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Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

The powerful Heavensplitting Cannon was similar to the super soul cannon that He Caitou used. However, it was much more powerful, and could only be used once per day. Its full power was the equivalent of a full-force blow from a Rank 95 Transcendent Douluo.

The only reason why it was judged to be a Cla.s.s 8 soul tool and not a Cla.s.s 9 one was because it was made from inferior materials. This limited the amount of times one could use the Heavensplitting Cannon to only once per day. At the same time, it needed a long time to recharge, and could only hit a single target. In a battle between combatants of the same cla.s.s, it was rather useless. In the words of Princess Jiu Jiu, it was a Cla.s.s 8 soul tool that possessed Cla.s.s 9 formation arrays.

In the end, this Heavensplitting Cannon was bought by some other buyer at the high price of 7 million golden soul coins.

It was not that w.a.n.g Yan did not want to intervene. However, at prices like the ones on display, he did not dare to make the call without serious consideration. After all, his power within the academy was limited. As for the students, none of them could use this item, neither did they have the money to buy it. All they could do was spectate.

Other than the first two items, the rest of the items in the auction were sold at increasingly higher prices. Since they were not particularly enthralled with these items, they decided to keep silent.

Qing Ya, the auctioneer, did not provide any additional prompts. All she did was fairly and impartially explain the functions and abilities of every single item up for auction.

Princess Jiu Jiu appeared for the eighth time on the screen as she said with a smile, “The following two items will be the main stars of today's auction. I believe that every single one of you will be interested in them, so seize this chance. You may only see these items once, and you may not find a second chance to see them on the entire continent. Our eighth auction item is one such example. While it's still a soul bone, it is different from the rest. Please, take a look.”

Light flashed, and the image of a soul bone, which was maximized many times over, appeared on the soul screen.

This soul bone was completely emerald green. An emerald green halo swirled and pulsed around it, as if it were filled with emerald-green liquid.

From its external appearance, it appeared to be a left arm bone. On top of its emerald green body, it gave off a faint, white mist.

As it had been magnified many times over, everyone could feel that it was something special. The surface of this jade green bone appeared to be dotted with small crystals. These crystals were clear, and they looked as if they had been carved from some precious metal. The other soul bones that had appeared earlier paled in comparison to this one. Evidently, they were not in the same category. Even w.a.n.g Dong's Golden Light Left Arm Bone might not be as powerful as this one, superficially.

“How is this possible…?”


Two voices rang out simultaneously in Huo Yuhao's brain. The first one belonged to the Skydream Iceworm, and the second one naturally belonged to the Ice Empress.

Huo Yuhao was startled by their sudden reaction, particularly that of the Ice Empress. He could feel her rage.

“What's the matter, Ice Empress?” Huo Yuhao asked quickly.

The Ice Empress did not respond. Huo Yuhao could feel her rage increasing exponentially.

At this moment, Princess Jiu Jiu's alluring voice rang out. Compared to before, it was a bit deeper and more moving. The allure in her voice was stronger too. “Honored guests, I am proud to introduce this soul bone to everyone. Everyone knows that, to a soul master, the most valuable item is either a hundred thousand years soul ring, or a hundred thousand year soul bone. It is extremely rare for these two items to appear at the same time during an auction. Even for our Starlight Auction, such premium items have yet to exist. After all, no matter who possesses these items, he or she will not choose to auction them off, but instead use them to create an elite.”

“The bone that is before everyone is the most premium bone to have appeared in our Starlight Auction in recent years. After we obtained it, we planned on keeping it. Originally, we did not plan to auction it off, because it was too precious and too rare.”

“I believe that everyone can see that this soul bone is an ice-type bone. Before I elaborate any further on its pros, I want to introduce to everyone to its con. Some guests may be curious: why would we introduce the cons of an object as auctioneers? This is because the Starlight Auction values trust above everything else. Furthermore, the downside of this object can also be said to be a strength.”

“The most important downside of this soul bone is that it's an ice-type bone. Everyone knows that most soul bones do not have elemental requirements. Most of them can be used by all soul masters. Their accompanying soul skill will change according to one's martial soul. This applies even to hundred thousand year soul bones. This type of soul bone is mainstream among soul bones. Other than these mainstream soul bones, there are some special exceptions. These types of soul bones have elemental requirements, and soul masters that do not fit these elemental requirements can never fuse with them. Forcing it will hurt oneself, which can even be fatal. Hence, of the eight items up for auction today, this bone is one such object. Hence, its first downside is its elemental requirement. Only ice-type soul masters can use it.”

