The Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 93.2: Breaking Through The Prison, Domain Of Perpetual Ice

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Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Only an extremely small handful of people were able to truly see what had happened a moment ago.

In that moment, w.a.n.g Dong only felt a strong chill sweep past his body in the blink of an eye. When he and Huo Yuhao used the Haodong Power, it was as if they were of the same body. Hence, that terrifying chill didn't permeate into his body, but rather rapidly flowed out of his body. The only thing w.a.n.g Dong could clearly see was a dark green light s.h.i.+ning faintly in the shape of a bright scorpion on Huo Yuhao's back. Huo Yuhao's torso bone shone with the strongest jade light.

The cold stream only lasted for a brief moment. However, the Haodong Power in their bodies was close to being completely depleted when Huo Yuhao and w.a.n.g Dong returned to the stage. Their combined soul forces were on par with that of a Soul Ancestor. That was completely depleted the instant they unleashed that burst of their soul force.

Huo Yuhao didn't have any other choice. He had fallen into his opponents' trap. If he didn't utilise this powerful skill, he and w.a.n.g Dong would be terminated in battle right this instant. They'd still have a chance to continue fighting if they depleted their soul power, but if they fell off stage, they wouldn't have any right to uphold Shrek's glory anymore.

This was one of the two soul skills from the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion's four hundred thousand year torso bone, Domain of Perpetual Ice.

None the members partic.i.p.ating in this Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament were a match for Huo Yuhao based solely on this soul skill.

The four soul skills the Skydream Iceworm had given him still needed to undergo countless evolutions before they could be upgraded, but the Ice Jade Scorpion Empress directly gave him her four hundred thousand year soul ring and soul bone. He had such a powerful soul ring and soul bone that even if he became a Rank 95 Douluo in the future, or even an Ultimate Douluo, the soul skills the Ice Jade Scorpion Empress had given him would still be that of an ultimate champion.

However, a similar problem existed in the sense that one had to have formidable strength to support a powerful soul skill. The Ice Empress' Pincer and the Ice Empress' Armour were slightly better in the sense that their powers would adjust according to the soul power he injected into them.

The Domain of Perpetual Ice was different. This was a domain-type soul skill that even Elder Mu, the Dragon G.o.d Douluo, and Elder Xuan, the Taotie Douluo, envied. Moreover, this was an Ultimate Ice domain-type soul skill. If Huo Yuhao could cultivate to the level of Elder Mu and Elder Xuan, it wasn't impossible for him to freeze over a thousand miles with this terrifying soul skill.

Hence, it was very difficult for Huo Yuhao to achieve the lowest requirement necessary to activate this soul skill. He could only barely release it now, even when he borrowed w.a.n.g Dong's power.

It was impossible for the Flame Prison Cage to resist the Domain of Perpetual Ice, since the latter completely dominated the former in terms of attribute, annihilating the Flame Prison Cage in an instant. The audience seemed to witness the return of that Soul Emperor with six soul rings when they felt the tyrannical aura Huo Yuhao exuded in that moment.

w.a.n.g Dong grabbed Huo Yuhao's shoulders and rushed back to the stage after breaking through the Flame Prison Cage. Their legs hadn't come in contact with the ground, so they naturally could continue partic.i.p.ating in the tournament.

However, Huo Yuhao didn't move an inch after he landed firmly on the ground as he squinted his eyes. If one were to take a closer look, they would realise that the rays of light surrounding his body were slightly distorted. It was obvious that he was using Imitation again with the remnants of his soul power. However, there didn't seem to be any changes happening around his body on the surface. What was he trying to hide?

The thing he was trying to hide were the ripples of silver light that belonged to his Cla.s.s 4 Milk Bottle flowing out from his chest.

How could he continue fighting if he practically had no soul power left?

He was hiding this silver light with his Imitation! Perhaps Huo Yuhao wasn't the first to use a Milk Bottle during a tournament, but he was the one who hid it best. Him recovering his soul power was equivalent to restoring both his and w.a.n.g Dong's soul power together. The soul power coursing into his body quickly transformed into one that belonged to the both of them.

That was why the Milk Bottle was priced so high. Other than being able to store and compress soul power, there was another very important point, and that was the purification of soul power. Any soul master could use the Milk Bottle after having another soul master inject soul power into it. That was because after the soul power entered the Milk Bottle, it would go through a round of filtering in the Milk Bottle's core, which would remove anything related to the soul power's attribute or power. The end product would be the purest form of soul power. Only then could others or the owner absorb it, and at a rapid speed too.

The Milk Bottle Huo Yuhao had obtained from the auction was undoubtedly an exquisite Cla.s.s 4 product. He felt an endless stream of soul power feeding into his body, rapidly refilling his dried up meridians.

Naturally, the downside of using the Milk Bottle was that he couldn't fight or move. He had to calmly stand where he was and concentrate on absorbing the soul power from the Milk Bottle. It was considerably difficult for Huo Yuhao to use Imitation while absorbing the external soul power. His dexterous control was all thanks to him being a spirit-type soul master.

Huo Yuhao had finally managed to keep his strong opponents under control after going through a series of dangerous attacks, finally reducing their opponents by one. Just as he managed to do so, the battle on the other side of the field had reached its climax too.

