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When they clashed with each other, the entire stage was presented with a magnificent scene. At the point of collision, blue and golden light scattered. There were bolts of lightning, arc-shaped glows, and the impacts of shockwaves. All these caused the protective barriers around the stage to undulate with rings of light, and the spectators were unable to see what was happening on the stage.

Who won, who lost?!

The spectators entered a very tense state, especially w.a.n.g Qiu'er's supporters. This duel was too important to them. If w.a.n.g Qiu'er won, it would prove that she was the strongest dragon-type soul master in this tournament!

The lights lasted for seven to eight seconds before they slowly faded away.

The figures of w.a.n.g Qiu'er and Yu Tianlong were also slowly revealed.

w.a.n.g Qiu'er was panting heavily. The golden light on her body had become weaker, and there was a streak of blood at the edge of her lips.

Yu Tianlong's condition was even worse than hers. The scales on his right shoulder and chest had rolled up, and he was bleeding profusely.

It looked like he had been bitten by the golden dragon. His face was very pale.

Without a doubt, w.a.n.g Qiu'er had gained the upper hand in the previous clash.

Both of them were still as compet.i.tive as before, however. Yu Tianlong's eyes were filled with a crazed look, perhaps because he was agitated after being hurt. He roared out, “I haven't lost!”

Intense bolts of lightning appeared once again. However, they were no longer black, only bluish-purple like before. He wiped his left hand on his chest and right shoulder. A patch of bluish-purple lightning flashed past, and he sealed his wounds, accompanied by the smell of burning flesh.

His face contorted because of the intense pain. However, he grit his teeth and bore the pain stoically. He took a step forward with his left leg and flew up. He opened his arms wide, as if he wanted to hug w.a.n.g Qiu'er.

w.a.n.g Qiu'er's expression was still very cold. Her compet.i.tive will didn't seem to waver because her opponent had gone crazy. She also moved her left leg forward and leapt into the air, not giving in at all as she barreled towards him.

Yu Tianlong's arms expanded, and he slashed towards the sides of w.a.n.g Qiu'er's body with his Lightning Dragon's Claws.

He had once tested this attack before; even a huge granite boulder was blown to ashes after he hugged it with this attack!

After being dealt a huge blow by w.a.n.g Qiu'er, he forgot all about his romantic feelings. There was only a burning compet.i.tiveness in his heart. He wanted to win!

w.a.n.g Qiu'er smacked her hands to her sides and resisted his attack forcefully. She was also very adept at using her trademark attacks!

Two booms sounded at the same time. The Golden Dragon edged out the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon once again. Even though Yu Tianlong had already tried his best for this attack, he still didn't manage to gain any headway as his claws clashed with w.a.n.g Qiu'er's s.h.i.+ning, golden hands.

w.a.n.g Qiu'er grabbed onto his dragon claws and pulled them backward. She seemed to be pulling Yu Tianlong into her embrace.

However, Yu Tianlong saw her lifting her right knee in front of her chest.

Subconsciously, he wanted to lift his leg to kick her. However, her arms shook at this moment, and two waves of force spread through his arms. Yu Tianlong screamed in pain, and his arms were abruptly dislocated even though he was protected by the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon!

Following this, w.a.n.g Qiu'er's golden knee touched his chest, but she pointed it down immediately.

w.a.n.g Qiu'er was merciful towards him. When her knee hit his chest, she let go of his claws. Yu Tianlong was smashed to the ground. His entire body caved into the floor.

If w.a.n.g Qiu'er hadn't let go of his hands, his arms would have been torn off as she struck him in the chest with her knee.

Victory had been decided at this point.

w.a.n.g Qiu'er drifted back to the ground in front of Yu Tianlong.

Yu Tianlong's mouth was bleeding profusely. As he looked at the gloomy sky above, there was an indignant look on his face. However, he had indeed lost this fight. w.a.n.g Qiu'er had even let him off twice, even though she could have seriously hurt him.

She hadn't torn his arms off, and she hadn't struck the center of his chest. Otherwise, his sternum would have been shattered.

She's too strong. She's really too strong! I've lost. I can't beat her. While our abilities aren't too far apart, she's able to repress me in every aspect.

Yu Tianlong shut his eyes indignantly. Blood still flowed from his nose and mouth. However, the crazed look on his face slowly disappeared.

Zheng Zhan walked forward quickly and checked Yu Tianlong's condition. After he did so, he immediately gestured.

“Shrek Academy, w.a.n.g Qiu'er wins.”

After Zheng Zhan announced the result, cheers erupted across the entire spectating crowd. Hysterical screams could be heard, and the spectators were evidently extremely excited at this point.

