The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 41, Chapter 564.3: Injuring The Beast God, Holy Ghost Blood Sea

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Even though the status of soul engineers had been on the rise—in fact, they seemed to be overtaking soul masters in terms of prestige—as soul tools continued to become more advanced, the most powerful individuals still remained at the top of the pyramid.

For example, the Beast G.o.d was definitely able to flee no matter how many soul engineers were sent after him. No one would be able to hold him down. And if he were to go all-out and attack, he would definitely be more frightening than any soul engineer legion.

As he thought about soul engineer legions, Huo Yuhao suddenly recalled the short interaction he had with the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. It was truly a force not to be meddled with. If they were to clash head-on with the Beast G.o.d, who knew if they could actually slay him? Huo Yuhao knew that he would eventually have to face the world's most powerful soul engineer legion in the future when they clashed head-on with the Sun Moon Empire.

Elder Xuan said, “Yuhao, you've said enough. Go and treat your injuries. I will keep watch over you. You should consolidate your powers now that you've made your breakthrough. It would have been great if Wutong was around. Who knows? Both of you might just be able to stand up to Di Tian if both of you were to link up together.”

Huo Yuhao revealed an awkward smile as he shook his head. “I am afraid there might now be a problem with my martial soul fusion with Wutong after my breakthrough. My soul power has fundamentally changed, and might not be able to fuse with her soul power anymore. However, I think our martial soul fusion skills should still be usable. If she is around, I think both of us should be able to defend ourselves.”

“Where did this little brat run off to? Why is Wutong not with you at such an important time?” Elder Xuan asked.

Huo Yuhao replied, “Elder Xuan, I shan't hide it from you. I have gotten her to go to the Dou Ling Empire and persuade the people there not to send their troops over to Shrek City.”

Elder Xuan did not seem to be surprised by what Huo Yuhao had revealed. Instead, he sighed and said, “Yuhao, do you know what will happen if everyone were to know what you have done?”

Huo Yuhao lowered his head and said, “It's really obvious that this is a trap. I really don't want them to fall into this trap. At the same time, I know my actions will not be able to change the outcome. The Dou Ling Empire and Star Luo Empire will not be able to pa.s.s up this chance to cooperate with us and defeat the Sun Moon Empire. However, if they were to really come and a.s.sist us, I'm afraid…”

Elder Xuan sighed and said, “Even though Wutong was fairly emotional the other day, I could tell that what she had suggested was very likely true. However, you must understand that no matter how likely her proposition was, the Academy can never take such risks. This is because we simply cannot afford to fail. Hence, when such moments arrive, we have no choice but to prioritize the survival of our Academy.”

“Even though we were able to inflict some damage on the Sun Moon Empire thanks to your efforts, at the same time, we caught a glimpse of how powerful their army has become. Even Di Tian had no choice but to avoid a direct blow from some of their attacks. Needless to say, we would probably not be able to withstand their blows either. If we were really to clash head-on, what do you think our odds of beating them are?”

Huo Yuhao nodded. “I understand your dilemma. Hence, I can only do what I can to improve the situation. Following which, I went into my closed-door cultivation and attempted to make my breakthrough in the hopes of threatening the Sun Moon Empire with my new abilities. Elder Xuan, once I have recovered, I hope to pay a visit to the Sun Moon Empire's military camp.”

Elder Xuan's eyes widened slightly before he replied, “Sure, go ahead. In fact, this is a good time to do that.” He did not bother asking what Huo Yuhao planned to do at the camp. After hearing what Wutong had said previously, he could roughly guess that Huo Yuhao and the War G.o.d Empress had a peculiar relations.h.i.+p going on. Now that the evil soul masters had headed to the Great Star Dou Forest, it was a good chance for him to find her.

Elder Xuan personally sent Huo Yuhao to his room in the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion before ordering his people to head to the Tang Sect and inform the people there that Huo Yuhao was well.

After crossing his legs and sitting up straight, Huo Yuhao's mind returned to its tranquil state. Following which, he began to recount the collision he had had with Di Tian.

That blow from Di Tian must have been close to his full power. Even though his dark-type power was not particularly frightening, it became invincible once it was combined with his spatial power

The Yin Yang Equilibrium soul cores in his body started to rotate as small whirlpools of soul power started to circulate within his pa.s.sageways, releasing a mystical sensation.

Even though Huo Yuhao had sustained some concussive injuries, they were not particularly serious because of his Icy War G.o.d's Armor. In addition, he had fully absorbed the energy from the Dragon Pill. This gave his body strength and resistance which was beyond that of any human.

The soul power which was infused with his spiritual power and Ultimate Ice circulated along the path dictated by the Mysterious Heaven Technique under his control. After a few circulations, the injuries in his body vanished.

Even though it was unbelievably tough to use the Yin Yang Complement technique to cultivate one's second soul core, it promised many incredible benefits after it was completed.

Even Huo Yuhao was unable to accurately measure how much soul power he could control now. However, he was certain that he should be able to take on powerful cultivators like Yan Shaozhe one-on-one even if he didn't have Tang Wutong with him.

