The Binary World 15 Pking Part-1

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The rabbit's remaining eye turned red as it gave an enraged scream before as it tried to dash towards Zeus at an incredible speed, only for an arrow to hit his eye remaining eye.

[Critical Hit +100 Damage]

[-10, -12, -15, -10]

Dropping its health to 811, Zeus did not waste his time as he rained the blows after blows on the rabbit.




Reducing its health to mere 258, the rabbit gave an enraged scream but this time it was affected by a 'blindness' as such it charged in a random direction, giving out a reddish aura as it went and slammed head first onto a large boulder very hard causing a large damage of -200 appearing about on top of it as well as stunning it.

Azi and Tarasque did not waste any time as they attacked the rabbit immediately.





And the One-horned Rabbit king fell dead, as Zeus dashed up by their side as he spoke, "Wait I have very high luck stat let me loot it."

The duo stepped aside as Zeus 'looted' the prey.

One-horned Rabbit king pelt X 1

Rabbit Meat (Grey) X 1

Rabbit King's Boots X 1

Rabbit King's Horn X 1

Core (Rare) X 1

Zeus: "There is no time to waste we have to leave now, we can check the loot later on properly, and the last thing I wish for is being hounded by mobs.", he then glanced towards a group of people who were making their way towards his group but were still a distance from them.

The trio then once again started moving towards their destination and soon reached the forest.

Zeus: "Keep your eyes peeled and ears opened last time when I was attacked by the wolves I was only able to perceive the attack because it stepped on a twig before attacking me."

Azi: "The more I see the more I am amazed, it feels as if I am really walking inside a real life forest."

Tarasque: "Just as you have said it Azi, it is really amazing and thank you for letting me experience it."

Zeus just gave a small a smile at that as he spoke, "There is no need to thank me."

The forest was full of life as they heard sound of various creatures chirping, howling, and shouting the cacophony of so many noise looked like a natural orchestra created by various animals.

Tarasque: "We should check the outer part of the forest first before moving further inside."

Zeus: "Yup so true who knows what level of mobs is present inside this jungle as such if we move without planning we might get killed."

They were searching the inside of the forest for quite some time now, when all of a sudden Azi heard a weird sound.

Azi spoke with a hiss, "Stop I heard something listen."

The others stopped at that as they listened carefully they heard a faint buzzing noise.

As they neared the place they were greeted by the sight of a few bees, Zeus smirked as he discreetly used 'Observe' on them.

Name: Worker Bee

Level: 3

Health: 380/380

Mana: 400/400

Stamina: 300/300

Zeus smirked as he spoke, "Nice the Rabbit got me a 1000EXP, now I am level 4. Let us hunt these bees down and if I am not wrong than you two should be at the same level."

The duo nodded at him, as Zeus spoke, "Azi, fire an arrow and draw its agro."

Azi nodded as she let loose an arrow towards it but it missed, "Tch, last time it was really my luck being near the rabbit helped me to hit it accurately but now."

Zeus: "Well we can visit the Dojo and help you develop your skill with archery but for now it is enough I think, we were successful in drawing its attention."

The bee buzzed angrily as he neared the group trying to stab them, only for the trio to spread apart while Zeus confronted it. He dodged the first as he used slice, stab and power strike at the bee effectively killing it.

Zeus frowned as he spoke in distaste, "I only got a measly 10EXP killing it."

Azi: "Also it seems we did not share the exp in this case, but why we are a team."

Tarasque shrugged as he spoke, "Well it can because we did not actively partic.i.p.ate in this fight, or it can be because we are of higher level."

Zeus: "Well we have to check it out then. Azi lure another one it will be a group effort."

Soon another arrived an effectively they disposed of it, each of them taking turns. .h.i.tting it.

Zeus: "Well this time we each got about 3EXP except me who got 4Exp, must be from my high attack rate, well after this we have to throw ourselves trying to increase our stats."

Zeus then looted the bees, as he sighed.

Bee Sting X 2

Honey X 1

Zeus: "Well it seemed so far we have only collected one jar of honey, who knows what the drop rate of honey is."

Tarasque: "Jar of honey? How did it drop a jar?"

Zeus: "Granny Zoe the quest giver gave me 10 empty gla.s.s jars to fill, one of them just got filled by honey."

As such they started to draw in and kill at least 35 bees, with that they were able to gather the 10 jar of honey.

They were resting near a big tree, joking with each other.

Suddenly Tarasque jumped moving Zeus out of his way as an arrow hit her hard, causing about 1000 damage to her.

Azi and Zeus did not waste any time as they literally sprang up on their feet, while pus.h.i.+ng Tarasque behind them as he spoke, "Where are you mongrels come out and face us."

"Kekekeke, why should we? Just empty your inventory and I will allow you all to go or else the next attack will not miss.", a voice came mocking from behind a bush.

Zeus whispered low enough for his teammates to hear only, "We do not know how many are there, we have to …."

Azi stopped him from speaking as she whispered with a smirk, "Zeus you do not have to worry too much let me use my skills."

Azi: "Life Aura Eye."

Everything in front of her suddenly turned black except a few flicker of reddish fire casing her to smirk, "Zeus, there 5 of them present, one on top of the tree two on left and right and two of them are behind us."

Zeus nodded as he spoke, "Well dog then come down here and roll in front of me if you want some treats."

As he predicted the person on top of the tree fired an arrow, which he blocked it with his sword staff causing him to grin, if he follows normal gaming rules of PKing then since he was attacked first he is safe.

Without turning back he thrust the staff back as he used 'Fireball', both of the people who were attacking had their eyes widen as a ball of fire raced towards them hitting one of them straight in the face exploding in one of the person's face while the other felt the brunt of the attack from the explosion.

[-300] and [-200], floated above them as Tarasque raced towards the one still alive, while Zeus and Azi made a bee line towards the other two leaving the archer still on top of the tree.

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