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Bai Song was glaring at Bai Yun. But Bai Yun simply brushed it aside. In the entire universe, there were barely anyone who could truly intimidate him.
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"Did you ask Bai Tian to invite me to his party to meet with me." Bai Yun asked Bai Song.

"Wrong. I asked Bai song to throw a party to meet you." Bai Song replied.

"Wow. All this just for little old me. You shouldn't have. You know, you could have just come to talk with me." Bai Yun replied.

Bai Song snorted. "There was no way I would allow you to run away. what if you refused to meet with me. Or slithered away and hid."

Bai Yun chuckled when he heard Bi Song's answer. "So what's the matter?" Bai Yun asked casually while chewing on some snacks.

"Do you remember my brother?" Bai Song asked.

As expected Bai Song was here about Bai Shun. But Bai Yun was completely calm. There was no way for them to know what he did unless he confessed.

"The moron. Yeah sure." Bai Yun said.

"How dare you-" Bai Tian started to defend Bi Shun. But Bai Yun cut in before he could finish.

"We can debate this all you want. But by now it is established fact that the kid is a moron. So what about him." Bai Yun said.

"My brother," Bai Song continued, ignoring the interruption. "Has been missing for a while."

"Sorry to hear that." Bai Yun said. "Wait a minute. No, I'm not."

"That last place he was seen was the beast gardens. Specifically at the weed valley." BaI Song continued.

Bai Yun simply raised an eyebrow in surprise. Killing a clan member was a major crime. He was not going to admit to it. Even if he explained the circ.u.mstances, the fact of the matter is that he him. And there would be a whole mess and a trial over this. After all, it was simply his word of what had happened. Thus the opposite party could use this to trap him. All of this could end up costing a lot of time and effort even if he came out unscathed. So Bai Yun would never do something as stupid as admitting to what he had done.

"You were also seen at the beast garden at the same time." Bai Song finally finished.

"So you think I killed him. I see. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't care about your brother enough to kill him." Bai Yun said.

"Even after he humiliated you?" Bai Song continued.

"You should have your brain checked." Bai Yun replied with a snort. "I beat his a.s.s back that day. It was you who suppressed me. So even if I was to kill someone. It should be you right?"

"But knowing that you had no hope of ever killing me, you aimed for my brother. This could have happened right." Bai Song finished.

"Don't flatter yourself. Things have changed from when we met back then. If I wanted you dead, you would be dead." Bai Yun coldly said.

"You bast-" Bai Tian started. But before he could finish the words, he froze. Bai Yun had turned to look at him.

"Shut up." Bai Yun said quietly. The moment he did so, Bai Tian felt a horrifying pressure descend on him. He felt as if the reaper himself was standing there with a scythe at his neck. The entire room fell completely silent for a moment. Even though it was not directed at them, Bai Yun's pressure completely cowed this group of wastrels. For a short while, some people even forgot to breathe under the suppression.

Bai Yun turned away from Bai Tian and turned to look at Bai Song. Bai Song was frowning. When Bai Yun told Bai Tian to shut up, he wanted to stop him. But the sudden pressure that descended made him completely unable to do anything. His hands were still lightly trembling inside his sleeves.

"So what is it you are asking me? Surely I can't be the only one who could have killed your brother? Bai Qing was also there." Bai Yun asked lightly. He had completely retreated his killing intent. So once again the party started to move. But now everyone was staring at him and Bai Song.

"I am talking to everyone who was at the beast gardens at the time to see who it could be. You are the only one left. And the only one with motive. If you killed him, confess now. I will make sure that you have a quick ending." Bai Song continued calmly, not showing them just how shaken he truly was.

"I didn't do it." Bai Yun said. "In my eyes what he did is only childish."

"Childish?" Bai Song asked.

"Yes. Childish. In fact, even your acts can be considered as childish." Bai Yun said.

Bai Song snorted when he heard Bai Yun's words. He then took a step closer and looked down at him while sending out the pressure of foundation establishment. But Bai Yun calmly looked back at him, easily brus.h.i.+ng off the aura.

"Do you think I wouldn't dare to harm you just because of who your father is?" Bai Song asked.

"I think you wouldn't be able to even if you tried." Bai Yun replied.

Bai Song was angered by Bai Yun's response. He clenched his teeth and punched out at Bai Yun with great force.

Bai Yun casually bend his body and dodged the attack with a smile. The before Bai Song could even react, Bai Yun took a step in and stepped of Bai Song's foot.

With a scream, Bai Song tried to step back. Bai Yun then released his foot at the same time, so Bai Song lost his balance and took a few steps back. Bai Yun immediately took a few steps in and jabbed at Bai Song's chin, disorienting him in the process. He took a few more steps back and fell to the floor.

