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      Happy Chinese New Year ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ?? *:・゚✧*:・゚✧. No hong bao ? since I'm not married yet (*≧▽≦) but here is an extra chapter part and oranges. Wish all of you a wonderful spring festival, may the new year be filled with prosperity and wealth.

Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 28 Part 3: Inviting Wealth

It was the first time for the young lady to start work and she looked very nervous. Her hands were holding a notebook and  she was seriously listening to him talking, looking extremely adorable. Lu He Nian was itching to touch the top of her head and gently rub it. Recalling that there were still others around, he restrained himself and didn't move. 

He once again reminded: "In the future, take a taxi to go to work. Or you can also take the bus route nº 1 or nº 18. At the end of the month, you can ask for the transport reimburs.e.m.e.nt."

Upon hearing, w.a.n.g Jing at the side looked at Zhang Chong Ming with surprise. Zhang Chong Ming returned an awkward and polite smile at him. The director's impartiality, he was already used to it. Could they, the secretaries, be compared to Miss Yun?  

When Yun Rong heard Lu He Nian say this, she happily thought, from tomorrow onwards, I will shrink myself to an inch to go to work, but still can get reimburs.e.m.e.nt for transport. She felt her purse expanding. 

Due to Lu He Nian's life fate, in the office, except for the receptionist and the cleaning aunt, there were no female staff. As a result, when Lu He Nian brought Yun Rong to the elevator, the female staff at the reception desk was so startled that she dropped the forms in her hands.

"Good morning, director!" Lin Xiao Man grabbed the forms fl.u.s.teredly. She bent her waist in greeting, her heart jumping madly. What did she just see? The director brought a woman to work? 

Lu He Nian casted a glance at Lin Xiao Man and gave an "en" in acknowledgement as he walked past and directly brought Yun Rong into the elevator. 

Lu He Nian's indifferent att.i.tude made Lin Xiao Man, who was bent at her waist, tighten her hold on the doc.u.ments. She couldn't help raising her head to take a look, but only caught sight of Yun Rong's back entering the elevator. 

She straightened her waist steadily and sat on the chair. The forms in her hand were carelessly thrown onto the reception desk. She felt  stuffy and grabbed a few waste papers to tear before feeling a bit better. 

Actually, she didn't take offense to Lu He Nian's indifferent manner. She had worked at Lu Corporation for more than a year, and she already understood from early on that the director was someone who didn't speak and smile much. She did not feel that this kind of cold person was very distant, on the contrary, she felt that he had an indescribable charm, constantly attracting her.  

Originally, the Lu Corporation had only a few female staff. Aside from her, there were just a few 40-year-old aunts. Lin Xiao Man felt that she was special, how many people want to enter the company, but it was only her that was accepted. She heard that each and every personnel in the company was personally looked over by the director. Could this still not explain the problem? 

She was special in the director's eyes!

Lin Xiao Man took out her makeup mirror and saw her round face reflected inside. Her skin wasn't very good and the thick foundation wasn't able to conceal the pimple marks and her dull skin. Her eyes were big, yet without any spirit. Her nose also wasn't tall. She couldn't be considered beautiful, at best, she could only be considered as pretty.

But it's exactly this kind of her that was able to stand out from so many beautiful women and got the position of a receptionist at Lu Corporation. She was better compared to those beautiful women. Being in contact with each other all the time, there would come a day when the director would see her feelings for him. Lin Xiao Man kept waiting all along.

But now everything had changed. The director had personally brought a woman to the Lu Corporation. Lin Xiao Man knew her name was Yun Rong because yesterday secretary w.a.n.g had already come and informed them to take care of her, saying that it was the director's new secretary. 

A new secretary, what a load of fart! The director already had four secretaries, did he still need a new secretary? Lookeing enchanting like a demon, no need to say secretary, people would believe more if said that she was his mistress. 

Lin Xiao Man felt extremely suffocated in her chest and flames of jealousy slowly came out. Wasn't it just because she looked beautiful? Wasn't it just because her body was good? Wasn't it just because she was wealthy? If she also looked beautiful, the director would definitely have taken note of her earlier. 

Just counting on looking beautiful, for what reason were these women able to easily obtain what they wanted? Why was she only the ugly duckling behind those bright and beautiful women? She really hated it. 

As Lin Xiao Man was thinking, the makeup mirror held tightly in her hand reflected her distorted appearance. 

Suddenly, from inside her makeup mirror, "Lin Xiao Man", a light voice sounded, followed by a laugh. She obviously had not moved, yet her reflection in the mirror gracefully teased her hair while looking at her carelessly. With an enticing voice, the reflection spoke again: "Do you want to be beautiful?"

When Lin Xiao Man came out of her surprise, she almost threw the makeup mirror in her hands away. But the question from the mirror was like a poisonous snake, coiling around her heart, making her heart jump violently.

Do I want to be beautiful? Want ah. Even in my dreams I want. She wanted to be beautiful so badly that she even considered going for plastic surgery. However she was to scarring and the hospital absolutely would not accept her.

The her inside the mirror spoke, "Do you also want to have a good figure?"

Lin Xiao Man nodded her head foolishly, her both hands tightly clasping the makeup mirror. She spat out two words with difficulty: "I want!" 

"He he……." The her inside the mirror let out a tinkling laugh like silver bells. Her voice sounded faraway, as if in the middle of a fog: "Tonight at midnight, come to Suli riverbank. I will fulfill your wish……."  

"Who are you?" asked Lin Xiao Man.

The woman inside the mirror exposed a charming smile, her red lips opened and spoke: "I am what you are longing for……." Done speaking, the outer layer of the mirror seemed to be covered with a layer of mist and that woman gradually disappeared. 

"Tonight at midnight, Suli riverbank; tonight at midnight, Suli riverbank……." Lin Xiao Man's mouth kept repeating these words. Then she stuffed the mirror inside her bag and quietly began her day of work.

If we have learnt anything recently, is to not go out carelessy at night sigh… 

Wait! Why are you looking at me with those sparkling eyes?! Huh? No way, I ain't giving anyone red envelopes! (do I look like someone who has that kind of power? You better ask Lu He Nian instead…>_<) at="" most="" i="" can="" give="" you="" an="" extra="" chapter,="" and="" don't="" ask="" me="" about="" the="" oranges="" bc="" i="" don't="" know="" either="" xd="" why="" oranges="" ah?="" i="" prefer="">

btw Lime lied, she is my wifey so ofc she is married >.

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