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Chapter 33: Kicking and pain

Hai'an still jumped although Carl explained, the inspector still has to do so. If Lydney's protective s.h.i.+eld was not good enough, then could he survive?

The scene suddenly became tense.

“Sorry, that's the rule.” The inspector apologized, but without any apology in his tone, said, “Oh, pure human, why don't you hang in your man's bed? Why did you need to run through the black market?” He looked up and down at Lydney in a contemptuous tone, and saw Lydney's handsome face and said this insultingly.

The opprobrious tone of his voice was too apparent. It was fine if he was just following protocol, but he didn't need to insult people. Even Hai'an, who had always been gentle and docile, wanted to beat the inspector. Sure enough, when Carl heard this, his hands were clenched tightly into fists and his blue veins looked ready to burst.

When Lydney heard this, he suddenly stepped forward and kicked the inspector sinisterly in the crotch.

All the others present hissed in a breath of cool air. Hai'an also felt that this was painful. The vines he had released all shrank back at once, but fortunately, Lydney did not seem meek now .

If it had been him, Hai'an would not have been able to kick him but he would have slapped the man with his vines. After all, his whole body wasn't big enough right now.

The inspector was suddenly kicked by Lydney, and his face was twisted. When the other inspectors saw him being attacked, they immediately picked up their guns and pointed it at them, but their other hand could not help but protect their crotches.

“Sorry, I'm just a pure human being. I didn't use much force so I shouldn't have hurt you.” Lydney apologized sincerely with a stoic look on his face. “I think your defense here is so strict so I wanted to try it out and see your response. Oh, I'm so embarra.s.sed.”

The inspector couldn't say a word. He stooped painfully and had a distorted face. What else could he say? Say he was kicked and dropped to his knees by a pure human? He can't afford to lose that face.

An inspector rushed up and helped him up, and no longer hara.s.sed Auguste's crew. He just glanced at Hai'an and let him pa.s.s.

How many storms could a potted plant set off? He was not a mutated plant.

So Hai'an sat in his nest and entered Cessie's collection room.

Cessie's collection room was like a small castle surrounded by a retro-European fence that housed a small fountain pool in which Cessie's pet beasts were kept. Hai'an also saw several pots of plants. These pops of green were not precious plants like Hai'an, but mainly pure ornamental plants without any thought. Besides the fence, there were several fruit trees.

The castle was made of white bricks, sky-blue domes and stained gla.s.s windows. It looked very dreamy. It stood at the top of the Dreamladder. Under him, the black market was like his kingdom. The painting style of this castle did not match the whole black market very well, neither did Cessie's style of painting.

When Auguste arrived at the castle, the door opened automatically. At a glance, Cessie was seen standing on the balcony of the tall second-floor interior, dressed in purple aristocratic dress, waiting for them.

Cessie saw them coming and took off his top hat. One hand was hanging down close to the seam of his trousers. The other hand was placed up in front of his belly. He bent down to give Auguste a universal bow of an interstellar merchant.

“Long time no see, Auguste.” He took the stairs on the side of the balcony. In the middle of the hall was a long table with three beautiful candlesticks, many delicious foods and even fresh fruit with water droplets. Cessie went to the long table and poured himself a gla.s.s of wine. “Have you eaten yet? Would you like to have a meal together?”

“Cessie.” Auguste's voice was a little than usual, but those not familiar with him could not hear it at all. Hai'an had stayed with him for a long time, which made him hear a little exasperation in Auguste's voice at the moment. “We're not here for dinner. You said you've found the Ayulon eggs and the moonlight seeds.”

Auguste was calm. But Hai'an knew that his heart was not as quiet as he had shown.

Cessie shook his gla.s.s and took a sip of wine.

Auguste was dressed in a pure black uniform. His tall and strong body was wrapped up in hard armor that made a slight cras.h.i.+ng sound when he walked. With the momentum of a general, a sense of oppression was exuded. He looked straight ahead, his black hair hanging slightly over his eyes, his lips clenched tightly, his eyebrows wrinkled.

This was Auguste, who had gone through more than a hundred years of war.

Cessie knew when he saw Auguste, that this time, he could never keep the Ayulon eggs.

Auguste looked calm to anyone except those close to him who felt something was wrong with him.

But Jamie was different. When Jamie, who stood behind Auguste, heard this, he stepped forward excitedly. His lips were slightly open, but he did not say what he wanted to say. His hands were clenched tightly and trembling at his side.

He has been waiting for this day for more than a hundred years.

Cessie was so shrewd that he could become the first businessman in control of a black market. Of course, his eyesight is not bad. He had long seen how important these things were to Auguste and his crew.

Auguste had been searching for Ayulon eggs for hundreds of years, and Jamie was the poorest man on the s.h.i.+p, because every sum of his money was given to Cessie and other expeditions for new planets within the universe to find the moonlight flowers.

Cessie gave them a sincere smile. "Of course, why else would I contact you? Come with me.” After that, he turned around and took Auguste with him to the collection room.

Cessie's collection house was on the second floor of the castle. It was very famous all over the stars for its many exotic treasures. If someone sees something inside, they should exchange it for something else that Cessie was interested in, or they could buy it at a high price.

The wealthy businessman Cain traded owners.h.i.+p of a planet for a set of jewelry called Tears of Cyria as an annual gift for his sister. But his sister, wearing the jewelry, ran away with Ivan Randall, a wild man, and married in Flower Street on the occasion of the Star Year celebration.

No wonder Cain did not hesitate to join the Freedom Alliance and threatened to fight Ivan.

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