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As they left the 'Death Valley', Zeus pulled out a map as he spoke, "Since we have already finished dealing with them, I believe we should move to this oasis and us e it as a safe zone, the direction we were moving was a not exactly wrong one but a longer one than the one we should have taken, and I have no doubt a person like the so called 'Emperor' would already have someone waiting for us in those oasis already, because it would be something that I would have done, upon saying that the route we will be taking will not be as cozy as the longer one but it would have been fast we are hard pressed on time and none of us have any idea on what we will be facing."

ForestHuntress: "So there is a chance we will fail the quest."

Azi: "There is a chance but please do not say something ominous because I do not want to think what the penalty might be if we fail."

Barbarianlady spoke with a frown at that as she spoke, "And why is that?"

Tarasque replied back in a bored tone, "Well about the penalty not much is known except all of it is question mark but we were forced to take this quest by the giver."

ForestHuntress suddenly felt a bit of uneasiness as she spoke, "How so?"

Zeus gave a nervous chuckle as he spoke, "Well we were given to option 'Take the quest' or 'Stay in prison for the rest of your stay in Isera'."

At that the duo's eyes widen as BarbarianLady spoke, "What in h.e.l.l's name did you think it would be prudent to involve all of us in this shenanigans? The penalty for this would be enormous."

Zeus chuckled at that as he spoke, "So what if the penalty is great there a saying no pain no gain, did you think we were able to conquer the dungeon in h.e.l.l mode with facing any danger, well we faced an enemy who was many times stronger than us yet we survived against him and flourished against all ordeal, I know this will be difficult but if we manage to pull it off we will be creating another history, let me ask you this what is the status of you all?"

BarbarianLady shrugged as she spoke, "Well we all are commoners, but why are you asking this?"

Zeus smirked at them as he spoke, "Azi and Tarasques what is your status?"

Azi and Tarasque replied in unison, "We are Squire."

At that the others eyes widen as Zeus spoke, "Do you see now, that is what happens when you manage to pull something like that, the rewards are extremely satisfying because status is just the tip of the iceberg after all there are various items like weapons, skill books and what not so what would you do now?"

The duo was have an internal struggle as Zeus spoke, "The weapons you use are simply Uncommon tier and a lucky few amongst your group has rare tier but the weapon in our hands are all unique tier, so think of it what you might gain from it, I know it would be wrought with hards.h.i.+p, but what is life if not full of hards.h.i.+p but the best part is when you finally get to eat the sweet fruit of your labor."

The duo was silent for a moment as BarbarianLady broke it with a sigh, "Well you win I am in."

ForestHuntress sighed as she spoke, "Well you managed to strong arm me as well so what next boss man."

Zeus shook his head with a smile, "I am not your boss, just your fellow gamer with console, and there is no difference amongst us."

Hearing that CelestialMaiden and her friends gave a small smile as she spoke, "I know BlizzardQueen for a long time but what do you do in real life."

Zeus: "Well I will tell you all only if you tell us about yours as well if you have no problem."

Sylphy: "That is a given, we are a close knit group of friends who knew each other well as such I would love to learn about you all as well."

'Close knit group of friends my foot, I saw your friends.h.i.+p a few minutes ago when one of you betrayed us, but still I will extend an olive branch to you.'

Zeus cleared his throat as he spoke, "My name is in game name is Zeus, but in real world my name is Nathaniel Henderson, age 15."

Foresthuntress: "You are playing this game so much don't you go to school?"

Zeus smiled at that as he spoke, "Well I have finished my schooling and decided to take a break before going to college."

Sylphy smiled at that as she spoke, "Well my nam..."

A few hours went pa.s.sed by at the blink of an eye as they finally reached a safe place a sanctuary for them to retire for that day, Zeus turned towards them as he spoke, "Well we will back at 9EST, and we can continue moving towards the quest."

Blizzardqueen sighed as she spoke, "How long will take to reach there?"
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Zeus: "Well normally if we move at this pace it would take 3 days but I wish to up our levels before we reach there so it would take around 10 days, then we will have around 15 days time to finish the quest and return back."

Azi: "Well it think it is time to retire for us then.", with that the trio logged off.

With a hiss the capsule opened as he took a breath of fresh morning air, as stepped outside lots of thoughts swarmed his mind, ident.i.ties of his new acquaintances, problems with a certain fiancé amongst many others but the most problematic was getting them to come here in USA and then what, 'If I ask my parents may be I can have a gaming studio, you that is right a gaming studio and a few weeks later when the payment exchange system would take into effect I could then may be even pay for the cost incurred from there, so many ideas but first of all I have to discuss it with my teammates before anything else.'

With that thought in mind Nathan made his way to the breakfast table formulate new plans in order to help his new friends, to pursue goals but more importantly to free a caged bird from the shackles and let it fly in the wide blue sky.

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