Their Golden Dragon Lady had won! She had defeated Yu Tianlong!

Their Golden Dragon Lady was the number one dragon-type soul master in this tournament. She led had Shrek into the finals with her abilities! Everyone believed that the glory belonged to w.a.n.g Qiu'er. w.a.n.g Qiu'er had stolen the limelight from the rest of Shrek's members!

Right now, cheers could also be heard in the resting area. When w.a.n.g Qiu'er's right knee struck Yu Tianlong to the ground, all the main team members and subst.i.tutes from Shrek's team jumped up in excitement. They couldn't be bothered even when they flipped the chairs and tables and quickly rushed out of the resting area.

When the Unbreakable Douluo announced the result, they immediately rushed up to the stage and came to w.a.n.g Qiu'er's side. They encircled her and threw her into the air.

Victory! They had attained victory! This was Shrek's glory. Shrek Academy had made the finals once again!

From the last tournament to this tournament, Shrek's team had experienced the two toughest tournaments in their history!

In the last tournament, Shrek's Seven Monsters had turned the tables. In this tournament, w.a.n.g Qiu'er was the one who did so!

So what if we are a one-man team? w.a.n.g Qiu'er first curbed her own teammates using her dominant abilities and cold demeanor!

Apart from Huo Yuhao, everyone from Tang Sect also jumped up in excitement and started clapping.

They were also delighted that Shrek Academy had won. As members of Shrek's Seven Monsters, they also carried Shrek's glory on their shoulders! Seeing that Shrek's team had entered the finals once again, they couldn't help but recall everything that had happened in the last tournament. They too had toiled to win that tournament! All of them were feeling emotional at this point.

w.a.n.g Dong'er was agitated. Ever since w.a.n.g Qiu'er had saved Huo Yuhao, she had experienced great emotional changes with regards to w.a.n.g Qiu'er. She knew deeply that nothing was going on between Huo Yuhao and w.a.n.g Qiu'er. On the stage that day, she had claimed that w.a.n.g Qiu'er was her sister. After that, she experienced even greater emotional changes. As she witnessed how w.a.n.g Qiu'er defeated Yu Tianlong, she felt as if she were the one on the stage. For an instant, she even thought that she had turned into w.a.n.g Qiu'er and fought Yu Tianlong herself.

Although Huo Yuhao couldn't stand up and couldn't cheer for Shrek, he was very moved and excited right now.

Victory! Qiu'er has really led Shrek into the finals through her individual abilities. Qiu'er, you've led your teammates to this stage entirely through your own determination and abilities! I know how much you must have sacrificed. Your abilities have also improved. You deserve to enter the final match!

After the cheers had died down, Qiu'er was let down by her teammates. She didn't seem very excited. She was just as cold as ever.

She quickly walked to the side of the stage and jumped off.

Yu Tianlong had already returned to his resting area with the help of his teammates. Although his injuries weren't light, he wasn't too gravely hurt, as w.a.n.g Qiu'er had taken mercy on him.

As he saw w.a.n.g Qiu'er returning to the resting area, Yu Tianlong called out to her, a little hoa.r.s.ely.

w.a.n.g Qiu'er twisted her head to look at him, “What?”

The look in Yu Tianlong's eyes was a little complicated. “I've lost. I'm lost convincingly. My abilities are indeed inferior to yours. However, this doesn't mean I'll always be lousier than you. I'll exceed you one day!”

“Anytime.” w.a.n.g Qiu'er was calm. It was as if victory was very normal for her.

Seeing that she was about to leave, he hurriedly said, “I'll fulfill the terms of our bet. From now on, I'll be your servant for three years.”

w.a.n.g Qiu'er furrowed her brow. “No need. As long as the Heavenly Dragon Sect concedes defeat, you'll have fulfilled the terms of our bet.”

Yu Tianlong was very stubborn, “No. Since I made a promise earlier, I won't go back on my word. When the tournament is over, I'll be your servant. I'll protect you for three years.”

From the time he lost until the time he reached the resting area, Yu Tianlong had already thought of many things, even though it was only a short period of time. I've lost. I've lost to w.a.n.g Qiu'er. After his craziness disappeared, her ravis.h.i.+ng figure became more etched in his mind. He discovered he had fallen in love with this cold-hearted, yet strong Golden Dragon Lady!

It was only at this point that he understood why the leader from Shrek Academy had proposed that bet. Dignity didn't seem very important in the face of love! He had decided to truly follow w.a.n.g Qiu'er for the next three years. 

He was confident in himself. Even though he had lost today, he didn't think his cultivation was too far behind hers. In these three years, he needed to conquer her through his own hard work! He was going to convince her to be his woman!

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