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Book 3: Fusion of Martial Souls

Chapter 20.2: The Body Soul's Secret

“Spirit Eyes? Your martial soul is your eyes?” w.a.n.g Yan's response was even greater than Huo Yuhao could've imagined. After hearing Huo Yuhao's explanation, he was so excited that he almost jumped up. He looked at Huo Yuhao with a face full of excitement.

Huo Yuhao stared blankly and asked, “Teacher w.a.n.g, what's come over you?”

w.a.n.g Yan grabbed ahold of Huo Yuhao's shoulders with both of his hands and said, “Answer me first. Is your martial soul your eyes?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Yes!”

w.a.n.g Yan inhaled deeply, then interrogated him further with a nervous expression on his face. “Then, do you belong to the Body Sect?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head, feeling lost, “The Body Sect? Teacher w.a.n.g, I haven't heard of them before.”

A hint of ecstasy blossomed in w.a.n.g Yan's eyes. He released his grip on Huo Yuhao and said, “Wonderful! This is truly wonderful! Haha, I never would've thought that our Shrek Academy would obtain such a great bargain. No wonder… No wonder your role is enormous, even though you only have a ten year soul ring. As it turns out, you actually have a body soul. It really is a pity. If you'd entered the Academy earlier, I would've helped you obtain a soul ring at the limit of what you could absorb for your first soul ring, no matter what!”

Looking at the slightly mysterious w.a.n.g Yan who was chattering away, Huo Yuhao couldn't help but turn around and look at w.a.n.g Dong and Xiao Xiao. Huo Yuhao and w.a.n.g Dong had already encountered the unreasonable Evil Fire Phoenix named Ma Xiaotao before. Teacher w.a.n.g had been pretty normal when they met him two days ago! How come he'd suddenly changed? Huo Yuhao couldn't help but recall the words that Teacher Xiao Ya and his eldest senior brother had said after witnessing the present scene. There weren't many monster students in Shrek Academy, but there were definitely many monster teachers.

w.a.n.g Yan inhaled deeply, calming the astonishment and joy in his heart. He then said, “Alright. Huo Yuhao, you guys head back and rest first. I'll come and look for you again later on.” After he finished speaking, he turned around and hastily left.

Looking at his leaving figure, Xiao Xiao couldn't help but ask in a low voice, “It can't be that Teacher w.a.n.g is mental, right?”

Huo Yuhao frowned and replied, “Don't talk about Teacher w.a.n.g like that.”

w.a.n.g Dong went up to Huo Yuhao's side and said, “He must've lost his composure due to your body soul. I think I've also heard that people who possess body souls are extremely rare, but I've never heard of something called the 'Body Sect' before.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and smiled. “Forget it. I reckon that Teacher w.a.n.g will still come and find me again in the future. Shouldn't we celebrate our total victory? I'll treat you guys to something good at the dining hall.”

Xiao Xiao was eager to eat, as she immediately revealed her desire to eat something. “Forget about the dining hall. Cla.s.s monitor, I still haven't tried your roasted fish. No matter what you say, you have to satisfy this small wish of mine today.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled and said, “No problem. It's still early. Let's return to our dormitories and rest for awhile first; we'll meet at the dormitory's gate later tonight. There shouldn't be anything important tomorrow. In any case, let's rest and reorganise ourselves before before the start of the elimination matches.”

The three of them returned to the dormitory together. Xiao Xiao went upstairs to the girls' dormitory—the area that was absolutely restricted to the male students.

Huo Yuhao followed w.a.n.g Dong back to the dormitory. However, he didn't expect w.a.n.g Dong to look as though he had a lot on his mind.

