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Three blasts fired from the Wind Lightning Cannon towards the wolf pack, and a piercing hum loosed from the all-terrain exploration soul tool as Ju Zi filled it with her soul power. Its six mechanical legs began moving rapidly, bursting out towards the front.

Ju Zi made the right choice. The sudden changes left the Golden Wolves shocked, and unable to react in time. Two of the three Golden Wolf Kings were stunned already, and they managed to brush past them easily.

However, the last Golden Wolf King was still in peak condition, and its pressure erupted forth.

The hair on its back stood on end, and flashed with an intense golden glow. It faced the sky and roared furiously then its body swelled, and its muscles bulged in an exaggerated manner. It started to chase after the all-terrain exploration soul tool like a bolt of lightning.

The all-terrain exploration soul tool was extremely swift with its top speeds engaged. However, it still needed some time to accelerate to full speed.

The Golden Wolves might have lost their long-range offensive abilities, but their strength, speed and defense were still fearsome.

The Golden Wolf King hurtled forward. It lowered its head and rammed it into the all-terrain exploration soul tool.

If Huo Yuhao were around, he could use his Spiritual Detection to sense the changes in their surroundings and react quickly by attacking behind them. However, Ju Zi and Ke Ke weren't Huo Yuhao, let alone the fact that they were exhausted. In addition, Ke Ke had also depleted a lot of her energy trying to carve out an escape route just now. Ju Zi still activated a defensive barrier, but the Golden Wolf King also still crashed against it.

The all-terrain exploration soul tool could definitely withstand one all-out strike from a Cla.s.s 6 soul engineer. However, its defensive barrier was only Cla.s.s 5 right now, since it was dependent on the user's cultivation.

The Golden Wolf King's fierce attack overcame the Cla.s.s 5 soul tool barrier instantly. Its claws grazed against the metal ball maniacally, and its head struck the side of the all-terrain exploration soul tool heavily.

The all-terrain exploration soul tool was indeed durable. Although struck off balance, the Golden Wolf King's attack only left a dent, and couldn't put a hole in the soul tool.

However, this was still fatal for Ju Zi and Ke Ke.

The imbalanced all-terrain exploration soul tool fell forward, its forward acceleration dropping significantly. When Ju Zi managed to stabilize it, the wolf pack had already caught up. Their method of attacking was very simple. They followed the Golden Wolf King's example and knocked against the soul tool heavily. However, they were aiming for the six mechanical legs instead.

The legs of this soul tool were constructed using special materials, and were rather durable. However, they had still been slightly damaged over the past few days, most notably on the day when they rolled down a mountain. Although they could still go without breaking, they couldn't ensure balance anymore!

The soul tool collapsed and started rolling, much to Ke Ke and Ju Zi's dismay. The Golden Wolves rushed up to claw at the soul tool. Their bodies engulfed the whole soul tool, and their teeth and claws made annoying, scratching noises as they grazed against the metal soul tool. Dents and scratches started appearing all over the surface of the soul tool.

Although the Golden Wolves were temporarily delayed by the highly resistant metal exterior, Ju Zi and Ke Ke couldn't make the all-terrain exploration soul tool stand anymore.

“Bang—” A huge claw print suddenly appeared on the all-terrain exploration soul tool, visible even from the inside.

The frightening strength behind it and reverberating bang revealed that this was the work of the Golden Wolf King. To make matters worse, the other Golden Wolf Kings were also rus.h.i.+ng over. It was only a matter of time before the all-terrain exploration soul tool was torn to pieces.

Ju Zi and Ke Ke looked at one another. They could see the desolation in the other's eyes, and face.

They no longer had a chance. They didn't dare to open the crystal gla.s.s door anymore either, as the Golden Wolves would certainly exploit the opportunity to force their way into the soul tool.

If death happened instantly, they might perish before they felt afraid. Looking at it like that, it wasn't too scary. The truly frightening thing was waiting for death when they looked at the scene of carnage around them. The scratching sounds made by the sharp claws grazing against the metal surface of the soul tool caused Ju Zi and Ke Ke to shudder in fear.

“I didn't expect that we'd die here today.” Ju Zi sighed. Her eyes weren't filled with fear, but indignation.

“Daddy, your little Ju Zi can't avenge you anymore. Our plan can never be fulfilled. I've always prided myself on my intelligence, but I'm meeting with such a gruesome end. Daddy, can I still taste your cooking when I reach the other world? Daddy, mommy, I've missed you. I'm coming.”