When the auction reached its eighth item, Princess Jiu Jiu became evidently more vocal. Her voice, perfect in its intonation and pitch, was even more alluring. Naturally, many were drawn by her description of the object.

“The ice-type elemental requirement is already very restrictive. After all, less than 1% of all soul masters specialize in the ice element. Hence, I must say that while this soul bone is good, it is only good for those who can meet its requirements.”

“Its second flaw is very clear too. However, I believe that it's actually one of its strengths. Its soul skill is set. The Starlight Auction has invited many soul bone specialists to verify it, and our conclusion is that the soul skill of this soul bone is set. No matter what the martial soul of the ice-type soul master that fuses with it is, its soul skill will never change. This is a strong limitation.”

“As for its final flaw, it's its age. According to our a.n.a.lysis, this soul bone is between 50, 000 to 70, 000 years old. This is one of its strengths, but at the same time, please don't try to fuse with it if you do not possess the calibre. If not, you will likely die from it. So these are its three flaws.”

“Are these really flaws?” w.a.n.g Yan's thoughts were evident from his twitching face.

What flaws? These were evidently its strengths. While it was true that its elemental requirement was a severe limitation, all soul bones with elemental requirements were more powerful than those without these requirements. Once a soul master fused with one, its effects would vastly exceed those of one without elemental requirements.

For example, w.a.n.g Dong's Golden Light Left Arm Bone was only so valuable because it could only fuse with a light-type soul master. After fusion, its effects were vastly superior to any ordinary soul bone.

As to its second 'weakness', the fact that its soul skill was set was a humongous advantage. Only exceptionally powerful soul bones would have set soul skills!

As for its final flaw, when had the age of a soul bone ever been a flaw? With a few sentences, Princess Jiu Jiu was able to elucidate every single strength of this emerald ice type soul bone under the guise of listing its 'flaws'.

“Now that we are done with its flaws, we shall now talk about its strengths,” Princess Jiu Jiu said as her voice turned sincere in an instant.

“As the main auctioneer of the Starlight Auction, and as a princess of the Imperial Household of the Star Luo Empire, I give my solemn word that everything I say is true. Firstly, I want to say that this soul bone is the most perfect one I have seen. Its rarity can be compared to a hundred thousand year soul bone because it did not originate from our continent or any particular country. Instead, it comes the Extreme North, an area forbidden to us humans. Furthermore, it comes from the core regions of the Extreme North. The owner of this soul bone is a transcendent soul beast of the bitterly cold extreme north, the Ice Jade Scorpion.”

The moment Princess Jiu Jiu said the three words 'Ice Jade Scorpion', everyone's gaze fell onto Huo Yuhao. Everyone looked surprised, as they all knew what Huo Yuhao's second martial soul was. No one, however, thought that the eighth item up for auction would be the same as Huo Yuhao's martial soul. Doubtlessly, if Huo Yuhao obtained the soul bone, he would be its best fit.

Huo Yuhao was struck by a sudden realization. No wonder the Skydream Iceworm was shocked, and the Ice Empress was filled with rage. This left arm bone came from her fellow tribesmen!

Princess Jiu Jiu continued, “The Ice Jade Scorpion may not be a familiar name for everyone here. However, I believe that everyone is familiar with something else. The leader of the Ice Jade Scorpions is the Ice Jade Scorpion King, otherwise known as the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion. Among the Ten Great Savage Beasts, it is ranked eighth. Any beast that could enter the ranks of the Ten Great Savage Beasts is top cla.s.s. Even if we don't take into account its age, the Ice Jade Scorpion is at the top of the pecking order among all soul beasts.”

“This soul bone comes from an Ice Jade Scorpion. As they live in groups, it's a miracle that someone could kill one from a pack of them. This is more difficult than killing a hundred thousand year soul beast from the Great Star Dou Forest. What makes this feat even more difficult was that the slayer obtained a soul bone after killing an Ice Jade Scorpion.”

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