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Reed, Johnny, and MJ, all jumped into her arms and started crying, "I'm so glad you're okay."

Sue looked puzzled and said, "What's happening?"

Peter began to explain the situation after he finished he said, "You need to keep wearing my Symbiote until your child is born, it's the only way to keep you and your baby healthy. Reed also needs to get to work on creating a way to suppress this kids power, some kind of device that can limit his ability to warp reality."

Sue looked to Peter and pulled him into the group hug, "Thank you for saving my baby!" Peter patted her on the back and said, "It's okay, we're practically family, I have no doubt in my mind that you would do the same for me."

"But what about your suit?" Sue asked feeling the powers Peter collected coursing through her.

"I have a spare, it will be fine," Peter replied as he pulled the spare suit along with his bag of infinite s.p.a.ce out of Webster.

Reed and Johnny hugged Peter tightly, and kept saying "Thank you!"

MJ smiled and watched them with a gentle expression on her face, they continued to talk and help Sue adjust to her new and temporary powers, after a long while, Peter looked outside and noticed that it was starting to get dark.

Sue insisted that they stay for dinner, and they chatted about their lives and what they've been up to lately. "No fair, Web Head, how come you never invite me to these events?" Johnny shouted.

"Because you're always busy! Flamming Torchick" Peter shot back.

"Did you just call me a pokemon?" Johnny shouted.

Everyone started to laugh at the two of them bickering, after dinner, the two decided to call it a day, they went back to Avengers tower and took a break, Tony called him to come work on his new project, his Parents and MJ joined in as well.

Time pa.s.sed by pretty slowly that day, the next day Avengers tower was visited by Thor. The whole group was gathered when Thor came down on a lightning bolt, he waved his hand and shouted, "Friends, it's good to see you all again."

Thor came up and started to shake hands with the Avengers, he then turned to Captian America and said, "I need your help, a man who is currently going by the name John Aaron, he is an old friend of mine, and is in need of help."

"An old friend?" Questioned.

"He is also known as the G.o.d of War Ares, he chose to live as a mortal a while back, but something happened to him, for some reason he stole something from the Asgardian vault, and I need your help to track him down."

Peter nodded his head and tried to think of what this was from, but after searching his memories, he realized that it was something that was completely new.

Peter raised his hand and placed it on Thor's shoulder and said, "We'll find him."

Peter then started to use a ma.s.sive locating spell that brought up a 3d map of the entire city of New York, he then pointed to a bright blue dot on the map, "This is you, Thor, I've set the search up to look for G.o.dly forces, if he's in NY we'll find them."

"Spider-Man you've learned magic? Thor questioned with surprise on his face.

"I learned magic too!" MJ shouted as she started helping Peter scan the city.

"Yeah..." Peter suddenly zoomed in on a position and said, "We already have a hit, multiple hits. We'll have to split up." Peter handed a piece of paper with the spell on it to Captian America, when Steve said, "You take the west side, we'll take the east."

The Avengers headed out, Tony, Peter, MJ, and Thor all flew across the sky and got there first to see a giant stone-like man marching through the streets, Peter recognized him as Ulik, a member of the race of Rock Trolls.

Rock Trolls live within caverns in the extradimensional realm of Asgard, over a millennium old, Ulik is the strongest and fiercest of all the Trolls. Virtually nothing is known of his ancestry, his early life, or why he is so much more powerful than the other members of his race.

Ulik first met Thor, the mightiest warrior of Asgard, several years ago when he attempted to steal Thor's hammer for the Rock Trolls. Ulik was the leading warrior in the Rock Troll's war with the G.o.ds of Asgard, during which he fought a monumental battle against Thor, in which Ulik was armed with a duplicate of Thor's own Uru hammer. Although Ulik proved to be a formidable opponent, Thor ultimately triumphed over him, and the Troll's attempted invasion of Asgard.

Ever since then these two have become eternal rivals, and now he was rampaging through the streets, when Thor spotted him he laughed before landing in front of him, "Ulik, I thought you got the message, Earth is under my protection, you should leave before I make you."

Ulik looked at Thor and growled, "Thor!" He pulled out some stone knuckle braces and jumped at Thor, however, Thor wasn't alone, he stood in the air waiting for Ulik to get closer when all of the sudden, MJ, and Peter webbed up his arms and legs and started to pull them apart.

UIik was strong, but so were Peter and MJ, Ulik tried to struggle when Thor smiled before pulling his fist back and grabbing the chest fur of the Rock Troll, and shouted, "Ulik, Why are you here, do you have anything to do with Ares's betrayal ?"

"p.i.s.s off Thor, you don't think that I know you and that Ares are in cahoots with each other? He stole the Prime Stone from our lands, I've just come to collect," Ulik fumed.

Peter sighed and said, "Hey, where is Ares now?"

"I was smelling him out, that is until your group interrupted! Fight me like a man, Thor!" Ulik shot back.

Peter started to web him up leaving only his head open, when started to talk to Ulik, "If you help us find Ares, we will return the Prime Rock to you, only as long as you agree to leave this realm and never return."

Ulik frowned, he really didn't like being ordered around by such a weaker looking child, when Thor said, "I will back up the Spider-Man's claims, if you help to search for Ares, I give you my word as future King of Asgard, that we will return what was stolen."

The Rockman sighed, "Fine!"

Peter removed his webbing and started to carry him above the city, "Where to Ulik?"

Ulik began sniffing the air and pointed north, "That way."

This lasted for a while, they led all over the city to places Ares had certainly visited in the past, the Rock Troll had finally arrived at a small looking suburban house.

Thor walked up to the door alongside the rest and said, "Are you sure this is where Ares lives?"

"Yes, the house is full of that G.o.d's stench!" Ulik said covering his nose.

Peter knocked on the door to see a young woman who looked like she hadn't slept for hours. Her hair was messy, and bags were under her eyes, she had long black hair, and looked quite beautiful.

"The Avengers!?" The woman shouted and slammed the door on their faces before shouting "Go Away."

"You must be Ares's wife, he has told me much about you, I am his friend Thor, is he in some kind of trouble."

"Leave!" The woman started crying, "Please, just leave."

Peter snapped his fingers and used his reality stone to make a fake copy of the woman, before teleporting them all back to Avengers Tower.

The woman started to freak out and said, "No, I can't leave, if I leave, they'll hurt my baby!"

Suddenly things were beginning to make sense, "Relax!" Peter said as he pulled up a portal to her house, it showed the copy of her acting as she would, "I can only keep this up for less than a minute. So you better explain quickly so that we can help your husband out of this situation.

Seeing a chance to hope, the lady shouted, "My name is Jeana Aarons, and my child has been kidnapped by a strange person, they said if we want him back Ares would have to do his bidding."

Peter scratched his head and said, "30 seconds, give us a description."

"She had long black hair like a lions mane, she wore a pink j.a.panese Kimono and prayer beads around her neck. I couldn't see her face because she was wearing a Noh Mask. About 6 feet tall, and she had long pointed black claws for hands."

Peter snapped his fingers and returned Ares's wife to her home.

With only 10 seconds remaining in his Reality Gem he shut down his spell and said, "Okay, now we know we're dealing with a Kidnapping and a blackmail."

Peter then received a call from Cap and listened as he said, "Hey we could use a hand over here! A G.o.d named Zeus is looking for his son."

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