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I stared into the distant as my eyes became misty as the words she spoke to me reverberated in my mind, "Listen Liam you are cute and even a bit more handsome than most of the boys but the world does not run on them, they run on money Quinn Carr's father will be joining the prestigious 'Olympus club', whose one of the criteria is being a billionaire, and Quinn is his father's only son by being with him my future will be secured with him as my spouse, I know you love me and being with you was fun and all but the reality is different I do not want to waste my time with someone who would spend the rest of his life trying to simply bring bread to the table, I would rather be with someone who would pamper me rather than with someone with whom I have to spend worrying about money and food and what not.", she took a deep breath as she began speaking, "Look I do not wish to sound rude or insulting but it is for the best after all a toad cannot eat a swan's flesh as such next time try to be with someone befitting your status."

Whatever she was going to speak was stopped when an obnoxious voice came to my ears, "Aimee dear let us leave I brought the car my father gifted me last month, you have already wasted a good few minutes of your life talking to this low born trash."

I looked towards the person who spoke, it looked as if one of the most ugliest grimiest and fattest toad was trying hard to pose as a human and was failing miserably, and no the person could not be called a toad at all it will be an insult to the amphibians all around the globe.

The girl now identified as Aimee, whose full name Aimee Wallace smiled flirtatiously at the toad as she spoke, "I am coming beloved, oh before I leave remember never to approach me, talk with me or think about me anymore or there will be severe consequences."

Another voice spoke jovially, "Please Aimee there is no need to be cruel to the poor guy let him dream about you that is the only thing he could achieve in his miserable life."

At that a few more people surrounding them laughed out loud at that mocking me, as they left one by one each of them were friends I made during the last couple of years I still could not believe them treating me like that it happened all of a sudden after the toad transferred here, they all left me and flocked around the toad and because of his father's money, take that away what is he nothing even a street dog will not use him like it uses a lamp post.

As they were leaving one of them spoke, "Well it was nice knowing you kid, but did you see the car Quinn brought with him, it is name is 'Ugati Kiron', it costs more than $3 million, no matter what your ex says I believe that one day you will have enough money to buy it's worn out tire before your 80th birthday.", the person was barely keeping himself from laughing.

The group howled in laughter at that, I watched stunned at their retreating figure specially Aimee Wallace my girlfriend for 2 years who just broke up with me now was pa.s.sionately kissing the toad, I felt sick at the site but it seemed my misfortune was not over as gruff voice, "You over there you have quite the nerve disturbing other students and as long as I Maurice is here I will not tolerate something as such", with that he grabbed me by my color as he dragged me to serve a detention.

Maurice Cantu, how I hate the guy our P.E. teacher, he and some of the faculty of our school literally kisses the ground the toad walks specially this guy just because the father has money, if he were to be ordered Maurice would even sell of his family in order to get a single pat on his head from the toad.

It had been more than a few weeks since then and today I was graduating from this place, at the tender age of 15 I was graduating from 'Sacred Heart School', I would have done earlier but unfortunately the law of the land prevented me. Most of my fellow graduates were between 17 and 18, a ceremony was being held for such but my mind was in chaos my breakup just before the final exams all those moments I shared with her all those memories did they meant nothing to her, I persevered through the whole ordeal, the exams kept me from breaking down but now I was falling apart seeing her snuggling against the toad like that, I was brought from the depressing thoughts by a someone poking me at my ribs bringing me to attention.

I looked and saw everyone looking towards me as the was looking towards me with a smile, I blushed in embarra.s.sment as I walked in quick s.p.a.ce towards the stage as I was handed the certificate from the's hands as he spoke in a kind grandfatherly tone, "Mr. Marshall, you do us proud by not only graduating at 15 but by getting the highest score in over a decade. Keep up the good work young man."

A couple of pictures were taken ands as I came down the stage I was engulfed in a powerful hug, "Oh I knew you could do it sweetie."

A pleasant smell of sweet smell of jasmine enter my nose as the pleasant voice enter my ears a huge grin formed on my face at the sound of one of the few people I love the most in the world, "Mom, you came to my graduation.", I exclaimed in surprise as I returned the hug.

