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Warning: This chapter was designed to enrage people, especially those whom have intense paternal/maternal feelings. If you are a particularly sensitive person, you might want to skip this chapter.


Laws only protect those affiliated to the organizations whom made them. The more advanced the civilization, the stricter the laws. Anyone not under the organization, or anyone whom breaks the rules of the organization, will be punished by the organization. Everything outside of the organization's jurisdiction, is basically a lawless zone.

In dark ash city, the Savant Snake alchemic school, and the Azure Reaper martial school, are the highest of those organizations. Outside of their members, anyone not strong enough, or without a strong enough background, are lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

"Stop... Please stop...!"

Inside what looked to be a dark storehouse, two men are holding a woman up by her arms.

The woman was lifted up to make it look like she is standing, but both her legs are bent in odd angles. If the lights were turned on, one would be able to see that those legs are bruised, bleeding, and broken.

Tears are streaming down the woman's pretty face.

There is a good-looking young man of about 17 years old standing in front of her. He has a vicious expression on his face. He held a crowbar in one hand and swung it relentlessly at the woman's exposed stomach!

"Die! Die! Die!" He shouted, once with every strike. He isn't looking at the woman herself, but instead at her swollen belly. Every time he hit it, a chunk of meat would be torn off by the crooked end of the crowbar, and following that, a streak of blood would flow out, like when a bag of red water is cut open.

"Please stop... My baby!" The woman desperately plead as she cried in pain. All her clothes below her chest, have been ripped off, but she doesn't care about that. The skin of her stomach was torn with many long open scars, but that doesn't matter to her either. The only thing that matters to her is the unborn baby inside her womb, the one that is being repeatedly struck right now.

But no matter how pitiful her cries, the evil young man in front of her would not stop.

A short distance behind the young man, a group of guards are witnessing this scene while chatting quietly with each other. These guards were sent by the young man's parents to protect him while he roams the city. The two men holding the woman's arms are also guards like them. They were the ones whom kidnapped the woman for their young master.

"Look at how much that wh.o.r.e is shouting. Doesn't she know that her baby has already died?" One of the guards sneered. The woman's womb had already been hit enough times that the baby within had surely died. Actually, with the strength of the one striking it being of a cultivator of the 2nd stage, it would not have been a surprise if it had died at the first strike.

"She's crying so much, she's turned ugly..." Another guard scowled.

One of them actually said in a voice containing pity: "I actually feel slightly sorry for her. She didn't do anything to our young master Horry; Yet, she has to face his wrath like this. It's all because he got castrated last month..."

"Rah!" Putting all his strength into one final strike, the young man named Horry, struck the sharp end of the crowbar deep into the woman's womb!

The woman painfully cried. A large chuck of her abdominal flesh was torn off. Along with it, the crowbar had pulled out a mangle ma.s.s of meat.

As that ma.s.s of red meat flew through the air, it entered into the view of the woman's stunned and teary eyes. Although it had not fully developed, and is now badly mangled and clawed apart in several places, the fetus still has some semblance to a human being.

Crying loudly, ignoring her intense pain, she struggled to break free from the grasps of the men holding her.

"My baby! My baby!" She cried. Very desperately, she wants to go over to where the fetus had fell. However, no matter how intense her struggle, she couldn't break free. The men holding her back are too strong.

"Who said I got castrated!" Horry roared. He turned around to glare at those guards behind his back. All of them fell silent, and none gave him an answer.

"Hmph!" Horry snorted. Then, he looked back at the crying woman and his handiwork. Seeing the b.l.o.o.d.y mess that is the woman's womb, and the mangled fetus on the floor, the pain in his heart eased a little.

One month ago, he had spotted a pregnant young woman at school, and decided to play a joke on her. He had lead some of his friends in verbally abusing her.

That was only supposed to be a harmless joke... He never expected her to have such a violent reaction, nor did he expected that she would be so monstrously strong!

Using some kind of magic, she had slashed his d*ck before he knew it. The slash was so bad that everything in between his legs had disintegrated, and a new slit had been born through the middle of his groin.

When he tried to take revenge, he and all of those friends of his whom were present at that time, were smashed by some large object, and sent flying through the air.

All of those friends that he had there, died, while he himself had barely survived. If it wasn't for the great number of elixirs that his parents had poured into his body to strengthen it, he wouldn't only have ended up with battered flesh and broken bones.

Even with plenty of healing elixirs, he had to spend several months in the hospital afterwards. This was not because his body had been too damaged, but because he had been completely unconscious the entire time!

After he woke up, he naturally wanted revenge. But then he heard that his grandfather, a mighty elder of the Savant Snake alchemic school and the head of his family, had already died trying to get revenge for him! This had shocked him. On one hand, he was thinking about how utterly useless his grandfather was, and on the other hand, he felt scared! That b*tch he had provoke was actually so d*mn f***ing scary!

After he heard that the one who killed his grandfather escaped practically unpunished, he no longer dared to go to school.

To vent his hate, he decided to kidnap some pregnant women from among the commoners, and beat their wombs!

Looking at the woman desperately struggling before him, he smirked and said, "Let go of her.".

His subordinates did as he told, and then he watched, as this unsightly wh.o.r.e crawled over to the dead fetus using her arms. He laughed in amus.e.m.e.nt as he watched her cradling that hideous ma.s.s of meat.

Then, he turned towards his guards.

He motioned by pointing his chin at the door. "Tie her up and toss her in the car. As usual, we'll sell her at the brothel."

This wasn't their first time kidnapping a woman off of the streets. Every once in a while, Horry would bring his family's subordinates to search for some pretty-looking women from among the commoners on the streets. Then, they would kidnap them to sell them to a brothel for some extra spending money.

They wouldn't target the richly-dressed ones, as that could bring about unforeseen consequences. Few would say anything though, if they s.n.a.t.c.hed some commoners.

This is the first time though, that Horry's beaten the woman he's kidnapped to such an extent. Although the stress in his heart has been alleviated a little, he still felt disappointed that her value as 'merchandise' would lower.


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