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A/N: Sorry for the long wait, I just haven't been as motivated to do this fanfic, you know, with the recent let-downs Marvels been giving us, they haven't exactly been fueling my creative side.

Peter nodded his head and informed Thor of what was happening.

"Zeus, here? In person?" Thor's eyes widened.

"That a bad thing?" MJ asked.

"Only if you don't like entire universes being destroyed. There is a reason All-Fathers don't fight, if they did, they would not be able to control the destruction that they would bring," Thor shook his head in fear.

"Well then, let's go talk to daddy." Peter made a quick portal and appeared in the designated location provided to him.

They saw a ma.s.sive bolt of lightning descend upon the land as they stepped out, a man wreathed in electricity and lightning stood across from the rest of the Avengers who were in a particular and dangerous situation.

"Look, we don't know where Ares is, please stop this rampage at once," Captian America shouted.

"My son, the traitor! Where is he!?" Zeus stood tall, his body at peak physical condition, yet his face slightly older, wiser looking with long white hair and a long beard.

Thor stood forward and bowed, "Great Father G.o.d Zeus, I implore you to return, not all is at it seems, your grandson has been kidnapped, Ares is being forced to do things against his will."

Zeus stared down Thor and gave a quick 'humph' as he looked at Thor's honest expression, "A new Demi-G.o.d is born, how come Ares didn't notify us."

This time Peter stepped up, "Um, I might have an answer for that one."

Zeus glared at Peter as if he were an insignificant mortal; when he sensed the power of the Merlin Stones, Zeus did a one-eighty, "I see, you have quite the destiny ahead of you, tell me, Spider-Man. Why did my son fail to inform our Pantheon of a new Demi-G.o.d being born."

Spider-Man tilted his head and said, "He wanted to let him live a normal life. Can't be normal if you're the son of a G.o.d."

Zeus paused, he then let out a sigh, "Find my son, return him to Mount. Olympus, along with my bolt."

Thor frowned, "Ares took your Bolt of Judgment? This is worse than I thought."

"Ares is preparing for War," Peter said shaking his head.

"With who?" MJ questioned.

"Probably with the person who kidnapped his son," Peter said pointing his head up.

Zeus returned to Mount. Olympus while the rest of the Avengers were being clued into to what happened, "I see, it all makes sense now, the Prime Rock, Zeus's Bolt, and the Frost Giant's Gem, Ares is building a weapon." Thor said with a sour expression on his face.

"Okay, we should probably find that kid then," Tony turned to Peter, "Got any tricks magic man."

Peter pulled out a piece of hair that he took from Ares's wife, "A tracking spell might not work, the one who took Alex is probably prepared for that."

"Then what good is your spell going to be?" Captain America asked.

Peter laughed, "It's what won't appear that's going to give them away, my spell shows magically blocked zones as blacked out blotches." Peter threw up his spell tracking spell, a 3D hologram of the city appeared, Peter then pointed to the Sanctum, "This is Doctor Strange's place, see?"

Everyone looked to the blacked out image on Bleeker Street, "I get it, so we search the other blacked out areas on the map," Captain America said nodding his head.

Peter looked around and saw that there were three spots in New York, minus the Sanctum, however, Peter didn't think that any of them would pan out.

"The boy's life signature isn't at any of them, in fact," Peter activated his Power Gem and used to expand the search, the 3D Hologram s.h.i.+fted into a globe of the world, the piece of hair fell over the house in New York, "That's the mom, next location."

The hair then s.h.i.+fted all the way across the ocean, "Oh, j.a.pan. Alex is in j.a.pan."

Turning off his Power Mode, Peter shook his head, "I think we should get someone to join us," Peter looked to Captian America, "We need someone who knows their way around j.a.pan's territory."

"Who do you have in mind?" Steve asked.

"An old friend of yours actually," Peter mentioned as he opened a portal to the X-Mansion.

"After stepping through with everyone, Xavier saw the Avengers standing in his office, standing up he looked to Peter and before he could say anything, Peter sent him a mental report concerning to why he needed his power, and how he used it, along with what was currently happening."

"I see," Xavier shook his head in acceptance as he walked over, "So you need to borrow Logan."

Peter nodded his head, "Yes, no one knows j.a.pan, quite like Logan."

Captain America walked over and held out his hand, "It's an honor to meet you, I'm..."

"Steve Rogers, I know, and I appreciate s.h.i.+eld's discretions when concerning us, my father was a big fan of yours." Xavier shook his hand.

"I can't read Mr. Starks mind because of the equipment he's installed, or any of the rest of you for that matter, but I know of your exploits, can't say I've had the honor of shaking a G.o.ds hand before," Xavier said as he shook the rest of the Avengers' hands.

Xavier, not wanting to waste any more time, called up Logan and reintroduced him to Captian America, "James?" Steve said as he pulled up his mask.

Logan gave Steve a confused stare, "Look, Bub, my name is Logan."

"No, it isn't, your name is James Howlett, I fought with you in WW2." Steve gave him a hug, "Ugh, you still smell like a swamp."

Logan was a little shook up, "Wait a minute, I fought in WW2?"

Captain America smiled as he pulled back, "Yes, you were a good ally, I heard that you were caught by German forces and executed with your brother."

Logan smiled, "I don't die, bub."

"But apparently you forget things," Peter said tilting his head.