Having a second soul core formed from the Yin Yang Complement technique granted him regenerative ability that was far beyond that of a t.i.tled Douluo or Transcendent Douluo, who both only had one soul core. He had a ma.s.sive advantage over them when it came to his soul power's strength and flexibility, as well as the duality of his soul power.

Di Tian's soul power also possessed dual characteristics. However, his duality was a fusion of his dark-type power and spatial power. It was important to note that the spatial power did not belong to him. Instead, he had spent hundreds of thousands of years acc.u.mulating and experimenting to gain an understanding of the spatial power which surrounded him. Following which, he integrated this understanding of spatial power into his own dark-type power and used his spatial power to replace his relatively weak spiritual power. Hence, Di Tian's soul power actually contained three different kinds of power. However, his spiritual power was relatively weaker than the others.

Huo Yuhao knew that he still had a long way to go. Acquiring his second soul core was equivalent to opening a new door of possibilities. There was plenty for him to explore and look forward to.

While he had started to get the hang of how to use his Icy War G.o.d's Armor, he had only come into contact with the tip of the iceberg when it came to the capabilities of his Morning Dew Dagger.

After all, the Morning Dew Dagger was an actual G.o.dly weapon! Today, the Morning Dew Dagger had already helped him negate a large part of the power from Di Tian's slash, which had transcended s.p.a.ce. Otherwise, he would definitely have sustained heavier injuries. However, Huo Yuhao believed that his life would not be at any risk. He could sense that Di Tian did not want to kill him.

Of course, he would not feel grateful towards the Beast G.o.d because of this. He was very clear why Di Tian did not want to kill him.

As nightfall came, Huo Yuhao gently stretched as he floated from his bed to the ground. As he stretched, his entire body radiated a powerful aura. It was as though he were a gigantic dragon

After completing the cultivation of his second soul core, Huo Yuhao had officially stepped into the league of the most powerful cultivators. Even though Shrek Academy had plenty of powerful cultivators, he was definitely qualified to call himself one of them now.

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath, and allowed the air to circulate within his body before exhaling. The air that escaped from his mouth seemed as though it had left his body in a spiral manner. Even though there was no soul power in his breath, Huo Yuhao felt as though everything around him was in his control.

After his fight with Di Tian and the cultivation he had just completed, he had now developed a basic understanding of his body's current situation.

As of now, Huo Yuhao's soul power should be somewhere around Rank 92. His actual soul power volume was closer to that of a Rank 96 Transcendent Douluo. However, his soul power possessed dual characteristics, and had been formed through Yin Yang Equilibrium. At the same time, his soul power possessed rapid regenerative ability, and was a lot more flexible than normal soul power. Coupled with his twin martial souls, he would not even be at a disadvantage if he were to fight with a Rank 97 Transcendent Douluo based solely on soul power. If he were to into powerful cultivators like Long Xiaoyao again, he still might not be able to defeat them, but he would not be powerless like before.

He was able to melt into the night sky by developing that intent. There was no need for him to deliberately execute a soul skill.

This was obviously an ability that belonged to a Transcendent Douluo. After becoming a Transcendent Douluo, one's soul skills would fuse perfectly with one's body. The soul skill would naturally be executed according to one's intent. There was no need to deliberately release one's martial soul or activate one's soul rings. The speed of the execution would hence be faster as the power of the effect became enhanced.

As he floated out of the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion, Huo Yuhao soared high up into the sky before vanis.h.i.+ng out of sight.

Elder Xuan, who had been meditating in his own room, opened his eyes as he revealed a warm smile. Elder Mu, I have found you a successor.

The azure sky was very clear. Perhaps it was because the battle earlier in the day had blown away all the clouds and mist. The night view was spectacular.

Countless stars decorated the sky. They were like sparkling diamonds sewn on a dark blue piece of silk. The view was particularly moving.

Because of the radiant moon, the night did not seem as dark and depressing as it would have been. The moon allowed Huo Yuhao to look far ahead.

While he was flying through the sky, the sensations which were attacking his senses were completely different from before.

After acquiring his second soul core, everything seemed to have changed. His cultivation level, senses, spiritual power, and even his understanding of the world had become different.

If his understanding of the world was formerly but the tip of the iceberg, he was now capable of appreciating everything, and drawing out the universal laws that governed the patterns around him. He felt as if he could be in control of anything and everything around him, no matter what circ.u.mstances he found himself in.

This sensation was particularly special and pleasant. Even Huo Yuhao was unable to explain why it felt this special. He merely felt that even the smallest particles in the air could transform under his control and according to his intent.

And the original three-dimensional world that Huo Yuhao was familiar with now seemed to have disintegrated into isolated segments. After acquiring his second soul core, he seemed to have understood some ideas about the s.p.a.ces and the gaps between dimensions. Even though he was far from reaching Di Tian's level, he believed he would be able to eventually attain a deep understanding of spatial power if he were to continue developing his understanding of this state.

He no longer seemed to require any soul power to fly. It was as if the air had become a part of his body. With simple intent, the air would propel his body forward. Controlling the speed of his motion was also controllable by his intent.
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