The Binary World 63 Stranded Part-3

The Binary World -

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Zeus held his breath as he hid behind the rock the creature seemed to be just on the other side, and then all of a sudden it moved away letting Zeus to let out a sigh of relief only for something sticky to fall over his shoulder he winced at the terrible smell as he looked up to see a snarling face of another one, as it moved to take a bite out of Zeus he once again disappeared from its sight.

As Zeus reappeared behind another boulder he sighed, 'd.a.m.n this is not good, I am running out of time if I do not use my 3 more chances to use the skill in next two minutes I will not be able to use it for at least half an hour.'

Zeus did not wait for any longer as he quickly send message to the girls.

[Zeus: How far are you girls?]

[BarbarianLady: We are far enough, now make a run for it.]

[ForestHuntress: If you die we will not forgive you.]

[TacoGirl: I so do not want to face your teammates wrath so you better come safely already.]

Zeus smiled at that as he figured out a path, he took a deep breath and used a couple of quick burst of blink as he was able to put quite a distance from the creatures before he made a dash towards the fortress as fast as he could run.

The trio of his teammates reached the Fortress first well not on their own actually but was able to catch the attention of a patrol that had promptly brought them back despite how much they protested about their teammate being left behind causing the trio to be incensed at that, as they entered the fortress they came across their other friends as they hugged them dearly Azi noticed the absence of Zeus as she spoke, "Where is Zeus?"

BarbarianLady gave a nervous laugh as she spoke, "Well about that you see he kind of stayed behind to allow us to escape."

BlizzardQueen had a small smile on her face at that as she spoke, "It is so like him."

CelestialMaiden frowned as she spoke, "Did the patrol not help you to rescue him?"

ForestHuntress huffed at that as she spoke, "They simply dragged us here without paying attention to what we say."

Azi growled at that as she turned towards Tarasque as she spoke, "Tarasque, let us go and wait for him near the gates."

At that she nodded as they rest agreed to accompany them as they made their way towards the gate to wait for Zeus, as they had nothing to do the group stood there gossiping and waiting for him.

Azi had a slight frown on her face which was increasing into a scowl as Tarasque spoke, "Is something wrong?"

Azi: "I have been messaging him for sometime but he is not responding at all."

ForestHuntress suddenly spoke with a frown, "I think I spot him, look at the distant a person is running towards here waving his hand I think that is Zeus he is so happy to see us that he is waving his hand."

The others waved their hand but it became a bit annoying seeing that he did not stop waving suddenly an alarm was heard followed by a lot of shouting as they were quickly ushered inside as the guards closed the door, suddenly loud booms were heard as the ground shook causing them to fear for Zeus's safety a few minutes later the door once again opened as soot covered, blood and guts covered Zeus stepped inside as he collapsed on the ground tired as he was taking deep breath.

Tarasque quickly moved as he handed him a canteen of water from which he drank readily as he spoke, "Thank you."

As others looked at him incredulously he spoke, "Do you remember the patch that was added recently?"

As the others nodded at that Zeus spoke with a huff, "Well it seems you can now feel tired from running to the point it your muscle and everything burns."

BlizzardQueen spoke with disbelief, "How?"

Zeus just shrugged as he sat up while speaking, "No idea other than the devs are amazing."

"Ah so this is the one you girls were whining about so much.", a voice came from behind them as Zeus turned he saw an incredible beautiful woman with grey haired mocha colored woman with scarlet eyes and pointed ears, wearing a dress meant to be used near the desert area.

Zeus stood up as he spoke, "Greetings my name is Zeus and I would like to thank you for keeping my friends safe, but may I inquire about your name."

The woman folded her hands placing them just under her breast pus.h.i.+ng them up but Zeus did not pay attention to them as he stared into her eyes as she spoke, "Why I thought you should know after all you used observe on me."

Zeus mouth widened before he spoke with a scowl, "I did in fact use it but it was blocked, but more importantly do every strong people always know that someone is observing them."

The woman smiled at that as she spoke, "Oh and what makes you thing I am strong?"

Zeus shrugged as he spoke, "You did one shot a creature I was unable to see even the name off because of its high level, although I would like to state that please refrain from using such devastating magic when an innocent person is nearby."

The woman tilted her head as she spoke, "Innocent, how so your teammates were the one who caused the entire fiasco after all, if I remember correctly you told them to stop but they did not listen to you stumbled upon a nest of those cretins and you brought at least half a dozen after you."

Zeus eyes widen as he spoke shaking his finger at her, "You were spying on us."

The woman gave a dangerous glare at him as she spoke, "It is impolite to point fingers towards me, people who do so tend to lose theirs."

Zeus promptly lowered his hand as the woman continued speaking as if she did not threaten him a moment ago, "You may call me 'commander' now hatchling why are in this part?"
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Zeus gave her a small smile as he spoke, "As he spoke we have a quest, but why are you calling me a hatchling?"

The woman smiled at him as she spoke, "Oh what else should I call you if not a hatchling my cute little baby Deva."

Zeus frowned at that as he spoke, "I am not a baby."

The woman smiled at that as suddenly they were surrounded by soldiers with their weapons drawn as the spoke, "Now my baby Deva tell me what are you doing here?"

At that the group gulped hard at that as Zeus sighed hard, it seems there was no other way as such he raised hand as he spoke, "We surrender!", after all there was no way they can fight all of them when most of their status they could not even see as such it would be foolish for them to pick a fight.

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