I Would Like To Become A Fox You Like Chapter 11: I Failed To Reveal The Secret And Was Caught On The Spot (2)

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"Your Highness, why did you go to Donghua Altar again since you haven't recovered yet?" I squinted. It sounded familiar and seemed to be Fairy Pine's voice.

"It doesn't matter." That was the gracious voice of Emperor of Donghua. His voice was low and had ineffable elegance and serenity in it, which made people subconsciously hold their breath while listening.

"Your Highness, don't treat me like an idiot! You've spent five thousand years of your immortal power to protect Miss Bai from her disaster. How can you say it doesn't matter?" Fairy Pine said earnestly.

"You've spent five thousand years of your immortal power to protect Miss Bai from her disaster."

I knew I couldn't pretend that I didn't hear it. It turned out that my heaven disaster did happen at that night and they had not planned to let me go so easily. I was so stupid that I believed I was lucky enough to escape from the disaster. However, I didn't know that it was he who took the disaster for me. He was Emperor of Donghua, who had boundless power. The higher one's power was, the more serious the disaster would be. If it was me who was punished, the disaster would at most rob me of two thousand years of practice. But if he protected me, it would deprive him of more than five thousand years of his immortal power.

I didn't know what disturbed me. I didn't understand why he did this. Was it just because I was the reincarnation of Fairy Peony? I didn't know what I'd done to deserve it.

"Fairy Pine," Emperor of Donghua said suddenly when Fairy Pine was in a daze, "go back to Qinghua Garden and serve Miss Bai."

As these words were spoken, the door creaked, and Fairy Pine walked away. It seemed that he had gone back to Qinghua Garden.

My heart kept racing. If Emperor of Donghua knew that I broke into his bedroom and went through his cabinet, would he throw a huge fit?

I held my breath and laid quietly under the bed. I saw a pair of black boots slowly moving towards me. My heart was doing a kind of drum-roll against my ribs. But fortunately, after a while, he moved towards another direction.

I was just about to relax, and his voice sounded again as if accompanied by a sigh: "Li, come out!"

In fact, I really wanted to pretend that he was not calling me, but I couldn't hide from him anymore. What's more, I was still in his bedroom. So I obediently came out, changed back to the human form and watched him guiltily.

Emperor of Donghua was still dressed in a black robe, with his black hair tied by a Taoist crown. He was handsome and his eyes were always clear. However, he looked pale and exhausted that day. He gave me a look and the faint helplessness flashed through his eyes. He asked: "Have you heard what Fairy Pine said?"

I paused. I thought he would ask why I was here. What I heard just now was weighing on my mind, and I couldn't continue to be funny. I just bent my head and didn't know what to say.

"Li…" He slowly reached out his hand and wanted to touch my face, but he suddenly took it back before that. He turned around and whispered: "Don't worry about it. Fairy Pine was kidding."

I sighed. In fact, Emperor of Donghua regarded me as the idiot. I was so confused but I only asked him: "Why?"

He froze for a moment and turned to look at me. There was a kind of emotion in his clear eyes that I couldn't understand. After a while, he smiled faintly: "Did you forget that I owed you in the past?"

Was bearing the disaster for me his unique way to make up for the past mistakes? I asked silently in my heart, but soon I began to despise myself. Some people had taken the disaster for me voluntarily, and I should be so happy because I was lucky. Why should I dredge the reason behind it?

"Am I the only one that you owe?" I suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

"Yes." He was dazed, but still answered my question.

"What did you owe me?" This was what I wanted to know.

He was silent. My heart was racing again. I waited for a long time and he finally said: "You will know that one day."

Seeing that he didn't want to say anything, I stopped asking and made up an excuse to escape from his bedroom. Bai Qingqing had escaped alone, which was quite ungallant. I must teach her a lesson later!

"You came to my room to clean the s.p.a.ce under my bed?" I hadn't walked to the door when he asked me teasingly.

I turned around calmly, smiled at him and said, "Your Highness, you're so wise! I had nothing to do in Qinghua Garden and when I thought of the help you offered me, I decided to repay you by doing some for you. Therefore, when all the servants in Donghua Hall are absent today, I volunteer to do the cleaning work!"

"Is my room clean enough?" He looked at me when I was talking nonsense confidently.

"Your room is so clean! Look, I've stayed under the bed for a long time and there isn't any dust on my clothes!" I showed my sleeve to him to prove what I said was true.

He smiled gently as I acted seriously. His half-smile showed excellent elegance, which was even more attractive than my cajolery. I, as a fox demon, was going to be head over heels.

"This should be attributed to you. Since you want to repay me, the cleaning work of Donghua Hall will be your duty today. You only have to make the room as clean as the s.p.a.ce under my bed." He slowly uttered the order that made me dumbfounded.

What did "shooting myself in the foot" mean? This was a good example.

"By the way, you might as well invite Bai Qingqing to do it with you. I believe she will be willing to do that." As I walked out of the room, he said again.

I suddenly felt feeble in my heart. Emperor of Donghua was elusive to deal with!

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