A felt a powerful and firm hand slowly pat my back I turned to see the grinning visage of my father, "Why would we miss the graduation of my cute baby boy?"

I released myself from my mother's loving hug before I hugged my old man a hug, "But I thought both of you were busy as such will not be here for the rest of the week, not only that you were half way across the world."

The man shrugged as he replied breaking the hug, "So what for my baby boy I will even walk around the globe bare footed without rest this is nothing."

"Sir, I think it is time for madam and you along with young master to leave the reporters are already here creating commotion.", a person dressed in black suit with came and spoke respectfully.

With that the family of three were escorted to an expensive looking limousine from 'Ugati', as flashed of camera and shouting of questions could be heard from a group of reporters as the entire school of 'Sacred Heart School' looked with wide eyed as the top graduate of their year being escorted by a group of armed security to an expensive looking limousine which was then followed by a convoy of armored cars as the reporters chased them.

Oh it seems to me that I forgot to introduce myself well then listen well for I will not repeat again, My name is Nathanael Henderson, 15 years old, I am 5 foot 2 inches tall, lithe build with blonde hair and blue eyes and according to my mother a rather incredibly cute boy.

The person seating directly opposite to me is my father Tristan Henderson, a tall brunette of over 6 feet 5 inches, a 42 year old man with a swimmers build and blue eyes the CEO of 'Solicetems', a global company with products in various categories from power to rail to s.h.i.+p to cars to oil and most importantly unknown to most weapons.

The woman by my side who is none other than my beloved mother a blonde hair and brown eyes Aubrielle Henderson nee Montgomery, a graceful woman of 6 feet in height and please tell no one but even if she looks as if she is in her late twenties and early thirties she is 42 years of age as well the COO of the 'Solicetems'.

Aubrielle suddenly spoke with sadness evident in her voice as she gently held my hand, "Son I know what happened a few days ago."

My eyes narrowed at that as I asked, "What do you mean by that mother?"

This time it was Tristan who spoke, "We know how your ex-girlfriend broke you heart son, and we are partially responsible for that. We thought if we hid your lineage we would protect you from unwanted attention and prevent you from developing an ego as such we raised you in such a humble manner and as such very few people even know of your existence we did not wish you o be hara.s.sed by some over enthusiastic paparazzo, but because of that you girlfriend and even a few of your friends left you for that we are sorry."

I was silent for a few minutes as I gazed towards the floor of the car before I replied, "No mother there is no need for you to say sorry, they are at fault when Amilee left I felt immense sadness and to tell you the truth I still am sad, I loved her with everything I was planning to introduce her to you both even tell her my real ident.i.ty but it was a good thing at the end because she never loved me she used me and when she got bored she threw me because of some money, someone like her is simple opportunistic b.i.t.c.h, and I want nothing to do with her.", my eyes turned misty once again.

Tristan looked towards me as he frowned before he grabbed the phone adjacent to his sit pressing a single b.u.t.ton he gave out an order, "Walkins and Smith Ice cream shop as fast as possible."

I turned towards him as he spoke with a grin, "So who wants an ice cream."

I grinned back at him before I asked something that has me bugging me for some time, "Dad why did change you your mind and now you are announcing me to the entire world?"

It was my mother who replied back, "Actually we believe you are old enough now, we have sheltered you and granted you as much privacy as possible but now it is high time for you to step into the lime light after all you are the heir of our company and it is time for the world to learn more about the future face of 'Solicetems'."

Tristan: "Upon saying that the next time you go visit some public bathroom check the place thoroughly who knows someone might be trying to take pictures of you.", I visibly paled at that.

A tub of ice cream later we entered our house no palace could be more appropriate spread across a near about a 100 acres, as their car entered though the driveway and as they disembarked near the door of their home they were greeted by a rows of maids and butlers as one of them stood apart the rest she bowed towards the family as she spoke, "Welcome back home, my Lady, Lord and Young master."