Bei Bei also felt it when Huo Yuhao was in danger, but he was too preoccupied with Ye Wuqing's Golden Leaf Formation.

Bei Bei didn't back away when he was faced with that incomparably sharp Golden Leaf Formation, but instead, he charged onwards and faced it head-on. At this moment, he seemed to be deeply connected with Ye Wuqing as the both of them had a small smile playing on their lips.

The difference was that the smile on Ye Wuqing's face was one of disdain. Do you think your scales can block my ever-changing Golden Leaves?

On the other hand, Bei Bei's smile was a little crafty and evil. Do you think such puny leaves can block my path?

Bei Bei had already penetrated the Golden Leaf Formation when both of them held these thoughts in their minds.

A scene that shocked Ye Wuqing appeared. Bei Bei suddenly became an illusion, and his footsteps seemed to become disorderly as he moved onwards like a green wisp of smoke. The Golden Leaves chased after his body, but they missed their target by a hair's breadth. Bei Bei wormed his way out of the Golden Leaf Formation like a loach in the blink of an eye, appearing right in front of Ye Wuqing.

At this dangerous moment, Huo Yuhao had stopped using his Spiritual Detection Sharing with Bei Bei since he was releasing the Domain of Perpetual Ice. After all, it was impossible for him to control two different soul skills from two martial souls and make sure that they were both effective in such a dangerous situation.

Bei Bei had completely relied on his own abilities to pa.s.s through the Golden Leaf formation. Bei Bei was not only a disciple of the Shrek Academy, but also a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon soul master. But even more so, he was a senior brother of the Tang Sect! He was the best wielder of the Tang Sect Secret Techniques in this generation.

The Tang Sect specialised in hidden weapons!

Ye Wuqing's Golden Leaf was extremely similar to a hidden weapon to some extent. Tang San, the founder of the Tang Sect, would be laughing if he saw Ye Wuqing playing with hidden weapons in front of a hidden weapons expert.

Bei Bei had already had a plan when he saw Ye Wuqing's martial soul. He was waiting for an opportunity like the one before his eyes right now.

He saw through the fact that this Golden Leaf Formation was different from the one Ye Wuqing had used before within Huo Yuhao's Spiritual Detection. But Bei Bei still retreated to confuse his opponent and delude Yu Wuqing into thinking that he was afraid. He'd silently endured through the previous moment to release this explosive attack now.

From the start of the match till now, one could say that every single person on the field was constantly plotting against their opponents. Even though Justsky Academy was distinctly stronger than Shrek Academy, they were similarly filled with apprehension.

In their eyes, everyone from the Shrek Academy was a monster. Xu Sans.h.i.+ could awaken his Xuanwu G.o.dbeast at the eleventh hour. Xiao Xiao had twin martial souls. He Caitou wielded that terrifying super energy-gathering soul cannon. Only the heavens knew what other shocking changes these remaining three would show. That was why Justsky Academy had held back a little at the beginning, but even then everything had been within a series of set calculations. However, they had never expected that Huo Yuhao could release such a terrifying soul skill like the Domain of Perpetual Ice and reduce their numbers by one in an instant.

It didn't matter how strong Ye Wuqing was because he was an expert in long-ranged attacks. Even though there wasn't much difference between their cultivations, Bei Bei was an expert in close-ranged attacks as a soul master with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon!

Just at this exact moment, a chime from the Soulsucking Bell rang out in an attempt to hinder Bei Bei's advancement. But the chime only lasted for a few seconds before coming to a sudden stop.

A dull hum rang out, and fresh blood flew out of Shangguan Can's nostrils before he staggered down to the ground. The purplish golden light inside Huo Yuhao's eyes slowly disappeared as he stood not far off.

How could he sit idly by and watch his senior brother struggle to fight alone? When the Milk Bottle replenished a certain amount of his soul power, he immediately attacked Shangguan Can, who was attempting to interfere with Bei Bei's attacks. He eliminated the Soulsucking Bell's threat with just a single spiritual shock. After which, he reactivated the Milk Bottle again and continued replenis.h.i.+ng both his and w.a.n.g Dong's soul power.

Bei Bei's thick and solid right arm was covered in bluish purple dragon scales as it sparked with lightning. He swatted it right in front of Ye Wuqing as all the Golden Leaves chased him from behind. Even so, Bei Bei seemed to be completely disregarding them.

It didn't matter how strong a Soul King's attack was, because all would be futile if the attack didn't land on their opponent.

Ye Wuqing was still expressionless, but he didn't retreat. He suddenly raised his left hand when faced with Bei Bei's attack, clenching it as he faced Bei Bei's dragon claw up front.

Bang! Ye Wuqing blocked his Thunderous Dragon Claw with his fist, startling Bei Bei. Ye Wuqing turned his left land and grabbed ahold of Bei Bei's dragon claw. The meridians in Ye Wuqing's left hand suddenly became bigger in a split second, and a large quant.i.ty of venative veins dazzled in gold. His whole hand turned completely golden as his fourth soul ring lit up.

Was a long-range soul master really that weak? Ye Wuqing's actions proved to everyone that that might not necessarily be the case.

This was his fourth soul skill: the Golden Left Hand.

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