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Huo Yuhao could only use his right hand. It was difficult for him to eat on his own. w.a.n.g Dong'er didn't want him to tax himself, and thus she took over this role. Everyone was envious and jealous when they saw this.

Xu Sans.h.i.+ was looking at Huo Yuhao as w.a.n.g Dong'er fed her. He whispered to Jiang Nannan, “My love, please feed me too.”

Jiang Nannan snapped, “How old are you?”

“Three…” Xu Sans.h.i.+ said bashfully.

“Scram!” Jiang Nannan roared at him and gave him a shock. He quickly escaped and avoided her flying kick.

On the other side, the same thing happened more intimately due to character differences.

He Caitou looked at Xiao Xiao with a gentle gaze in his eyes, “Why don't I feed you too? You are eating too little. Look at you, you are getting thin.”

Xiao Xiao laughed and said, “I'm not that weak. I can feed myself. Go and eat. You are getting thin.”

Jing Ziyan rolled her eyes as she eavesdropped from the side. Thin? This guy is thin? Isn't he at least three hundred catties? He's as big as a mountain, but she calls him thin. How did she bring herself to say that? Those in love really have extremely low intelligence!

In fact, Jing Ziyan felt very depressed. As the first test subject of Huo Yuhao's self-created spiritual-soul fusion skill, she was traumatized. Without dealing with this trauma, she knew that she couldn't challenge him in the future!

Ji Juechen was even more silent. His eyes never s.h.i.+fted away from the front, and he was in a perpetually pensive state. At times, he would start gesturing with his right hand, as if he were trying to imitate something.

Everyone enjoyed their lunch in a very relaxed mood. They didn't rush to move off. There were still two days to the registration deadline of the tournament. After entering Radiant City, they had to be completely wary at all times. Here, they were still able to relax and rest!

Just as everyone was about to finish their lunch with delicious meat soup, the rapid clatter of horse hoofs could be heard coming in.


Before everyone got up to take a look, the familiar power of Huo Yuhal's Spiritual Detection was unleashed. An image surfaced in everyone's minds.

While Huo Yuhao's Spiritual Detection presented a detailed image to everyone, it was still unable to project any color. While they were far away, the image in their minds was still very clear.

It was a cavalry regiment. There were fourteen people in total, and they were all dressed in black warrior robes. Their steeds weren't ordinary, either. They were taller than most horses, and more than four meters in length, with a shoulder height around one meter and eighty centimeters. They were extremely large and muscular. The strange thing was that these steeds didn't have hair, only a layer of fine scales. Every steed also had a bulging protrusion on its head.

Jing Ziyan couldn't help but say, “Eh, those are Hornscale Horses. They're really rich!” 

Hornscale Horses weren't related to normal horses. They were soul beasts. They weren't good at offense, but their defensive strength was rather high. They possessed two innate soul skills, Blackscale Armor and Heavenly Horn Barrier. Such soul beasts usually appeared in herds, because they weren't good at fighting. That was also why they rarely appeared in soul beasts' forests. They mainly lived in the gra.s.slands.

Their lack of fighting strength meant that they were compensated in other areas. Hornscale Horses had great endurance, around three times that of ordinary horses. They were also very quick. When they moved, even at a full gallop, they could also unleash their Heavenly Horn Barrier to protect themselves and reduce wind resistance.

As they could be tamed by humans, the n.o.bility of the various empires kept them as pets. One Hornscale Horse could be sold for between five thousand and ten thousand gold soul coins. If they were hundred-year Hornscale Horses, they could cost ten times more. It was even more expensive for thousand-year Hornscale Horses. These prices were so astronomical that demand became almost zero. As for those that were at least ten thousand years old… they barely existed at all. They usually couldn't evolve to that level due to their ancestry. Even though there was a legend that they possessed a shred of the Unicorn bloodline, that little amount of heritage was barely significant. A Unicorn was a Transcendent Soul Beast. Furthermore, Unicorns were rumored to be at the same level as the Divine Giant Dragon, but their existence was also seen as a myth.

All of the men were riding Hornscale Horses. Their leader, who was an elder, was even riding a hundred-year Hornscale Horse. It wasn't exaggerated to claim that they were rich.

Hornscale Horses were indeed very quick. In a matter of seconds, the cavalry regiment quickly appeared in front of Shrek's Seven Monsters.