"It's because of the adamantium bullet fragments lodged in his brain, it's keeping a small portion of his memories sealed," Xavier explained.

"I can fix that." Peter said holding up his hand, "But, it's going to hurt...a lot."

"Kid, are you serious!?" Logan shouted as he grabbed Peter's shoulders.

"Yes, there are two ways I can do it, one way I know will work for sure, the other is completely experimental and requires magic." Peter then looked Logan in the eye, "Which one do you prefer?"

Logan smiled, "Give me pain, I can handle that, as long as you know it will work."

Peter shook his head, "Okay, hold on,"

"To what?" Logan asked.

However the moment Peter used his magnetic control, Logan fell back on his head and screamed out in pain, Peter moved as quickly as he could, he scanned Logan's body with magic, then located all the pieces of Adamantium and pulled on them as hard as he could, once they reached the small bone hole that was made from the head shot wound, all the particulates flew out his brain and then Peter used them to reform the small pebble of Adamantium into the missing section.

The burning sensation of the new adamantium melding into his skull, almost caused Logan to vomit. "Holy, c.r.a.p!" Logan shouted as he stood back up and punched Peter.

"Never do that again!" Logan shouted as he grabbed his forehead.

Before he could say anything more, a tidal wave of memories came surging back into his brain, Peter laid on the ground and said, "Ouch! What the heck man! I helped you!"

Logan stared at his own hands before he let out a laugh, "Hah."

"Logan?" Xavier looked at him with a bit of worry because Logan was crying.

"I'm alright professor, it's just, I remembered, someone I forgot." Logan turned back to look at Peter and the rest of the Avengers, "So I take it you came here for more than just to help out little old me."

Peter chuckled, "Little is right."

"Watch it, bub, you're not that much taller," Logan shot back.

"Yeah I am, and I'll have you know Tiny Wolveriney, I'm still growing," Peter said rubbing his jaw.

"You want me to punch you again? Call me that name one more time." Logan lifted his fist.

Peter held up his hands, "Ah! Not the face, it's my money maker and MJ's favorite thing to look at."

MJ laughed and then said, "Hit him, Logan."

Peter looked back, "MJ, what the heck?"

"Some humility goes a long way. Next time don't be so" MJ couldn't help but joke around.

"Ahem," Thor interrupted, "We have a Demi-G.o.d to search for."

"Right, well, Logan, James, what do I call you?" Peter asked.

"Logan is fine." Logan said placing his hands up, "There's nothing left for James, and I like the life I built."

"Okay, Logan then, we have to go to j.a.pan, figured you knew your way around, I mainly want you there to help us avoid any other bad guy places, we don't want to start something in j.a.pan while we're looking for a kid," Peter then went ahead and showed him a mental picture of Alex.

"I see, well, if a kid is on the line, what are we doing here?" Logan left the room.

"Where is he going?" Tony asked.

"To suit up," Peter said waiting for him to return.

Logan came back in full gear and said, "So, where's our ride."

Peter laughed and said, "Right here." as he created a portal to an alleyway in j.a.pan.

Before they stepped through the portal, Peter turned to Logan and said, "So, I guess this makes you an official Avenger now."

"It would be an honor to have you join Jam...Logan." Steve said as he put his mask back on."

"It's good to see you as well Steve," Logan said as he stepped through.

"Gotta say, these portals sure are handy," Tony said as he hopped through.

After everyone stepped through Peter turned to Xavier and said, "I'm sorry, about before, it was..."

"An extreme circ.u.mstance, you had little time to explain, and there is something in your memories that you don't want anyone knowing, I get it, Peter, I just wish you trusted me." Xavier said shaking his head, "I don't hate you for what you did, after seeing what you went through, I can understand, so I'll forgive you, just this once, Peter. Don't let my trust go waste this time."

"Thank's professor," Peter said before jumping through the portal.

After they left, Xavier looked at his legs and smiled, "Well, off to cla.s.s then."

The Avengers came out of the portal and ended up in a secluded part of j.a.pan, Peter then recreated his tracking spell and said, "Okay Logan, where is the Hand's location at, there the biggest evil-magic users in j.a.pan, we can't afford a confrontation with them if we're searching for a kid."

Logan pointed out the locations that they should avoid, Steve then turned to Mary Jane and asked, "Spider-Woman, can you keep an eye out for any G.o.dly signatures."

MJ nodded her head and created as she added her spell to Peter's map, a few hundred signals came up when Peter suddenly said, "I forgot how many G.o.ds there are in j.a.pan's Pantheon, they must have many Demi-G.o.d families living here. 8-Million G.o.ds give them lots of opportunities."

"I'll never understand how Amaterasu puts up with so many other G.o.ds," Thor said shaking his head, "It must be tiresome."

"Well, at least we know why they brought the kid to j.a.pan," Logan commented.

"A perfect place to hide, or is it more than that..." Peter rubbed his chin, "Do you think it could be a j.a.panese G.o.d that kidnapped Alex?"

"We could ask for Amaterasu's aid if it was," Thor mentioned.

"Well, what are we waiting for, shouldn't the gate to the Kami's Realm be somewhere here in j.a.pan?" Peter asked Thor.

"Yes, it is, follow me," As they all dashed out the alleyway, Thor turned to the rest and said, "It has been some time since I visited, Takamagahara. You must stay by my side until we reach Amaterasu's abode, Takamagahara is a dangerous land compared to Asgard."

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