“What's up? w.a.n.g Dong, what're you thinking about?” Huo Yuhao asked w.a.n.g Dong, who was currently sitting on his bed.

w.a.n.g Dong muttered irresolutely to himself, saying, “Yuhao, I'm thinking about what happened during our first match today. No matter what way I think about it, I still feel that something isn't right. Even though the power of my thousand year soul ring skill is extremely strong, the other party was using a martial soul fusion skill! I could feel that you focused your Spiritual Detection Sharing and detected the inner part of their soul skill, but it wasn't to share it with me. Immediately after you did that, their soul skill was defeated. What exactly did you do?”

He raised his head as he spoke and looked at Huo Yuhao with a burning gaze.

Huo Yuhao's heart leapt. He knew that it would be slightly difficult if he wanted to keep things from w.a.n.g Dong. w.a.n.g Dong was different from Teacher w.a.n.g Yan; they both shared a dormitory, and had also cultivated together for such a long time. w.a.n.g Dong understood him very well. If he fabricated a lie, perhaps he might be able to bluff his way out of it, but w.a.n.g Dong would definitely hold a grudge against him for doing so.

As a result of this, Huo Yuhao didn't reply at first, instead sinking into hesitation and deep thought.

It was definitely impossible for him to tell the truth. The existence of the million year soul beast, the Skydream Iceworm, was too mind-blowing. It would affect one in unimaginable ways regardless of who that person was. If he told w.a.n.g Dong the truth, he might only be harming him. However, what was he to do if he couldn't tell him the truth?

Suddenly, the words 'body soul' flashed through Huo Yuhao's mind. His eyes shone, revealing that the fact that he'd come up with an idea.

“w.a.n.g Dong.” Huo Yuhao raised his head once more. There was a somewhat serious gaze in his eyes compared to normal.

w.a.n.g Dong had never seen Huo Yuhao look this way before, and immediately stared at him while saying, “Could it be that you really have some kind of trump card?”

Having w.a.n.g Dong look him straight in the eye, Huo Yuhao couldn't help but have his mind go blank for a moment, as w.a.n.g Dong's eyes were really just too beautiful. His long eyelashes curled upwards, and the whites of his eyes peeked out from the edges of his jet-black eyes. That curious look in his eyes made those large pair of eyes seem as though they could speak.

Huo Yuhao secretly let out a sigh in his heart. No wonder those girls were captivated by him. He really was extremely good-looking!

Huo Yuhao lowered his voice and said, “I wouldn't say that it's a trump card. You could say that this is a secret of body souls. I discovered it not too long ago.”

w.a.n.g Dong was astonished. He immediately asked, “The body soul's secret?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “You mentioned yourself that body souls are extremely rare when we returned just now. The reality of the matter is exactly that. Moreover, our body souls really do have a few unique areas. Since cultivating the Tang Sect's Purple Demon Eyes, I realised that my Spirit Eyes had definitely started to mutate again. When I focus my first soul skill—Spiritual Detection Sharing—in a particular direction, I can generate a spiritual attack if I focus my spiritual force into a single point and strike out with it. I tried it out against a few small animals in the Academy, and it was really effective. I decided to test it out in battle today because I'd been backed into a really tight corner, but I didn't know that it would actually be so effective. Maybe… Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo were actually finding it extremely difficult to use their martial soul fusion skill, and at the same time, they were also being restricted by your thousand year soul skill. Perhaps they only collapsed after the sudden spiritual force attack from my Purple Demon Eyes combined with the acc.u.mulation of all of these factors. However, I shouldn't have had anything to do with them losing consciousness. Have you forgotten what the teacher said before in cla.s.s? Not only does a martial soul fusion skill consume a lot of energy, but its users will normally be subjected to a rebound. The more powerful the fusion skill is, the greater the rebound. I'm afraid that even the lightest rebound would cause its users to become extremely weak. Since they used their fusion skill today, I reckon that they can't use it again for a period of time, too.

w.a.n.g Dong widened his eyes. “What you're saying is that your martial soul was influenced by the Purple Demon Eyes, and that you were actually able to unleash a spiritual attack similar to that from a soul skill?”

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