Katrina Gallagher dressed in as a male butler uniform the housekeeper of 'Osphrey' my no our family home. Katrina the super housekeeper who knew everything we want even before it left our mouth my very first friend and… Oh did I forget to mention that I once had a crush on her until I started going out with that b.i.t.c.h, well once is a wrong word because I still might have an itsy bitys tiny weeny bit crush on her.

As we entered the house my eyes widened as I caught sight of someone I shouted at the top of my voice as I ran towards him, "PIRATE KING!!!!"

The one called 'pirate king' simply stood up as he spread his arms wide as I hugged him, "arrrr how is my little sailor doing."

Pirate king, whose real name is Ryle Montgomery, 69 year Ex-Lieutenant General of Us Marine Corps, a Caucasian male with sandy brown hair with white here and there standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall with the most notable feature being a couple of scars on his face and a black eye patch over his left eye, as such I call him 'Pirate King', my maternal grandfather.

"Oh my grandson forgot about his grand pa I will have to cry now.", I turned my attention towards the speaker who was smiling towards me I left 'Pirate King's' hug as I went and hugged him, "Gramps, how have you been?"

My paternal Grandfather, Dominic Henderson, a 72 year old 6 foot 6 inches tall brunette and a senator from Virginia.

"If you two have finished hogging his attention let us speak with him as well."

This time I was greeted by none other than Isabella my maternal grandmother, a 6 foot 2 inches tall woman of late sixties and Saniyah, a 6 foot 3 inches tall woman of 70 years of age.

They except my grandpa Dominic were members of the board of directors in Solicetem.

As we greeted and spoke with each other father came up towards us as he cleared his throat drawing attention towards him as he spoke, "Son go get refreshed and change it is already late and I think it is time for lunch."

I nodded and left in order to get dressed, as I left for my room, they began speaking among themselves whose contents I did not hear because I swear I was not eavesdropping on them.

I could hear mother's voice full of disdain as she spoke, "Those little s.h.i.+ts advising my baby to work hard so that he may one day able to buy a worn out tire of an 'Ugati', we own the company oh how I want to turn that little gremlin to ro…"

A sudden clearing of throat made me turn my back as I was greeted with the sight of Katrina staring at me with clear amus.e.m.e.nt in her voice, "Young master, I believe your father told you to get changed and refreshed."

I gave a nervous smile as I spoke, "Ahahaha, I was just lost in thought yes yes I was simply lost in thought I will be on my way then."

Later that evening my father summoned me after I had just finished watching the movie at the private theater inside our house, a movie adaptation of my favorite novel, 'Heavenly Dao Child', I was so sad at the ending on seeing how his sisters tried to change him from a kind and helpful boy to a merciless and ruthless child.

"Ah here you are son, come here and see what I had installed in your room.", he beckoned him to his room where a sleek machine laid with its lid open showing a bed like structure inside it, "Child I present to you the latest version of "FEVR', a full body emersion virtual reality machine."

I watched with child like wonder at the machine, before I looked at the silver white colored machine with purple colored bed and golden trim, the word platinum edition engraved on the lid along with the number 001 engraved in pure gold causing my eyes to widen.

"Dad is this, what I think it is."

Dad simply nodded at me as he spoke, "Yes, it is a VR machine capable of 100% immersion."

I was drooling at the sight of the machine a $4 million worth of machine oh the games I could play in this as I began day dreaming, my dad tapped my shoulder bringing my attention towards him as he spoke, "Well it has the game 'The Embers of Isera', preinstalled in it and I believe you wanted to play it right."

I nodded at that a game that was coveted by millions no billions of fans around the globe a game many called hoax as it claimed to be a gateway to an alternate reality a game I had been dying to play but the recent events made me forget about it, but then I was struck with a sudden epiphany as I shouted out in alarm, "Oh my G.o.d I forgot it will be releasing today at 10 o'clock."

Dad: "Then what are you waiting for start registering and what not, then you will not have to wait at the last minute to register and from what I have heard you can begin character creation just now."

I nodded as I laid inside the machine as the lid closed with a hiss, soon my vision blackened as I heard a mechanical voice came o my ears, "LINK START", before the whole world blinded in a bright display of colors.

It was a beginning of a new adventure a new saga not only for me but also the beginning of a legend the legend of the….

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