As she spoke, Ju Zi shut her eyes. Two streams of tears rolling down her cheeks.

She was different from Ke Ke. Ke Ke didn't despair, and instead revealed her unyielding spirit. Many soul tools rapidly appeared in front of her. She took their formation arrays apart before connecting them in a special way.

“Come at me b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! I'll risk it all to fight it out with you. If you want to eat my flesh, I'll blow you apart!” She connected the formation arrays, and used an energy-gathering formation at the core. She slowly formed a special structure that may have looked messy, but still released a frightening aura.

Ju Zi heard Ke Ke's words and knew what she was doing right now, but she didn't stop her. At the end of their lives, peris.h.i.+ng alongside the Golden Wolves wasn't such a bad ending after all.

However, the situation outside the all-terrain exploration soul tool seemed to change instantly. A Golden Wolf leapt towards the soul tool, but its eyes were blank, and its body rigid. Unfortunately, none of the Golden Wolves noticed it, they were all too busy frantically attacking the all-terrain exploration soul tool.

“Bang.” The stiff Golden Wolf struck another Golden Wolf, which in turn made that wolf roar in fury. Before it could react further, a terrifying explosion occurred.

The booming explosion made ice scatter, and at least twenty Golden Wolves were caught in the crossfire. The six or seven closest to the epicenter Golden Wolves were completely blown apart. Those struck by the ensuing shockwave were also critically injured.

A figure exploited this opportunity to strike. This figure moved briskly. As it flashed, it moved behind a Golden Wolf that had been caught in the explosion and stabbed his dark golden claws into the wolf's neck. Then it flung the Golden Wolf to its left hand.

Four soul rings—one white, one purple and two black—shone. The last black soul ring in particular shone extremely brightly.

This figure was none other than Huo Yuhao, who rushed over and managed to reach them at this most critical moment.

His eyes had turned bright silver. His fourth soul ring flashed, and in his eyes a seven-colored whirlpool seemed to appear. He levelled his gaze at one of the three Golden Wolf Kings.

That Golden Wolf King lowered its head subconsciously and stared at him. A weird scene suddenly came about.

A one foot high, seven-colored whirlpool surfaced above the Golden Wolf King. It revolved in an awkward manner before penetrating through the Golden Wolf's skull into its body. The Golden Wolf King's body stiffened up instantly, becoming motionless. Its blood-red eyes turned a silver shade like Huo Yuhao's, so too did the whirlpool-like radiance coming from its body.

Huo Yuhao's eyes became normal again a moment later. A strong killing aura exuding from his body. Huo Yuhao carried a deep enmity with this pack of Golden Wolves that had threatened his life earlier. Now they were even threatening Ke Ke and Ju Zi's lives.

His Eye of Destiny opened, and a purplish-golden light flashed before disappearing. Another Golden Wolf King's body stiffened up instantly. It didn't nearly possess the same spiritual powers the Silvermoon Wolf King did. It couldn't even resist when faced against the might of the Destiny Soul Gaze. It blew apart after its body turned rigid, and fresh blood scattered everywhere. It was killed instantaneously.

One Golden Wolf King was controlled by Huo Yuhao's fourth soul skill, and another Golden Wolf King was killed by the Destiny Soul Gaze. Apart from them, one Golden Wolf King remained. The remainder of the Golden Wolves were mostly blown away during the previous explosion.

Huo Yuhao threw the Golden Wolf's corpse in his hand away, and the Ice Explosion Technique revealed its might. Once more a terrifying explosive force shook the entire area.

The previous Golden Wolf's corpse was maintained by Huo Yuhao. Generally speaking, a soul beast's soul power would dissipate within an hour after death, past that it wouldn't be a good bomb for the Ice Explosion Technique. However, Huo Yuhao used necromancy to control that Golden Wolf corpse, and thus retained its soul power. This soul power was only released after Huo Yuhao extinguished its soul, which made it useful in the present situation.

There were only forty Golden Wolves still capable of fighting now. The last of the Golden Wolf Kings howled, bearing a hateful look in its eyes. It leapt towards Huo Yuhao.

Unexpectedly, a pair of wolf claws forcefully struck its body as it leapt forward. These frightening wolf claws stabbed into its body through its flanks before they eventually pulled back. The front of the Golden Wolf King was torn to shreds. Its internal organs and fresh blood scattered everywhere.
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