them were engulfed in shock the moment they heard what Aarav said.

Araa and Abi swiftly ran over to their brother and demanded an explanation with tear filled eyes.

"Brother... He is lying right? Sister is fine right?"

"Brother, say something! How could we let her die like this!? If it were... if it were... not for that sister, we both... we both...!" Araa burst into tears as she cried harder.

s.h.i.+v hugged the kids in his warm embrace and tried to console them as much as he could. But nothing could stop them from crying.

s.h.i.+v entered into the room with the twins as they approached her slowly. He went and sat on the side of the bed and held her hand as gently as he could. The twins climbed onto bed and hugged the sides of the girl's neck and cried harder.

"Sister... sister, please wake up! Don't die..."

"We still haven't thanked you for saving us! Sister, please wake up..."

With a soft voice s.h.i.+v murmured into her ears.

"Thank you and Sorry that I'm so powerless..."

s.h.i.+v felt a little movement of her fingers which was wrapped in his huge palms. In utter disbelief he raised his head and saw the face of the girl.

Even in such a situation, the girl looked so elegant and beautiful, one would never believe that she was unconscious, it looked just like she was sleeping soundly.

The girl cracked opened her eyelids slowly as she saw a familiar face in front of her. The sunlight was a little too bright for her eyes to handle that she raised her hand to cover her eyes.

s.h.i.+v who noticed it went and sat in front of her as he barred the sunlight with was tickling her eyes.

The girl then opened her eyes and saw the man who helped her.

"Oh... You are that guy who helped me earlier... The kids!" The girl nearly jumped out of the bed at the thought of the kids. She immediately felt light headed from the sudden movement.

The twins who were sitting beside her gently pulled her arms with their tiny hands. The girl met their gaze and smiled at them widely with both relief and happiness.

The cute dimples which appeared on her cheeks was one thing that one could die for.

s.h.i.+v and the others were taken aback seeing her warm and bright smile which was so beautiful than anything in that world.

The twins jumped on her with joy as they hugged her tight with their entire body. The girl couldn't help but giggle.

Aarav ran towards her and grabbed her hand to check her pulse. The pulse was back to normal. But the girl looked pale as a sheet of paper.

"Are you really alright? Does it hurt anywhere?"

The girl blinked thrice before she answered him.

"It hurts everywhere! But I will be fine if you share some of your energy with me though..." She gave a blank look at him which made s.h.i.+v chuckle a bit.

"I'm glad you are alive. Thanks for saving my siblings... and thanks for being alive..." s.h.i.+v's voice made her heart flutter. It was a feeling which she had never felt before. She gave him an indifferent look as she was not aware of how to face him.

"As for the energy, would it be okay for you if I share some of mine?"

The girl blinked at him with amazement as she softly chuckled.

"I didn't expect a demon to be this helping minded. Anyways, I was just kidding. Don't..." Before she could finish her statement, her mouth was covered with his, making her drink his blood.

The girl was quite startled when she tasted blood on her mouth. But s.h.i.+v continued to press his thin lips against her's. The girl resisted a little as she didn't expect a b.l.o.o.d.y kiss from a stranger.

s.h.i.+v continued to force his way inside her mouth with brute force as he finally made her drink his blood.

The moment he released her from his iron grip, a slap flew right onto his handsome face.

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