Survive Apocalypse With Anime Power System Survive Apocalypse With Anime Power System 10 Chapter 10

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"are you f.u.c.king kidding me system!" Yell Chen Fu with dont care about surronding anymore

"No host, this your reward" System

"HOW THE h.e.l.l THE REWARDS IS SO GENEROUS! WHEN ME ALWAYS TRY HARD TO SURVIVE TO THIS F***ING WORLD!" Chen Fu dont care anymore and unconditionally leak some ki

"it was host fault being idiot" system said with insulting tone

"AAARRRGGG!!!" Chen Fu with not holding the rage anymore he smash his fist toward the wall beside him

BOOM!KYA! some zombies hear the sounds and got attracted by the sound and soon the first floor flooded by zombies and there are got scratch the inside first floor each seconds the more zombies coming to fill the gap of the first floor


[ Ding! use the... ]

chen fu already past the limit from the anger and he dont care anymore with the notice and run toward the windows and jump out from the second floor building.

boom! on the floor have some crack and without a second thought chen fu charge like a wild beast who doesnt care anymore like saiyan who know only wild fight

all the zombies got attracted by the sound and try attack

Kick Fist Back Fist counter pull throw grab smash the more chen fu fight the more he hone fighting stance and technique he also got the wound but it will no problem anymore because of the skill he got from the reward gifts but the fight continues goes on

after thrity minutes fight chen fu body become got exhausted but the zombies not seems reduce the number at all

he mind already clear after release some anger to the zombies he looking for different tactic and moves what he gonna do to make so the zombie reduce number quick and he grab some pole(street light) no effect with the weight so he horizontal wave with aim for all the head of the zombies and sweep it but that doesnt mean the pole can withstand the power so after two hits the pole not straight anymore then he grab another pole so do it again and again

after twenty minutes more the number reduce to zero and he kneel on the floor because can not resist the tired of the body and try to rest but then he see the sister run toward to him


fifty minutes before

"KYA!" and the girls see toward sound from the ceiling and try to figure out what happend after second then hear out another sound from the outside and run to the windows and see another horde zombie came for the sound they heard

the sisters look shock and pale face because they think this their end and not blame chen fu after all the resign to their fate to the dead it self

BOOM! they hear another Sound and see the figure of a man who is has the angry face with not right mind to face this horde is none other is Chen Fu

"BROTHER FU!" Xiao Ching who worried about her savior she decide to go down to help him but it got stopped and she struggle but she got slap insited by her sister and shocked she look the sister with the face asking why

"calm down little girl do you think what are you DOING! you only send your life to death what are you thinking" Yan Xie with cold face

"but what we have to do brother fu risking his life to face the horde" Xiao Ching who desperate for the savior who nice to them after all the world become an apocalypse the sister run after run and meet many people and see many thing and have rarely seen people who have good heart die first and become scapegoat for other using them.

"look here little girl, after meeting this Chen Fu everything we know about the world is already f*** up! and he not the type who reckless either" Enrage Yan xie

"but... "

"NO BUT! all we need to know is stand by and ready to receive Chen Fu when he done with this horde"

Xiao ching and Yan xie can only see from their window to be ready to save their savior when he done the fights.

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