Shrek's Seven Monsters had chosen a good spot to rest. The ground was level, but elevated. The view was great, and there were even a few huge trees around. It was very cool as they took shade under the trees. The fragrance from their meat soup also made the entire atmosphere feel more rustic.

The cavalry regiment quickly discovered them, and the elder lifted his hand, stopping the others behind him. The entire team was evidently very organized. The riders also coordinated well with their horses.

The elder slowly rode up to them and smiled. He asked, “Greetings all. Are all of you going to compete in the tournament?”

Seeing that the other party was being very ceremonious, Bei Bei stood up and walked a few steps forward before replying, “Yes, we are from the Tang Sect. We are going to Radiant City for the tournament.”

“The Tang Sect?” The elder was stunned. He didn't seem to have a deep impression of the sect in his mind. It took him some time before he recalled, “Oh, it's a very ancient sect! We are from the Heavenly Armor Sect. We are also here for the tournament. We are tired from rus.h.i.+ng on our journey. May we rest here too? Don't worry, we won't disturb all of you.”

Bei Bei smiled and replied, “Of course you can. We still have some meat soup that we cooked. If you don't mind, we can share it with all of you.”

The elder laughed and said, “That would be great. Everyone, dismount!” As he spoke, he leapt off from his horse first.

Not only was the size of a hundred-year Hornscale Horse different, but the on its head was also larger, with a patch of brown scales at the center of its forehead. After the elder dismounted, it obediently went to one side to graze. There weren't many soul beasts that fed on gra.s.s. This Hornscale Horse had great endurance, and it wasn't very troublesome to feed. This was also a reason why the n.o.bility loved them.

When the elder jumped off from his horse, the rest of the riders also dismounted. Their actions were neat and tidy, even rhythmic. No one made any noise, but they knew their roles. Hornscale Horses were quite intelligent, and didn't need to be instructed. They walked off on their own to graze, but didn't venture too far away.

The riders started to get busy as they camped close to the group from the Tang Sect. Some of them retrieved dry rations, while others grabbed their water pouches. Someone was in charge of starting a fire and cooking. In a while, the smell of their meal drifted over.

The elder led two youths over and scanned everyone from the Tang Sect. Eventually, he fixed his gaze on Bei Bei. From how Bei Bei had reacted earlier, he could tell that he was the leader of their group. However, he underestimated Tang Sect because of this discovery. This ancient sect doesn't even have an experienced leader. What's going on?

“Young man, how are you? I'm Han Zhanhu from the Heavenly Armor Sect. I'm the leader of my sect. I've brought these youths along to gain some experience.”

Jiang Nannan led two youths to get some of the meat soup. These two youths were very cautious. Their faces turned red when they saw Jiang Nannan's ravis.h.i.+ng looks. After that, they didn't dare to look at her anymore. Jiang Nannan almost burst out in laughter when she saw their shy looks. These two youths were really amusing!

Xu Sans.h.i.+ was watching carefully from one side. He chortled when he saw their faces turn red, and stopped them monitoring further. They were really inexperienced!

Bei Bei was already conversing with Han Zhanhu, “I'm the eldest senior of the Tang Sect. Greetings to elder.”

Bei Bei's refined appearance was very likable. When Han Zhanhu discovered that he was the leader of the Tang Sect, he was stunned.

“So you are Master Bei. Apologies for the disrespect.” No matter how strong the Tang Sect was now, it was still an ancient sect. Han Zhanhu became more formal with his words. Han Zhanhu had to be a senior figure from the Heavenly Armor Sect. He was a tall and mighty man. His aura was pressing too. As he gestured, he seemed awe-inspiring.

Huo Yuhao sat on the Golden Tree Wheelchair and observed these people. Although they only just interacted, he managed to make some deductions.

First, the Heavenly Armor Sect was obviously not from the Sun Moon Empire. That was because they were riding horses. One of the tournament's stipulations was that the competing teams needed to have at least five members who had four or more soul rings. Four-ringed soul masters could use flying-type soul tools. If they were from the Sun Moon Empire, it wouldn't make sense that they didn't use soul tools. From the Hornscale Horses they rode, it was more likely that they came from the Heavenly Soul Empire. That was because the Heavenly Soul Empire was famous for producing such soul beasts.

Besides this, Huo Yuhao could also tell that the Heavenly Armor Sect had very strict rules. The young cavaliers were filled with fear and respect as they looked at Han Zhanhu. They were also very organized. In addition, they rarely spoke to one another. Even when they conversed with one another, they whispered. Such a disciplined sect was quite admirable!

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