10 Wishes 29 This Is Your Punishment To Those Who Commented Like A Hundred Times.

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Looking at the elder judal said, "Since you believe That you are right, why don't we, go through a heavenly order, to see who here is to blame."

A heavenly order is basically going to court but this can happen in any place you want it to be, you just need to have 3 witnesses and you just need to make the contract for the heavenly order.

Hearing this the elder looked at Judal as if he had just seen the most r.e.t.a.r.ded person ever.

Without wasting any time, he immediately brought out the contract for heavenly order.

The reason he was so quick to do this was mainly that if he proved that he was right he could gain his cultivation back in exchange for Judal's cultivation.

The Elder immediately dropped a drop of his blood on the talisman, then sent it towards Judal.

Judal did the same thing and then suddenly the sky started to darken then from the two drops of blood a body started to be created The thing created by the two drops of blood looked at the elder and judal then said:" since you guys have activated the heavenly order you guys should know the requirement for what I need".

They both nodded then the elder said:" today we have brought summoned here to judge a situation between me and this despicable person".

The elder did not say what actually happened and said "just a few seconds ago, this despicable person destroyed my life's cultivation for no reason, I was just pa.s.sing through here watching a tournament for my sect, then he saw a very good seedling for my sect and decided to kill him to not let our sect gain a powerhouse".

The person created from blood did not show any change of expression and looked at Judal.

"Is what he saying true".

"Yes but actually no"

"What do you mean?" the person that was created from Judal's and the elder's blood asked.

"Well, the person suddenly attacked my fiance for no reason and was trying to kill her".

"why do I even bother with this, just bring me your witnesses and bring them to me".

Judal previously had already changed their memorise to one where Judal looked like an angel, so just when this time comes he could just be proven innocent then he would be able to do whatever he wants to the elder.

The witnesses came forth, the elder had just picked some random people and made the as the witnesses.

The judge obviously wasn't going to ask these people to tell him what happened.

He came close to them and touched the head of all three of them to see what they saw today.

If 2 out of three of their memories showed that Judal was innocent judal judge would side with Judal and punish the elder and same went if it was the other way around.

The judge looked through the memories of the witnesses and immediately came to the conclusion that judal was innocent.

Immediately after this, the elder suddenly felt from his blood times chains come out and started to go around him.

Without giving the elder to ask why the judge had come to this conclusion, the judge blocked his mouth with his own blood.

He looked at Sam and said," i hereby declare that you have every right to punish this guy so tell me what you want me to do to him".

"do you want me to punish his soul for 10,000 years?"

"do you want me to kill him"

"Do you want me to kill him with small ants until he dies?, from being completely extracted from his bones".

"Choose whatever you want I will do it to him".

"Woah, don't take me for such an evil guy that would kill a soul, I only want a suitable punishment that can calm my anger for trying to kill me".

"What you want me to do then?"

"i only went a light punishment to befall upon him so here I go with what I want to happen to him".

"First, make it so whenever he wears clothes they disappear and whenever he is not with a stranger he is teleported to a stranger"

"Second, where ever he goes make it so where ever he is, there should be a group of goblins or orcs that are about 1 km away from him".

"Third, make it so that the elder can attract all the goblins and orcs to himself and make them h.o.r.n.y".

That all I want to happen to him, I don't want him to die, such punishment is unpleasant in my eyes, so I choose this punishment for him.

Hearing what Judal said, everybody in the area felt like Judal a suite the hypocrite, for saying that he didn't want him dead because he wasn't cruel but then to continue to give punishment billion of times worse than death.

Judal went towards Rina and said "we might wanna get out of here quickly as we both don't wanna see what's gonna happen, to this elder next".

Immediately Judal and Rina teleported away from here.

They both started laughing before starting go as far from this place as possible, they didn't wanna witness live p.o.r.n in front of them so they decided to go away.

The judge did what Judal has asked him, the first thing that happened was that all his clothes disappeared then a roar of orcs and goblins in the heat was heard.

Few seconds pa.s.sed huge orcs and goblins appeared with looking at the elder as if they had found what they were looking for.

Everybody quickly ran away as they didn't wanna see as to what was about to happen. Except for some people that wanted to see something exciting.

The blood that was chaining the elder disappeared and the first thing he did was clench his a.s.s.

As he thought about what was about to go to happen to it.

He started running as fast as he could but before he could gambling caught him and immediately started to do him without even waiting for anything.

He lost his mind as time went on and slowly felt pleasure from what was happening.


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