Suddenly with a shout, some of the other fellows here charged at Bai Yun. He looked up to realize that it was Bai Tian and a couple of his followers. Suddenly a thin grey sword appeared in Bai Yun's hands.

Bai Yun swung his sword and deflected Bai Tian's punch. He then took the hilt of his sword and drove it into Bai Tian's forehead. The moment the hit connected, Bai Tian fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. By then a few others had had also joined Bai Tian. But fighting a few idiots was nothing to Bai Yun.

Bai Yun took a step to dodge an attack and swung his sword. The next second blood flew as Bai Yun's sword left an inch deep, foot long gash on one of the follower's chest. This was Bai Yun being merciful. If he wanted to, he could have easily killed him.

When they saw this, the others froze in fear. It was their first time seeing someone of their group be injured so easily so close to them. But Bai Yun did not give them any chance to recover. In a few moves, all of them were on the floor groaning and bleeding.

Bai Song had recovered by then. He then gave a loud shot and punched forward at Bai Yun while utilizing a battle technique. From the color around Bai Song's arms, Bai Yun realized that it was lions roar. But looking at Bai Songs punch, Bai Yun only chuckled.

"What's the point of a powerful technique, if you can't hit anyone." Bai Yun asked.

Next moment he launched wind motion. With a loud boom, Bai Yun appeared behind Bai Song. With his left hand, Bai Yun landed a jab on Bai Song's kidney. Bai Song screamed and the glow around his fists disappeared. Bai Yun then swiped his sword over Bai Song's calves, shedding blood. He then spun and drove his elbow into Bai Song's chest, making him stumble back.

Bai Yun then spun around and kicked Bai Song in the chest. Bai Song flew across the hall and fell down on to the floors, knocking against the table full of food. He tried to stand up with rage, but just as he stood up, he clutched his leg and once again fell down. Bai Yun had thrown a knife at him, which had buried itself up to the hilt in Bai Songs' leg the moment he stood up. Bai Song could not handle the pain and he fell down, unable to stand up again.

Bai Yun sauntered over to Bai Song, leaping over the other fallen idiots. He then smoothly squatted over Bai Song's chest and took out a dagger from his storage ring and held it over Bai Song's neck. Bai Song, who was clutching his leg, finally looked up when he felt the cold steel against his neck.

"Do you think I wouldn't dare to harm you just because of who your ancestor is?" Bai Yun asked him the same question he was asked.

Bai Song looked at Bai Yun with fear in his eyes, but he was met with only indifference. In his entire life, Bai Song had never felt failure or a setback. So when he looked at Bai Yun and saw the eyes of someone who had taken countless lives, he finally felt true terror.

Bai Yun smiled down at Bai Song. But to him, it felt like the smile of a devil.

"Remember this little Song, I'm not like you. I wouldn't hesitate to cut you up into tiny little pieces if you p.i.s.s me off too much. Now, I didn't kill your brother. My guess is he is already beast s.h.i.+t. But I wouldn't hesitate to kill you. Do you think anyone here would side with you if you are already dead? They would all be rus.h.i.+ng to wash their hands off of you, to put distance between you and them. SO I could end you and nothing would happen to me." Bai Yun mildly threatened Bai Song.

There was utter silence in the hall. No one expected that the party would take such a sharp turn.

Bai Yun then tossed his knife into the air and caught it by its tip. In a single motion, he threw it over his shoulder. The next moment a shriek broke the silence of the hall. The knife had embedded itself into the shoulder of Bai Tian, who had tried to sneak up on Bai Yun.

"Now, next time you want to talk to me, just come to my house. My door is always open." Bai Yun finished.

He then stood up and grabbed a dumpling off the table next to Bai Song and threw it into his mouth. As he walked out he grabbed a gla.s.s of juice that a little girl was holding and drained it. He then placed it back into the girl's hands and said thank you with a smile.

The little girl was frozen in fear. She finally reacted after that. She dropped the gla.s.s onto the floor and tried to get away from Bai Yun. In her haste, she tripped over her clothes and fell to the floor with tears in her eyes.

Bai Yun just chuckled when he saw this. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you." He said with a soft smile. Everyone who saw this smile felt like a summer breeze was flowing through the air. No one could match this smiling gentleman with the cold blooded monster from a few moments before.

Bai Yun nodded to Bai Qing, who was staring back at him solemnly and left the hall. As he left the coliseum, he saw old Hai standing there. He knew that old Hai had seen what happened inside.

"Had enough fun?" Old Hai asked in exasperation. Bai Yun was too much like his father.

"For now." Bai Yun replied with a smile.

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